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A Politics in Crisis | The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner

HEFFNER: I’m Alexander Heffner, your host on <b>The Open Mind</b>. One of my most admired veteran political analysts, host of MSNBC’s The Last Word, Lawrence …

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White: Donald Trump won’t attend MayMac

President Donald Trump is a major MMA fan.<p>Back in 2001, the UFC was losing money, was purchased from SEG by ZUFFA, and continued losing money. …

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Donny Boy: Growing Up Donald Trump Jr.

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Trump supporter who said Hillary ‘should be shot’ gets prime seat at bill signing

A supporter of President Trump who repeatedly said during the campaign that Hillary Clinton “should be shot” for committing treason had one of the …


Why Is the FBI Whitewashing the Steve Scalise Shooting Into “Workplace Violence”

In 2009, an Army psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, killed or wounded 46 persons at Fort Hood, Texas. Though Hasan’s motives were abundantly …

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FBI provides more details on congressional baseball shooting, says the shooter had no connection to terrorism

The FBI on Wednesday released more details on its investigation into the recent shooting at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, saying 66-year-old James Hodgkinson acted alone and the attack did not have a "nexus to terrorism."<p>The shooting last Wednesday injured five, including House …


Soft launch of my podcast: The Long Game

Check out the first episode here. It’s also on iTunes. I’ve done four or five interviews already that I’ll be putting out in the coming days.<p><b>The Long</b> …


Gunman Who Shot At GOP Congressmen Had "An Anger Management Problem," FBI Says

James Hodgkinson's attack on GOP Congressmen during their baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, appeared to be "spontaneous" with no link to terrorism, the FBI said.<p>Originally posted on June 21, 2017, 16:33 GMT<p>Updated on June 21, 2017, 17:21 GMT<p>James Hodgkinson, the 66-year-old who opened fire …

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FBI reveals what Alexandria gunman asked witness prior to shooting

Officials said they don't believe the shooter had connections to terrorism when he opened fire at a baseball practice for GOP members of Congress

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Gunman who shot congressman had 200 rounds of ammo in storage

WASHINGTON — Adrift and nearly out of money after three months of living out of his van in the Washington area, the Illinois gunman who shot a top …

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

How to Influence Trump

George Conway, the wealthy conservative lawyer and husband of Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s counsellor, prefers to stay in the background. In the nineteen-nineties, he was the hidden author of a successful Supreme Court brief that argued that Paula Jones’s sexual-harassment lawsuit against …

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First Read’s Morning Clips: Blindsided

<b>TRUMP AGENDA: Blindsided</b><p>Trump’s national security team was blindsided by his failure to commit to the collective defense principle during his NATO speech, POLITICO reports. More: “Added a senior White House official, “There was a fully coordinated other speech everybody else had worked on”—and it …

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Enthusiastic or wary, Georgia Republicans come to terms with Trump

Augusta —<p>When Georgia’s Republican Convention last convened a year ago, Donald Trump was at the tip of every activist’s tongue, whether they …


What happens when America retreats from the world?

What happens when America retreats from the world?<p>Is President Trump taking his "America First" agenda to extremes, withdrawing the country from the …


Gelzinis: Donald Trump’s right-hand man sure knows how to duck, weave

It was as if the ghost of that old Nixon scoundrel, John Mitchell, had journeyed back from Watergate hell to inhabit Donald Trump’s consigliere, …

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Donald Trump’s “Screw You” to the World

On Thursday, a fine spring day in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump took to the podium in the White House’s Rose Garden and announced that he was pulling the United States out of the Paris climate-change agreement. In doing so, he was ignoring the advice of his senior economic advisers, many of his …


Nigel Farage joins other Trump associates as 'person of interest' in FBI investigation

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Why Democrats don't like Joe Lieberman

<b>(CNN) —</b> There are people in Washington who would be happy to see Joe Lieberman return to public life. They just don't happen to be members of the party that once nominated him for the second highest office in the land.<p>That's what happens when you commit partisan treason.<p>Lieberman, a longtime …


Get Me Roger Stone – essential insight into Trump’s triumph

At the end of another extraordinary, shambolic week for the Trump administration, along comes a sizzling insight into all that cockeyed bedlam.<p><i>Get Me Roger Stone</i> (streaming on Netflix from Friday, May 12) arrives with exquisite timing. At any time it would be a political junkie’s delight, a …

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Trump Administration: 2017 Inauguration Donors

Trump 2017 Inauguration Donors<p>Raising nearly twice as much as Barack Obama's 2009 record of $53 million, Donald Trump pulled in inaugural funds from, …

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Ask Aaron: The week in politics - The Washington Post

Happy Friday Ask Aaron Chat No. 2.<p>LOTS of questions already in. Let's get started.<p>I was kind of struck by Trump's demeanor last night. He seemed much more emotional than we're used to though the magnitude of the job just hit home. This isn't criticism or praise so much as semiotics.<p>How …


Could Michael Flynn Turn on Trump?

“I’ve seen the transcript,” a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee told me recently. “It was explained to us. I don’t know why Flynn did it.” The congressman was talking about a conversation that took place in late December between Michael Flynn, then Trump’s incoming …

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Watch CNN Smack Down Democrats Pushing Russian-Trump Links, Despite Having Zero Evidence

As Congress begins to look into the Russian interference of the 2016 election, Democrats seem to be getting a bit giddy about the possible ties …

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Jeff Sessions should absolutely not resign over these bogus Russia allegations

When President Donald Trump fired now-former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn last month for meeting with the Russian ambassador during the …

Jeff Sessions

Sessions: Meeting with Russian envoy 'hyped beyond reason'; criticism 'unfair'

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" in an exclusive interview Thursday that conversations between him and the Russian ambassador to the U.S. had been "hyped beyond reason" by the media and criticism of them was "unfair."<p>"I don’t believe anybody that was in that …

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Sessions has changed his story again and again—and he's clearly still lying

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Is President Trump redefining the Republican Party? Plus, angry voters voice discontent in town halls.

Trump riles up conservative voters at CPAC.

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The President Who Mistook his Wife for a Drape - BLARB

Our astute new President got his priorities absolutely right on his first day in office, even before he John Hancocked his first executive order. He …

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Michael Flynn’s speech at the Republican National Convention predicted his demise perfectly

The reasons President Trump picked Michael Flynn for national security adviser were pretty well known: The retired lieutenant general had experience in the murky world of U.S. intelligence, and, perhaps more important, was a fiercely loyal voice on the campaign trail — a supporter who hopped on …

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Trump Opens Prayer Breakfast With Remarks About 'Apprentice' Ratings

President Donald Trump attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning where he expressed his commitment to religious freedom in his remarks. He also slipped in a few comments that had little to do with faith.<p>Transcript<p>ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:<p>Today President Trump has been talking about …

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