Give A Kid A Quid this bank holiday weekend in Oldham

Date published: 21 August 2018<p>Oldham club Liquid, on Retiro Street in the town centre<p>Oldham club Liquid will host a ‘Give A Kid A Quid’ appeal …


What you've been saying about new venue Stack after its first weekend in Newcastle

The newest addition to Newcastle’s nightlife has got ChronicleLive readers talking more than any other topic this week.<p>Stack, which is constructed …


Tax Lawyer: Strzok Might Have to Pay Tax on GoFundMe Windfall

Anti-Trump texter Peter Strzok has racked up more than <b>$422,000 in GoFundMe donations</b> since <b>his FBI firing,</b> but the IRS could tax the cash if he cannot …

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Infographic: 12 Tried-And-Tested Ways To Get People To Like You

Image courtesy of Quid Corner<br>Whether you’re in the office or out for drinks at a bar, being amiable in the eyes of the people around you is an …


Here's how parents can get 24 nappies for just 85p in Aldi's latest special offer

Hunting for a special offer is all part and parcel of being a parent.


Greece lashes out at Russia’s expulsion of Greek diplomats

Greece's foreign minister has lashed out at Russia's expulsion of Greek diplomats from Moscow earlier this week, as a spat between the two …


Home Bargains Is Selling Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes For £2.99

When it comes to make-up brushes, Real Techniques is where it's at.<p>Bloggers turned beauty entrepreneurs Sam and Nic Chapman's range of cosmetic …


These Unicorn Shower Heads Will Add A Little Magic To Your Bathroom

Our obsession with unicorns isn't trotting off anywhere anytime soon, and now you can add a little enchantment to bath time.<p>Over on Etsy, one seller …

Cotton Candy

'Outrageous!' EastEnders coffee 'blunder' leaves fans utterly baffled

EastEnders fans couldn't believe their ears this evening when they heard the extortionate price Walford's local chicken takeaway are selling their …

Television (UK)

With scams galore, banks set to fork out more for D&O liability insurance

Insurance firmsjack up premiums

Business (India)

Sexual Harassment in the Office

A 2018 survey by Vault.com suggests that over 50% of employees have participated in at least one office romance, with “random hookups” being the most …

Sexual Harassment

Experience Being Poked By An Anime Girl

Starting tomorrow, a VR title is coming to Steam that lets folks experience what it’s like to be poked by an anime girl.<p>It seems to just be poking. …


County Conservative Party Chairman Returns Payment

32 minutes ago<p>Lima, NY -- The head of the Conservative Party in Livingston County is facing questions over the payment he received from Marjorie …

Conservative Party

Winner and loser of the week in Florida politics

<b>Jack Latvala.</b> Still a contender for loser of the year, the former Pinellas state senator at least won’t face criminal charges for his behavior. …


Former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 7 years in prison

Former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was sentenced Friday in Manhattan federal court to seven years in prison after a jury found the …


Let’s Eat Grandma and All Saints among nominees for the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize

Let's Eat Grandma, All Saints and Rita Ora: move over Mercurys, here are the Popjustice Twenty Quid Music Prize nominees.>

Calvin Harris

The Guy Who Played Viktor Krum In Harry Potter Is Basically Unrecognizable Now

He's (Quid)ditched his old look.<p>Long before Hermione Granger ended up with her BFF Ron Weasley, Hogwarts's most brilliant witch caught the eye of …

Harry Potter

State attorney: Not enough evidence to charge Latvala on alleged lobbyist quid pro quo

TALLAHASSEE — Tallahassee State Attorney Jack Campbell said Thursday that there was not enough evidence to charge former state Sen. Jack Latvala with trading legislative support for sex with a female lobbyist, though Campbell said that Latvala had "perhaps" pressured the lobbyist to have sex with …


Check your lotto tickets because someone is about to lose €90,000

Right guys, we've had to have this conversation a few times now and quite frankly, we're a little tired of it.Someone in Ireland has bought a winning …

Republic of Ireland

Bankers Breathe Easier As Government Amends Prevention Of Corruption Act

The Act requires prior sanction to prosecute serving public officials. The Bill extends this protection to former officials, according to a summary …

Law (India)

BQuick On July 25: Top 10 Stories In 10 Minutes

It makes it clear that an arrest can only be done in the event of quid pro quo or some malafide actions. Genuine decisions of banks will be now …

Top 10

Serverless Computing: Building it, managing it, developing it

Our earlybird ticket offer for Serverless Computing expires in just a few weeks, so if you want to get on top of the next generation of cloud, and …

Thought Leadership

"Quid Pro Quo Arrangement": DMK's Dig At AIADMK After No-Confidence Vote

The no-confidence motion, moved by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), a former BJP ally, against the Modi government was decisively defeated last</b> …


AIADMK supported NDA as ‘quid pro quo’: DMK

The DMK has lashed out at arch-rival AIADMK for not voting in favour of the no-confidence motion against the Narendra Modi Government, alleging the ru


Stalin’s dig at AIADMK for backing BJP in no-confidence motion

<b>New Delhi, July 20</b>: The Modi sarkar which sailed through comfortably in Parliament had the support of the AIADMK when the house voted during the …


Philips Complains About ‘ Quid Pro Quo’ Payments in Gibson Bankruptcy

Electronics company has $57 million claim in guitar maker’s chapter 11 case<p>Sign in or subscribe for access to peerless insight & analysis, curated data & interactives, and networking events.


Scientists develop nicotine gum for 'betel quid' addiction

Researchers are developing a way for users to kick an addiction to betel quid -- a cheap stimulant that can lead to oral disease and cancer.

South-east Asia

Poundworld Will Close Every Store Next Month

Bargain-lovers will be gutted to heart that every Poundworld will shut up shop in the UK for good by 10th August.<p>That gives you less than a month to …


Newcastle fans behind #IfRafaGoesWeGo support/protest group release statement explaining who they are

Yet another crisis under Mike Ashley and yet another Newcastle fans initiative has emerged to try and challenge the darkness this club owner …

Newcastle United FC

Bargain cafe offers fry up for just ONE POUND - and pizza, chips and kids' meals are a quid too

A BUDGET cafe is bringing back its famous cheap breakfast – costing punters just £1.<p>The restaurant chain, called Poundcafé, has also put pizza and …