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Dinosaur-Era Shark With Insane Teeth and Four Other Amazing Shark Stories From 2017

2017 saw a lot of amazing animal discoveries, from new dinosaurs to modern birds. But sharks had some unbelievable moments this year as well. Take a …


Chinese Construction Workers Discovered Dozens of Dinosaur Eggs Millions of Years Old

A group of Chinese construction workers reportedly unearthed a strange gift on Christmas: a clutch of 30 well-fossilized dinosaur eggs in the city of …

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Is the world's oldest shark really 512 years old?

While one Greenland shark is estimated to be between 272 and 512 years of age, his team had not found any "600 or 500" year old shark, marine …


Oldest living shark, born in 1500s, discovered in North Atlantic Ocean

One Danish scientist, Julius Nielsen, has recently discovered a creature, in the North Atlantic Ocean, which is said to be 18 feet long and 512 years …


Wooden canoe found in Florida could be linked to the 1600s

Florida researchers may be closer to figuring out the mysterious origin of an old canoe that surfaced after Hurricane Irma.<p>Using a technique known as …


Change in weather patterns led to mainland Tasmania tiger extinction, researchers say

Researchers believe they have discovered what killed off mainland populations of the Tasmanian tiger — and their cause of death might surprise …

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Evolution and Young Earth Creationism (YEC): 4 Invalid YEC Claims Against Evolutionary Science

If it weren’t for Young Earth Creationism (YEC), practically everyone would accept evolution as the source of all plants and animals that every …


Outback axes suggest humans reached Australia 18,000 years earlier than thought

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Axheads and grinding stones from a cave in Australia’s far north suggest humans arrived on the continent about 65,000 years ago, or 18,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to research published on Thursday.<p>A technique called luminescence dating was used to date …


Sixty Years After Its Discovery, a Hut in Scotland Has Been Linked to St. Columba

Radiocarbon dating has proved that the site could have been built and used during the lifetime of the revered saint<p>Comment on this Story


World's largest hoard of carbon dates goes global

Scientists hope pooled records could answer major archaeological questions and map human migration patterns.<p>Radiocarbon dating has long been used to …


New research reveals earliest directly dated rock paintings from southern Africa

UNIVERSITY OF THE WITWATERSRAND—In a study published in the international journal <i>Antiquity</i>, Professor David Pearce, Director of the Rock Art Research …


Radiocarbon dating of phytolith traces rice domestication to 10,000 years ago

Rice (<i>Oryza sativa L</i>.) is one of the world's most important staple foods, as it sustains more than half the global population. Rice farming has …