NEW KNOWLEDGE: What Agents took away from the Qantas development day

By Nathalie Craig<p>17 Aug 2018<p>Qantas’ head office in Sydney was filled with 150 Travel Agents from across Australia yesterday. The eager Agents spent …


Qantas Pilot Incapacitated Midair After Sudden Cabin Depressurization

A pair of Qantas pilots had a harrowing experience after their aircraft suddenly depressurized mid-flight, causing a pilot to become incapacitated, …


Cargo flight investigated after cabin loses pressure, pilot incapacitated

The national transport safety body will investigate after the cabin suddenly depressurised on a cargo plane owned by Qantas.


Hugh Jackman stars in Qantas campaign promoting national diversity

17/08/2018|2min<p>Australian actor Hugh Jackman is starring in a new campaign to promote national diversity. The video released by Qantas focuses on …


Dozens of empty seats on ground-breaking first non-stop flight from UK to Australia

More than one in five seats on the much-vaunted first scheduled non-stop service between the UK and Australia are being left empty, amounting to 52 free spaces on each flight, analysis by Telegraph Travel has revealed.<p>The Heathrow-Perth route launched in March to great fanfare, with Qantas …

Qatar Airways

The Science Behind the World’s Longest Flights

Singapore and Qantas rethink their service for intercontinental trips that could last 20 hours or more<p>Tucson, Ariz.<p>The Sonoran Desert is a pretty good place to research what ultralong nonstop flights do to the human body.<p>Airlines and scientists are studying the effects of spending 20 hours or more …

Air Travel

Qantas cargo plane suddenly depressurises mid-flight incapacitating one of the pilots before captain descends 12,000ft and makes an emergency landing

A Qantas pilot was left incapacitated after his plane's cabin suddenly depressurised at 20,000ft, it has been revealed.<p>An investigation has being …


OMD Australia Tops 2018 RECMA Rankings

OMD Australia has taken the top spot for Australia’s Number 1 media agency in size, according to RECMA’s 2018 ‘Overall Activity Volume Rankings’ …


Pilots taken to hospital after emergency landing at Canberra Airport

Two pilots have been taken to hospital after making an emergency landing at Canberra Airport.<p>Emergency services were called to the airport at 11.46pm …

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Qantas Is Having A Japan Sale Tonight [Update]

Want to go to Japan? Been and want to go again? Then you might be interested in Qantas's flash sale.


Qantas digital boarding passes land at Heathrow

Qantas has introduced digital boarding passes to Heathrow.<p>The passes were first introduced by the airline on domestic services, then Trans-Tasman …

Air Travel

Using Qantas frequent flyer points to book Malaysia Airlines flights

by Chris Chamberlin | August 15, 2018<p>With a solid network across Asia linking in with routes to and from Australia, New Zealand and the United …

Malaysia Airlines

RECORD BREAKING: Qantas flies non-stop from Perth to London in 16.5hrs

By Nahrain John<p>@karryontravel<p>14 Aug 2018<p>Travelling non-stop from Australia to Europe is now almost as fast as flying non-stop to Houston in the …


Save up to $497 on Qantas Club with ANZ's Frequent Flyer Black Visa

by Chris Chamberlin | August 14, 2018<p>Want to save up to $497 on the cost of your Qantas Club membership, with the added opportunity of earning …

Frequent-flyer Programs

Koala gets its own seat on an airplane

Who you sit near on an airplane is luck of the draw, but how would you feel if you found out you were going to be neighboring a koala?<p>Last week, an …


Qantas sets new record flying time for fastest-ever passenger flight from Perth to London

Flying from Perth to London is now faster than ever, after a Qantas flight made the journey in record time.<p>The long-haul journey from the Western …


Speedy Perth-London flight breaks records

QANTAS has once again set a new speed record for the Perth to London QF9 Boeing 787-9 non-stop flight, slashing almost an hour off the scheduled …

San Francisco

Watch A 73m-Long Qantas A380 Get Repainted In 57 Seconds


Petition launched urging Qantas to pull Sky News from planes

A petition is urging Qantas to end its relationship with Sky News and stop airing the program on its planes.<p>It's the latest blow for Sky …

Virgin Australia

Get on board with Point Hogging

<b>Everyone, I’ve got this:</b> and all the lovely Qantas FF points.<p>“Point Hogging” is the latest trend on the rise amongst the savviest members of Qantas …

Personal Finance

Upgrading my Qantas experience-How I get Top Elite status in three round trips (almost)

Qantas A380 at Melbourne airport<p>I was sitting down to lunch a few years, with the family when my airline called to tell me my flight to Auckland was …


10,000 bonus points across the range of American Express’ no annual fee cards

American Express has a range of cards that offer good points-earning potential, but these usually come with higher annual fees. For those not …

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Qantas Travel Insurance | Travel Insurance

There are three main features that make Qantas’ travel insurance policies great value and they all come with the word “unlimited” attached:<p><b>1.</b> …

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The Golden Age of plane travel

The 1950 and 1960s have become known as the "Golden Age" of flying. It was a time of glamorous air hostesses and gourmet meals, and of great leg room …

Air Travel

Which Airlines Offer Round-the-World Tickets

Round-the-world (RTW) awards are one of the most lucrative and aspirational use of points and miles. Unfortunately, in recent years, many award …

British Airways

Revealed: The Best Economy Seats To Choose On Domestic Australian Flights

Have you ever checked-in to your flight early, carefully studied the seat-map and chosen the best seat in the house? Have you also sat down smugly in …

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Queenslanders rally around drought-stricken farmers

Queensland farmers have been praised for their resilience as donations from across the country pour in to help farmers cope with the difficulties …

Mental Health

Qantas – Australasian Center for Corporate Responsiblity

<b>Do you hold shares in Qantas? Do your shares give you voting rights at the Qantas AGM?</b><p><b>We need you to join us to tell Qantas to stop deportations of</b> …

Scott Ludlam

Watch A Qantas A380 Get Repainted In 57 Seconds

Have you ever wondered what 16 days, 5,500 hours and 1,100kg of paint looks like condensed into 57 seconds? Plus an Airbus A380 in need of a 3000 …

Travel (Australia)

Qantas to donate $3 million in drought relief

The flying kangaroo has promised to donate $3 million to provide relief to Australia’s drought-affected farming communities.Which is a very nice way …

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