Snap is cutting jobs in recruiting and slowing new hires

Snap recently cut 18 jobs from its recruiting division after laying off about a dozen staffers last month in hardware marketing.


Snap lays off 18 employees in recruiting division

SAN FRANCISCO: Snap Inc said on Friday it had laid off 18 employees in its recruiting division, a move to cut costs as the parent company of …

Snap Inc.

An Ikea exec shares her favorite job interview questions — and they have nothing to do with résumé or grades

• <b>Furniture giant Ikea sticks to its Swedish roots when interviewing candidates for open positions.</b>• <b><br>The basic principle of the store is that everyone is seen as talent, and the application process is a dialogue.</b>• <b><br>For that reason, says an Ikea exec, they ask questions that center on cultural fit, not</b> …


Entrepreneurs Who Build Great Teams Master These 2 Concepts

Building an exceptional workforce requires you to master both the art and science of recruiting.<p>Companies who can consistently attract and hire the right people generate a meaningful competitive advantage in their market. Entrepreneurs who seek this advantage must first understand that recruiting …


What Are Rhetorical Questions?

Rhetorical questions can be defined as questions that are not really meant to be answered. Rather, rhetorical questions are asked in order to make a …


Motorsport Jobs: The real cost of recruitment in motorsport

Share this article on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Email<p>Recruitment is an expensive process, so hiring the right candidate is vital for a …


Austrian hotel helps refugees gain work experience

Vienna's Magdas Hotel offers a training program for its staff of refugees hailing from 16 countries.


Reader Q&A: Jenny Durkan, candidate for Seattle mayor, to answer your questions live

Jenny Durkan, the former U.S. attorney running for Seattle mayor, joins The Seattle Times for a Facebook Live Q&A at 9 a.m. Friday.

A Simple Plan for Hiring the Best Candidate

Hiring doesn't need to be an over-the-top process.<p>Interviewing candidates for roles can become a tedious process, especially if hiring at a rapid pace. If you don't have a human resources team dedicated to this function, it's important to have a process in place to help your team assess candidates …


It’s here: the full Diversity & Inclusion recruiter!

<i>Implementing diversity & inclusion (D&I) in the workplace elevates your</i> <i>business to the next level. Reduce bias in your recruitment process, hire</i> <i>the</i> …


4 Recruiting Humor Videos You Should Bookmark Right Now | LinkedIn Talent Blog

If your job (or perhaps everything on the news) is giving you heart palpitations these days, we feel you.<p>And it’s in moments like these that one …


How The Battle Field For Top Talent Just Became Even More Fierce, Thanks to AI

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications are typically thought of as technology of the far-reaching future and that which could even replace human beings, there are uses of such tech development that are taking place right this very moment and in very practical ways. This is not …

Machine Learning

College football recruiting: Buying, selling, or holding the top classes

The College Football Recruiting podcast tackles CFB topics with a recruiting slant.<p>The SB Nation College Football Recruiting Podcast returns with another episode. You can subscribe to the show on on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) or Google Play Music.<p>The show rundown is as follows. A direct link to listen …


11 Ways Recruiters Can Attract Millennial And Gen Z Job Candidates

With millennials and Gen Z making up almost half of the population, according to a report by Nielsen, targeting this group for your company’s open positions is more of a requirement than ever before. This large and powerful group has a different outlook on the job market than their predecessors and …


7 Ways to Sell Job Candidates on Your Company Culture

Culture is a critical factor for your best applicants. Here's how to make sure you are showcasing yours.<p>Top job candidates want more than a decent paycheck and health insurance. They want a company that supports its employees and their values, and cares about promoting a healthy work-life balance. …


What would the NBA eliminating the one-and-done rule do to college basketball?

It might not be the worst idea...Yes, we’re still in the midst of football season, and basketball previews have only just begun. But during the NBA’s …

College Basketball

What Does Google’s Entry Into the Recruitment Space Mean for the Industry?

With Google for Jobs and Google Hire, Google has formally staked their place in the recruitment industry and it looks like they’re here to stay. It’s …


How to conduct a technical interview: 5 questions to ask

Technical interviews are meant to demonstrate a candidate's skills, but many IT staffers are not adept at conducting them. Here's what to include, …


Here's what Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and 8 other successful people ask job candidates during interviews

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk<p><i>Skye Gould/Business Insider</i><p>Elon Musk<p>According to the biography 'Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic …


Want to Keep One Step Ahead? You Better Get Serious About Talent on Demand

Recently I’ve heard more and more of my fellow Talent Acquisition experts refer to something called “Talent on Demand.” At first, it sounded like …


Does Paying for Your ATS Really Pay Off?

<i>Sponsored by Mighty Recruiter:</i> HR transformation is always an exciting undertaking for an HR team in a growing SMB, and recruiters are now joining in …


4 Interview Tips to Secure Better Millennial Talent

Secure better Millennial talent by using these tips next time you interview a potential candidate.<p>Because Millennials are a different breed of employee, there are specific obstacles that can trip up even the most seasoned interviewer.<p>4 Interview Tips to Secure Better Millennial Talent<p><b>1. Don't</b> …


Former BC running back shares video of alleged recruiting parties

A former BC running back says he has proof of recruiting parties with strippers and alcohol. Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports<p>With all the talk about …

College Football

How to know if you’re hiring the right person

Our columnist shares her top tactics for bringing talent into your organisation<p>Lots of people can do the job, but are they the best fit for the business? Here are some simple ways to move beyond first impressions and take a more holistic recruitment approach.<p>Attitude, not aptitude<p>Everyone can learn …


Disability in demand: People with autism offer employers a broader talent pool

But some see such hiring as a trendy form of tokenism<p>He's a former job pariah who's suddenly a hot new hire, a university graduate with astonishing …


8 Ways to Give Negative Feedback to Employees

Sponsored by Workopolis: If done properly, performance reviews can be a fantastic way to boost employee engagement and productivity, both of which go …


Why that message from a Google recruiter doesn't mean you'll get a job

Google recruiters send hundreds of cold messages per week, using software called a "TextExpander" to essentially copy-paste similar messages to potential employees — most of whom will never get hired, a former Google employee revealed in an item for the Washington Post.<p>Grant Lindsley wrote that he …


How Text Messaging Broadens Recruiting Outreach, Cuts Time to Fill

​Text messaging is proving to be a solution both for job seekers looking for more-direct communication channels with employers and for companies …

Text Messaging

Prepare to meet the robot recruiters

When you apply for your next job, it could be a computer algorithm, rather than a human, that asks you the first round of screening questions.<p>That is …

Machine Learning

Facebook tests LinkedIn-like resumes so you can flaunt work experience

Taking a cue from Facebook, earlier this year LinkedIn redesigned its website to make it a bit less confusing and a tad more suitable for social interactions. But it seems Facebook too is paying attention to LinkedIn.<p>The social media giant is currently testing a new Resume / CV feature that lets …