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Here’s What Crisis Experts Say Uber Needs To Do Next

Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick resigned as the company's chief executive late Tuesday. The move comes as the closely-watched and highly valuable …


Tools to monitor your apps reputation

App marketing relies on your app having a good reputation, not only among your target demographic but the broader app user-base too.<p>Practically the …


TrustYou’s Hotel Communication Study Reveals Strong Correlation Between Messaging and Guest Satisfaction

Email, Social, and Texts Preferred Over Phone Calls - 80% of Guests Expect Initial Contact By The Accommodation Provider Via Email


4 Ways to Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation

Here are four ways to manage your online reputation, and keep your customers and potential customers coming back time and again.

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Why Your Company’s Online Reputation Matters [Infographic]

Reputation management has become increasingly important in the modern, connected age.


3 Online Risks That Can Sneak Up and Ruin Your Reputation

How Facebook photos, fake reviews and doppelgnger dangers create new concerns.<p>In truth, a good share of online reputation pitfalls are self inflicted, such as Ill-advised political rants or images of a drunken excursion on Instagram. Reputational risk is a worry for 87 percent of executives …

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The Top Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Online Presence

In the ever-changing business world, it’s hard to know where and how to invest your time as a small business. It can be especially confusing when …

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Recruit Holdings acquires reputation and guest feedback platform TrustYou

TrustYou has ended nine years as an independent company and sold to Japanese investment and media vehicle Recruit Holdings.Terms of the 100% equity …


5 Offline Local Business Factors That Surface In Online Reputation, Part II

Part I of this column calls out three of five elements that repeatedly surface when consumers contribute -- accurately or not -- to the Web-based …

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Doctors: You have a PR problem

Over the last few decades, public perception of physicians has been on the decline. Many issues are to blame, but a largely overlooked contributing …

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LLBLGen Pro for .NET and .NET Core - Database Entity Modeling with any ORM

There's opinionated frameworks, and then there's opinionated frameworks that also respect <i>your</i> opinion. LLBLGen is one of those. For many years it's …

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Django vs. SQLAlchemy: Which Python ORM Is Better?

Before going into the difference between Python's ORM frameworks (Django and SQLAlchemy), let's make sure we fully understand the use of ORM …


'Cygnett Hotels Aim to Open 103 Hotels across 75 cities across South Asia in next Five years'

<p>INDIA’s HOSPITALITY industry is on an upswing. Gurugram-based Cygnett Hotels & Resorts has recently added more than 640,000 travel agents globally …

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5 Things To Do To Protect The Online Reputation Of Your Brand

Every brand entity- whether a personal brand, a startup or an established company shows itself to the world more than ever through Google. The old adage, “Your reputation precedes you” is more relevant than ever- except that now it is not just some friends and acquaintances carrying your reputation …


All Kids Dumb Enough To Get Kicked-Out Of Harvard

My phone was blowing up earlier this week with colleagues and friends asking my opinion of the 10 Harvard students who had their admissions canceled after posting offensive memes on social media.<p>If you haven’t heard the story, a number of students who had been admitted to the school had connected …


The One Thing That Can Make or Break A Doctor’s Practice

In the not-so-distant past, a doctor’s reputation and credibility spread by word of mouth. People asked friends and family members for recommendations, and then they gave that doctor a fair try. However, today doctors are finding that their negative online reputation can keep patients from even …

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Startup Spotlight: Quick Tents, Equine Health and Your Reputation

It seems like there’s always something else to add to the to-do list. That’s why each week, Tech.Co combs the startup communities around the world to …


A nurse was raped and tortured at her hospital. Here’s what you can do to help.

A inmate, while a patient at Delnor Hospital in surburban Chicago, escaped and took two nurses hostage. One of nurses was raped and tortured at …

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Røde Orm review – the greatest saga ever told

Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus, Denmark With its rooftop setting, clashing of swords and larger-than-life characters, this Viking epic is a fitting centrepiece to Aarhus’s European capital of culture feast<p>Night nestles around the crowded bus that snakes us from grassy country slopes via copses and …

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Malaysia Facebook Marketing | Facebook Page Designs | Facebook Ads 1 to 1 Class | Social Media Marketing | design facebook fan page | facebook profile

<b>Our Social Media Specialist will give you the best combination of Social Networking, blogging and advertising!</b><p>We are good at <b>facebook page design</b>, …

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How to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

For $100 a year, you can pay for a widget to screen your social media accounts for embarrassing posts that could damage your chances of getting a job …

Social Media Marketing

IDG Contributor Network: 8 things your business should never do on social media

Social media is a vital part of marketing for today’s businesses. If you don’t at least have a presence on one platform, you’re likely missing an …

How to start with backend TypeScript and use it’s full potential.

I will describe several dealbreaker libraries from one developer. They can give you most of the features you will want from your backend application. …


Getting The Goods On Google

When I interviewed for my first PR job, I never worried that an employer’s Google search would turn up incriminating evidence about me. Not because I …

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The perfect graduation gift: A $100 widget to scrub social media accounts of embarrassing posts

Many of today’s high school and college students have been posting to social media since they were young teenagers—and not always with future employers in mind.<p>Meanwhile, almost half of the employers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2015 said they used social media or search …

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A physician wades into the swamp of vaccine denial

I occasionally dip my toe into the constant Internet flame wars over the generous term “vaccine skepticism,” and the less generous “vaccine …


Getting Started with Sequelize for Nodejs Applications

Introduction to ORM<p>ORM or Object Relation Mapping is a process of mapping between objects and relation database systems. An ORM acts like an …


Talk the Talk: Marketing Vocab 101

<b>Introduction</b><p>Whether you’re an entry level marketing coordinator or a CMO, marketing lingo can feel like it’s a sea of confusing acronyms. In this …

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To Buy or to Build, That is the Question

Online marketing expert Tim Miller weighs in on the pros and cons of buying vs building<p>Should you buy or build your online presence? Should you count on organic or inorganic growth in your presence? That's the age old question in business, and an important question specifically when considering the …

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I want to help him, but I need to know more about him

I pause in front of the door. On the other side, you all wait. A spouse, sons and daughters, sometimes with their own small children in tow. Today, …

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