Dalai Lama: 5 things to keep in mind for the next four years

<b>(CNN) —</b> The Dalai Lama has some advice for anyone who is looking for happiness, no matter what their circumstances.<p>The Nobel Peace Prize-winning spiritual and political leader of the Tibetan people in exile, spoke about the incoming administration in an interview with CNN's chief medical …


A Pastor Who Said Islam Is ‘Evil’ Is Speaking At Trump's Inauguration

Which makes sense, considering Trump once said "Islam hates us."<p>An evangelical pastor who thinks Islam is “evil” is set to deliver prayers on Friday at the inauguration ceremony for a president-elect who thinks “Islam hates us.”<p>Rev. Franklin Graham is among six faith leaders chosen by Donald Trump …


Actress Kathy Najimy Wants People to Wear Headscarves on Inauguration Day in Support of Religious Freedom

As Donald Trump stands before the nation on Jan. 20 to be sworn in, many Americans will also be standing up — for what they believe in.<p>One group, led …


Hagia Sophia Mosque Conversion Update: Historic Christian Church For Muslim Worship To Be Restored

A restoration effort will be performed at the Hagia Sofia Mosque in the Black Sea province of Trabzon in northeastern Turkey, the Hurriyet Daily News …


Senior Australian politician says burqa is 'not part of our culture'

A senior Australian politician has courted controversy by saying that he would not “encourage” people to wear the burqa because “it is not part of …


Obama on Being First Black President: There will be Women, Hindu Presidents in The Future

President Obama spoke on the topic of whether he believed there would be another black U.S. President, saying America’s strength comes from diversity and that there would be Presidents who are women, Jewish, Hindu, or “all mixed up.”


Addressing the Rise of Islamophobia in Trump's America

Inauguration Day is only two days away. Washington is planning a huge party, speech writers are formulating their last words, and Islamophobic hate crimes are still on the rise. More than 569 anti-Muslim attacks took place over a span of 512 days in America.<p>Many global citizens are concerned …


After Trump's Election, A Non-Practicing Muslim Returns To Prayer

When I was a kid, mom used to say, "You know you've become an infidel when you forget the Fatihah." The Fatihah is the preamble to the Quran, a prayer Muslims repeat five times a day.<p>Mom used to warn me to be grateful for the practice. That on the Day of Judgment, Allah would call upon me to recite …


America's oldest Muslim families on the Trump presidency: 'This can't deter us'

Muslims whose families have been in the country as long as Trump’s own relatives voice hope – and trepidation – as the inauguration approaches<p>When Alyssa Haughwout heard the news that Donald Trump had become the president-elect of the United States, her first thought was about the century-old …


There Was Almost A Young Hot Pope IRL

HBO has the power to make pretty much anything kind of sexy, so it's no surprise that the network cast the ever-charming Jude Law as the pope.<p>HBO's new series <i>The Young Pope</i> stars Law as Lenny Belardo, the Vatican first and youngest American pope, and though the show is filled with premium cable …

Pope Francis

Counter Islamophobia through Stories: A KitaabWorld Initiative

In a Trump administration, Islamophobia is a reality that many Americans couldn't have fathomed. Surveys show that hate crimes against Muslims are at an all-time high and our country is becoming more divisive and polarized a decade and a half after 9/11. If this is surprising to some, it is …


WATCH: Negin Farsad on being a Pop Tart-loving Muslim American and breaking the Muslim stereotype

"The Secret Life of Muslims" definitely includes breakfast and breaking Muslim stereotypes through comedy<p>“One thing I have found,” says comic, author, director, and speaker Negin Farsad, “is that people generally don’t want to go around hating other people.” Yet with many cities reporting a rise in …


4 Toning Moves That’ll Make You Zen AF

Yogi Ashley Hart shows you how she gets her ‘om on.<p>Yogi Ashley Hart gets toned (and calm) with these poses, which are great for recovering from hard-core workout days too. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds on each side.


