Pumpkin Pie

How Pumpkin Pie Sparked a 19th-Century Culture War

American politicians in the South blamed Thanksgiving for spreading Yankee values.<p>The night before Thanksgiving, I routinely find myself bent over …


This Pumpkin Empanada Recipe Will Change Your View Of Pumpkin Pie

Step 1<p>In a food processor, first mix together the dry ingredients for the pastry dough and pulse until they are completely combined. Then, add the …


Foods & Drinks to Help you Survive Annoying Questions at Thanksgiving

For the record, a shot of vodka is applicable to all of these.<p>November 21, 2017<p>Thanksgiving (AKA the greatest holiday ever) is a great time to be a …


Whole Foods Helped Me Help You With This Classic Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Whole Foods Helped Me Help You With This Pumpkin Pie Recipe for 'Friendsgiving'<p>"But is it done in the middle???" - Me, every year for the past five …


This Blogger Found the Best Pumpkin Pie on the Internet

Are you on Thanksgiving pie duty this year? If you're having trouble sifting through all the pumpkin pie recipes on the internet (there are a lot of …


Whiskey Pumpkin Pie

It’s the dessert that’s the centerpiece of the season. Adding whiskey to this pumpkin pie gives it warmth, mellowed by the sweetness of maple …


Recipe: Combine three favorite New England ingredients in this maple-walnut pumpkin pie

<i>Makes one 9-inch pie</i><p>Two fillings go into this holiday favorite: a spiced pumpkin-custard, sweetened with maple syrup, and a thin layer of sugared …


Turkey ice cream? Really? We tried the Salt & Straw Thanksgiving menu

Since landing in San Francisco in April, beloved Portland-based ice cream shop Salt & Straw has commanded long lines at its Pacific Heights location with its inventive, eyebrow-raising flavors (see: bone marrow smoked cherry ice cream).<p>We were intrigued by Salt & Straw's Thanksgiving menu and …


Pie and Wine Pairings Done Right

Pie and wine.<p>Could it be the fastest way to get a hangover? Possibly. Still, you’re only human. It’s your errant human nature that leads to the …


A Vegan's Guide to A Tofurky-Less Thanksgiving

There's more to a vegan Thanksgiving than Tofurkeys.<p>November 20, 2017<p>Last year was my first fully vegan Thanksgiving. Needless to say, I was a little …


This Thanksgiving, let the kids cook the turkey (but have a backup plan)

Ever wondered what it would be like to relax on Thanksgiving while your kids do the cooking?<p>If you happen to have first-graders around the house, you might consider turning the kitchen over to them for the day. If they are nearly as creative as the 6- and 7-year-olds I met recently at Moos …


Erin's Things: November 20

• BIGTHINK.COM – This podcast is outrageously good. Historian Nancy Koehn (Harvard) discusses resiliency and muses on the question of what is a real …


Which Iconic Vine Are You Based On Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

"I got beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes..."<p>November 20, 2017<p>Vine may be dead, but there are still a few iconic ones that live inside us all. Quoting …


Running turkeys and a dog in an ugly Christmas sweater participate in this year’s Pumpkin Pie 5K and 10K

The Pavilion at City Park was filled with a mix of turkey heads, dogs in ugly Christmas sweaters and exhausted runners chowing down on pieces of pie …


Don’t forget + celebrating every mile + I think I’ve been making this up all along.

2 Comments November 19, 2017<p>We did FOUR runs together this last week. I think that is our record. Andrew hurt his shoulder lifting (it is getting a …


Pumpkin Pie by The Pioneer Woman

Average rating:4.5778out of5stars, based onreviews45ratings<p>Average rating:4.0734out of5stars, based onreviews177ratings<p>Average rating:4.7037out …


We Pitted The Barefoot Contessa's Pumpkin Pie Against The Pioneer Woman's

As far as fall desserts go, pumpkin pie takes the cake: it's a simple Thanksgiving classic showcasing the season's star flavor. And if you've never …


3 Super Easy Ways to Dress Up a Store-Bought Pumpkin Pie

If you’re in charge of dessert this Thanksgiving, tradition calls for pumpkin pie. Short on time or baking skills? Pick one up at the grocery store or local bakery and give it your own twist with one of our three easy hacks. It only takes a few minutes and a couple of ingredients, and you’ll have a …


Thanksgiving Recipe: Extra Silky Pumpkin Pie

<b>Makes 2 pie crusts</b><p>125g light brown sugar<br>220g AP flour<br>1 stick butter<br>1 tsp ground cinnamon<br>¼ tsp baking soda<br>2¼ tbsp lemon juice<br>1 tbsp milk<br>1 tsp ground …


How to make mini pumpkin pie shots

Take your Thanksgiving dinner to the next level with these mini pumpkin pie gelatin shots! They taste just like the real deal and make a perfect party treat for adults.


10 Dogs Dressed Up For Thanksgiving Who Are Ready AF For You To Pass The Pumpkin Pie

Since many of us are stuck at college for most of the year, our time with dogs is, unfortunately, severely limited. I don't know about you, but this …


What is pumpkin pie without its crust? A one-pan, stress-free dessert

Take some of the stress out of your Thanksgiving Day menu by serving a crustless pumpkin and maple custard instead.


Butternut Bourbon Cream Pie | Kitchen Vignettes

We’ve all probably experienced it: the hushed whisper following the turkey dinner, the hesitant almost shameful confession, barely audible: “I… don’t …


10 Best Tips for Your Thanksgiving Meal

1 of 10<p>Turkey<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 10<p>Gravy<p>3 of 10<p>Mashed Potatoes<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 10<p>Stuffing<p>Advertisement<p>5 of 10<p>Salad<p>Advertisement<p>6 of 10<p>Cranberry …


The Best Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Items You Need for Dinner

All The Best Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Items You Need for Dinner<p>Feeling thankful for you, Trader Joe's.<p>November 16, 2017<p>Trader Joe's is full of …


Thanksgiving Dinner-Flavored Pringles Are Shockingly Accurate

We would actually eat a whole tube of the Stuffing flavor<p>The hardest part of Thanksgiving is the cooking and clean-up. But what if you could …


11 Butternut Squash Desserts for People Who Love Pumpkin Pie

Before we get into this, I should tell you that I really love pumpkin pie. It's probably my favorite part of Thanksgiving, and I'd never suggest that …


A thorough and ridiculous step-by-step guide for baking pumpkin pie

Pumpkins don’t get much love for 10 months of the year. It's a sad time to be a pumpkin in the summer months, but come October that round orange …


Classic Pumpkin Pie

Say hello to the New Classic pumpkin pie. Raspberries, pecans and dramatic meringue are sure to impress your Turkey Day guests!


Can’t Cook a Turkey? Pringles Has You Covered

There comes a time in every person’s life where they must attempt to cook the Thanksgiving turkey. You can fry it, you can smoke it, and of course …