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What’s Next for the Haqqani Network?

Embed<p>Direct link<p>Pop-out player<p>Earlier this month, the Taliban announced that Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founder, and leader of the feared Haqqani …

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DARE: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford 'Faces Death Threats'

• Home<br>• DARE: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford ‘Faces Death Threats’<p>DARE: Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford ‘Faces Death Threats’<p><i>Want to</i> …

Human Rights

Afghanistan’s Shi’a Brace For More Attacks On Ashura Holiday

Members of Afghanistan’s Shi’ite minority are bracing for potential violence as they prepare to commemorate Ashura, the holiest celebration in their …

Ashraf Ghani

Poland Says Russian Pipeline A 'Huge Threat'

Polish President Andrzej Duda has called the Russian-German natural gas pipeline project, Nord Stream 2, "a huge threat" to energy security in …

Nord Stream

Court Rejects Bids To Cancel Macedonia's Name-Change Referendum

Macedonia's Constitutional Court has rejected two bids to declare the September 30 referendum on changing the country’s name to North Macedonia …


A Timeline Of All Russia-Related Sanctions

The United States suspends trade and investment talks with Russia as well as military-to-military cooperation.


U.S. Ambassador Says Volkswagen Agrees To Pull Out Of Iran

The U.S. ambassador to Germany has told Bloomberg News that automaker Volkswagen has agreed to comply with U.S. sanctions and suspend most of its …

Automotive Industry

German FM Urges Albania To Press Reform Process With Eye On EU Membership

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has called on Albania to intensify its reform efforts and offered further assistance to help the Western Balkan …

European Union

U.S. Again Names Iran As Leading Terrorism Sponsor

The United States has once again named Iran as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, accusing it of fueling conflicts and undermining …

Middle East

Human Rights Team Toils To Tell Real Videos From Fakes

The rights group Amnesty International is determined to expose fake Internet videos and confirm the authenticity of real footage documenting human …

Human Rights

'Not A Sin To Thrash Gays': As Russian Meme Convictions Mount, Police Shrug At Homophobic Slurs

Post a satirical meme mocking religion in Russia, and you could face charges punishable by up to five years in prison. But in one Russian region, …


Russian Doping Whistle-Blower Speaks Out Ahead Of WADA Decision

Grigory Rodchenkov, who was one of the architects of the elaborate doping and cheating system, currently lives in the United States, under law …


U.S. Orders Chinese Media to Register as Foreign Agents, Source Says

The Justice Department has informed China’s Xinhua News Agency and China Global Television Network that they must register under the Foreign Agents …

U.S. Department of Justice

As Iran's Economy Suffers, Afghan Migrants Forced To Go Home

Iran's currency has dropped sharply this year, and U.S. sanctions on the country are expected to further undermine its economy. The financial …


Vladimir Putin: From KGB Agent to Russian President

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician and former KGB intelligence officer currently serving as President of Russia. Elected to his current and …

Vladimir Putin

Afghan Boy And His Dog March For Peace

WASHINGTON / KABUL -- After losing his mother to war, 10-year-old Hikmatullah decided to join a peace movement, members of which have been walking …


Afghanistan Arrests 26 Suspected IS Militants Accused Of Targeting Shi'a

Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency says its officers have arrested at least 26 suspected members of the extremist group Islamic State (IS), …

U.S. Army

Denmark’s Largest Bank To Issue Report on Russia, Ex-Soviet Money Laundering

The September 19 report by Danske Bank is expected to highlight major money-laundering problems, as well as the failure by European regulators to …

Money Laundering

UN Committee Slams Kyrgyzstan For 'Culture Of Abduction, Forced Marriage'

A report by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has charged Kyrgyzstan with allowing systemic human-rights violations …

Human Rights

U.K. Judge Rules Spy Evidence On Dead Russian Businessman Should Stay Secret

Material about possible links between British spy agencies and a Russian businessman who died in mysterious circumstances in Britain nearly six years …

Money Laundering

New Russian MH17 Claims Met With Skepticism

New claims by Russia about the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine in 2014 have been met with widespread skepticism.

Radio Free Europe

Putin, Orban Push For Controversial Hungarian Nuclear-Plant Expansion

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban have agreed to move ahead with a project to build two new reactors at …

Vladimir Putin

The High-Tech Arsenal Of Russian Riot Police

Russian riot police are being equipped with increasingly sophisticated gear to deal with unrest in the country.

Radio Free Europe

U.S. Downplays Russian Plane Shoot-Down, Vows To Continue Fight Against IS

The United States is trying to downplay the shoot-down of a Russian military surveillance plane off the Syrian coast, with officials expressing …

Jim Mattis

At Least 21 Killed In Fiery Collision In Central Iran

At least 21 people died and 20 others were injured after a bus and a fuel tanker collided in central Iran, officials say.

Merchant Shipping

Mullahs' Messengers Say Iran's Oscar Choice Long On Art, Short On Politics

Conservatives challenge cineastes' submission for the Oscars over its gloomy depiction of life in Iran, saying a more patriotic choice lionizing …

Film Festivals

Berlin Hospital Says 'Highly Plausible' That Russian Activist Was Poisoned

A German doctor at the Berlin hospital where Russian activist Pyotr Verzilov is being treated following a suspected poisoning says he is out of …

Intensive Care

'Digital Resistance': Siberian Game Racks Up Political Points

A computer-game publisher in the Siberian city of Barnaul is concerned about recent prosecutions on extremism charges of people who posted or liked …

Social Media

Pakistan's New PM Promises Citizenship To Refugees' Children

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has pledged to grant citizenship to Pakistan-born children of Afghan and Bengali refugees, many of whom have …

Imran Khan

Tension Builds In Russian Far East Region After Disputed Vote Count

Rival contenders for the governorship in a Russian Pacific region girded for court battles, and more protests, after an unusual last-minute vote …

Communist Party