Desert ruins from King Solomon's period could be site of biblical battles

A fortified gatehouse shows signs of military activity and complex social structure in an Iron Age camp.<p>A copper smelting camp in the Timna Valley in …


Ghost churches near Jordan River baptism site await reclamation

QASR AL-YAHUD, West Bank (Reuters) - Ghost churches on the western bank of the Jordan River, near where Jesus is believed to have been baptized, could be reopened to pilgrims as part of a project to remove booby-traps and land mines.<p>The river banks were once a war zone between Israel and Jordan, …


Muslim Couple Found An Effective Way To Fight Islamophobia After San Bernardino

“It was a lot of curiosity and a lot of joy."<p>When Sebastian Robins decided to convert to Islam, he had little idea about the challenges he'd be …


Contradictions We Live With

We are faced with contradictions on a daily basis; some are generational, some cultural, some familial. When we have believed in one way of acting and then are faced with new medical or scientific findings or a deeper understanding and recognize that the opposite way is better, we must make a …


Muslim NYPD Chaplain On Faith, Fear And Getting Stopped By Airport Security

Imam Khalid Latif is one of the people profiled in <i>The Secret Life of Muslims,</i> a digital series about Islamophobia. He is also the first Muslim chaplain at New York University.


Arts, culture are missing in the teaching of Islam

Teaching Islam is often limited to religious practice, but its impact on the arts and culture is seldom discussed<p>This article was originally published on The Conversation.<p>There has been much misinformation about Islam. Reports in Western media tend to perpetuate stereotypes that Islam is a violent …


Trump’s ‘Hebrew Roots’ Preachers

Donald Trump has enlisted a diverse lineup of six clergy to pray him into office at his upcoming inauguration ceremony.<p>Three draw on Jewish ritual …


Queering Islam

Something groundbreaking happened after the Orlando shooting at Pulse nightclub in June of this year, the deadliest mass shooting in the history of …


Scientology's UK HQ angers residents by felling trees in conservation area

People in St Hill Green, West Sussex brand church ‘selfish and arrogant’ after 22 trees were cut down, but spokesman says more trees have been planted<p>The church of Scientology has angered neighbours at its UK headquarters by expanding its facilities without planning consent and felling trees in a …

West Sussex

Chinese archaeologists discover a 600-year-old Buddha statue underwater

Chinese archaeologists have discovered a 600-year-old Buddha statue, that was beneath the waters of a reservoir for years in China's Jiangxi Province, on Sunday.<p><b>Read: China and Vietnam agree to negotiate territorial differences in South China Sea; will Beijing offer a similar deal to India?</b><p>The …

Ancient History

As Trump Inauguration approaches, calls to Muslim helplines spike beyond capacity

Muslims in the United States are turning to two Canadian helplines to seek support following the U.S. election.<p>Naseeha, which caters to Muslim youth, and the NISA Helpline, a phone line geared toward Muslim women, offer toll-free and confidential service across North America. Both helplines said …


Dr. James Dobson: Trump’s promises about the Supreme Court are why he’s about to be our next president

The presidential inauguration is now mere days away, yet the media still can’t grasp the reason why Donald J. Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, will be the one sworn in.<p>We are being told that Trump’s win is attributed to white working class males in the rust belt who were angry about their difficult …

The most shocking Scientology revelations according to the season finale of Leah Remini's show

After the success of its first season and its first Reddit AMA session, "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" ended its season-one run with more answers to Reddit users' questions in Tuesday's episode.<p>Leah Remini and former Scientology spokesperson Mike Rinder were joined by a few guests, …

Leah Remini

Catholic Bishops Are Urging Congress To Halt Obamacare Repeal

They were once some of the health care act's staunchest foes.<p>Catholic bishops in the U.S. have long been some of the staunchest opponents of the Affordable Care Act. But now, they’re urging Congress to delay its repeal.<p>Bishop Frank J. Dewane, head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ …

Health Care

Mosque in Saint-Léonard can continue to hold religious ceremonies, judge rules

Borough changed zoning bylaws just before Badr Islamic Centre purchased building on Langelier Blvd.<p>Members of the Muslim community are pleased with a …


Indian judiciary has weakened the voice of inclusive, integrationist Kashmiri MuslimIndian judiciary has weakened the voice of inclusive, integrationist Kashmiri Muslim

The recent Mumbai High Court judgment which appears to legitimize murder in the course of communal incitement has upset and alienated the most …

Indian Religion

Religious children aren't less generous after all

<i>A study finding that children with a Christian or Muslim upbringing were less altruistic than their non-religious counterparts made waves in 2015. However, new analysis of the data reveals that this is not actually the case. In the study, developmental psychologists looked at five- to</i> …