Cute Preds, Cute Puppies

You'll want to watch Preds pose with puppies on loop<p>Preds pose with puppies for Foundation calendar<p>Ekholm, Johansen and Turris compliment Preds' …

Ice Hockey

Puppies from Puerto Rico may have spread infection at NH pizzeria, officials warn

Several puppies brought to New Hampshire and Vermont from Puerto Rico are being tested for a bacterial infection after some of them became …


Your Dream Volunteer Job Awaits: The Guide Dog Foundation Needs Puppy Raisers Now

No need to pinch yourself — this is reality. There are puppies out there that need you.<p>The Guide Dog Foundation is looking for puppy raisers to help …


How to have a well-behaved puppy...make sure it sees a man with a moustache within six weeks of birth

The secret of how to make puppies well-behaved has finally been found, and it involves stroking them with a toothbrush and exposing them to men with moustaches.<p>The charity Guide Dogs, which trains 1,300 puppies a year, has created the first programme which is scientifically proven to have a …


Puppy can't stop kissing baby best friend

A heart-melting moment occurs on camera when a friendly puppy delivers plenty of kisses to a loving baby. Precious!


Instagram will soon let users follow hashtags in addition to accounts

If you’ve logged into Instagram lately, you might have noticed a new option that makes it easier to keep track of the things you’re interested in. …


RTÉ Today have adopted a puppy and want you to name him

RTÉ Today with Maura and Daithi have adopted an eight-week old puppy and they want you to name him!<p>The show have teamed up with Irish Guide Dogs to …

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These Cute Puppies Want You to Enroll in Obamacare

Would a puppy video make you want to buy health insurance? One Florida insurer definitely hopes so. Florida Blue, is using puppies in one of its …

Health Care

These cute puppies are in search of a West Lothian home

The Rottweiler cross puppies are only eight weeks old and in the care of Dogs Trust West Calder<p>If you are looking for something sweet, that will also …


Puppies Dumped Into River to Go Up for Adoption Soon

Six puppies that were rescued after being dumped into a Massachusetts river will soon be up for adoption.<p>The puppies, now about 6-weeks old, were …


Your suspicions are correct: Humans love dogs more than other people

The rumours are true.<p>Dogs really are better than people. That’s what people think, anyway.<p>According to new research, people love dogs more than other …


VIDEO | How That Cute Puppy On Your Facebook Feed Could Actually Become Yours | Fast Company

How That Cute Puppy On Your Facebook Feed Could Actually Become Yours<p>The Dodo is working with the Sato Project to help dogs rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico find their forever homes.


Tom Hiddleston Spotted With Cute Puppy Amid Taylor Swift Album Release

While his ex Taylor Swift enjoys the release of her album <i>reputation,</i> Tom Hiddleston is enjoying the company of an adorable puppy. Difficult to tell …

Tom Hiddleston

4 Neglected Puppies Were Close to Death in a High-Kill Shelter – But Then This Happened!

A litter of four black puppies was recently left in a high kill shelter in Texas, surrendered to an easily predictable future – or rather to no …

Cute Animals

Tiny puppy rescued during Harvey almost ready to be adopted

A puppy rescued during Hurricane Harvey was just weeks old when she was pulled from floodwaters and after vets in Virginia performed life saving …


Puppy that OD’d on walk saved with antidote

ANDOVER, Mass. — A puppy that collapsed after ingesting some sort of opioid in Massachusetts has survived after being given an overdose reversal drug …


31 Things to Do When You're Having a Bad Day

First you wake up from a nightmare with a sore neck, then you leave your cell phone at home, scratch your car, and show up late to a meeting… Whether …


Most Common Dog Breeds Found at Shelters

As much as Americans love their dogs, far too many of our canine friends end up abandoned at shelters.Most often, according to a study by the …


Online puppy scams: how I nearly fell for it

The online dog-for-sale ad looked trustworthy enough.<p>A 12-month-old Dalmatian needed a new home, because its owners were moving house.<p>I made contact …

Australian News

Just like children, dogs use puppy eyes to manipulate us

You are not imagining things: your dog is giving you puppy eyes. Dogs pleading for another treat have us eating out of their hands with their facial …


UPS drivers love dogs and they have the Facebook page to prove it

There’s a stereotype that dogs and mailmen don’t get along, but the opposite seems to be true for UPS drivers.<p>Sean McCarren, a UPS driver for …


3 Freezing, Homeless Puppies Who Were Left By a River Are Looking for a Warm Home (VIDEO)

Thanks to a compassionate animal lover, three puppies are safe and warm. The babies were found roaming around near a river in the middle of a storm. …

Cute Animals

Sweet Little Rescued Pig Wants Attention Just Like a Puppy! (VIDEO)

This adorable little piggy is getting the best belly rub ever and it is the sweetest thing! Doogie was rescued by the Houston Mini-Pig Rescue and …


WATCH | Puppies rescued from the rubble of a collapsed Durban home

Two puppies were pulled unharmed from tons of rubble‚ after a house set into a hillside collapsed around them on the Bluff‚ south of Durban‚ on …


Dog owners warned after puppies contract parvovirus outbreak - how to spot symptoms

Pet owners have been warned after a deadly virus has been reported in the North East .<p>Westway Veterinary Group say they’ve treated two seriously ill …


The Ten Most Popular Dogs [Infographic]

This infographic has ten pictures of puppies. It also breaks down the top ten most popular dog breeds but there's ten pictures of puppies.


Petland Puppies Are Spreading a Bacterial Infection to Humans

Bad news for puppies... and people. Puppies being sold at the national pet store chain Petland are spreading a serious bacterial infection that has …

Public Health

These adorable Pit bull puppies have so much energy

Watching these super hyper and adorable Pit Bull puppies might be the best way to start your Sunday.<p>Puppies can be a handful, but it’s undeniable …


Rescuers Refused to Give Up on Puppy Who Was Hit By a Car and Dumped in a Donation Bin

Instead of a bundle of thoughtful gifts from kind people, what the team from the Animal Welfare League recently found in their donation bin, was an …

Animal Welfare

What your Instagram photos say about you, according to Harvard psychologists

Your Instagram photos might reveal much more about you than what you had for breakfast or who your #mancrushmonday is, new research suggests.<p>Whether …

Scientific Research