Prostate Cancer

Metastatic prostate cancer: Treatment and prognosis

Prostate cancer occurs when the cells in the prostate begin to grow uncontrollably.<p>Sometimes, prostate cancer develops quickly and spreads to other …


Life-saving prostate cancer treatment denied on NHS for a year despite approval by safety watchdogs

More than 20,000 men will have to wait at least a year for access to a breakthrough prostate cancer treatment which cuts deaths by almost 40 per cent.<p>Abiraterone, which doubles the life expectancy of those with the most advanced cancer and “effectively cures” it in less critical patients, was …


It’s Family: Share Your Prostate Cancer History

You May Also Like<p>When should you start getting screened for prostate cancer? Your family history is one factor to consider.<p>There are many treatment …


Dad-of-three, 43, 'killed himself after finding blood in his urine and wrongly believing he had prostate cancer' - Mirror Online

A father-of-three killed himself after wrongly believing he had prostate cancer, an inquest has heard.<p>Paul Cuniff, from Hartlepool, told his mother …


Expanded use of Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer med Zytiga OK'd in Europe

The European Commission approves the use of Johnson & Johnson's (NYSE:JNJ) ZYTIGA (abiraterone acetate), in combination with hormone deprivation …


Here's the Truth About Soy and Prostate Cancer

A new study says that eating soy might increase your risk of developing prostate cancer. But read on before you freak out<p>Soy is a staple for vegetarians looking to get their protein fix—and for meat-eaters who just can’t resist a side of edamame with their meals. But there’s been controversy over …


Precision Medicine Principles Applied to Prostate Cancer

Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute is leading the precision medicine charge against prostate cancer, and institute members have …


What are the symptoms of prostate cancer and what is the treatment

Reading about prostate cancer of an afternoon is probably not what you want to do but in light of Movember which aims to raise awareness about men’s …


Why LGBT Support Groups Are Essential To People Living With Prostate Cancer

I've been living with prostate cancer for nearly ten years now. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2007 resulting in having a radical …


Prostate biopsy alternatives: Three options

A prostate biopsy can be painful and stressful and will not catch all cases of prostate cancer. Even so, more than a million men undergo prostate …


Why Are the Men of Today Wearing Hospital Gowns Together? (Hint: It's for a Good Cause)

The guys of the <i>Today</i> show traded their suits for revealing hospital gowns for a good cause — encouraging men to get prostate exams.<p>Matt Lauer, Al …

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Real Men Wear Gowns: Managing prostate cancer

The guidelines on how and when to treat certain cancers change frequently, often leaving some patients confused about what course their treatment …

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‘Check’ it out: TODAY’s prostate cancer PSA debuts

Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Carson Daly and Craig Melvin are the stars of a funny public service announcement with a serious purpose: urging men to get checked for prostate cancer. Andy Cohen of “Watch What Happens Live” makes a surprise cameo appearance. More on this story here.


Tailored treatment for prostate cancer could save men from devastating side-effects

Artificial intelligence could be used to tailor treatment for prostate cancer, and save men from devastating side-effects, new research suggests.<p>A study by the Institute of Cancer Research, London found that analyzing dozens of genetic variables could help doctors to adjust treatment doses for the …


All you've ever wanted to know about a prostate exam, explains a Urological Surgeon

It doesn't hurt as much as you think<p>Too embarrassed to get your prostate checked? Gareth Brown, Consultant Urological Surgeon at Nuffield Health, …


Better to not know prostate cancer status, claims Oxford academic

Thousands of men with prostate cancer would be better off if it had never been diagnosed, an Oxford academic has claimed.<p>Professor Freddie Hamdy said …


The public's knowledge of anatomy is sketchy – here's why it matters

British people don’t seem to know their armpit from their elbow. Our latest study found that only 15% of the participants could locate their adrenal …

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City faithful raise funds for cancer charity

KIND-HEARTED Bradford City fans raised more than £1,100 for a charity at a collection held at a match.<p>The Bantams faithful helped bring in £1,183.36 …

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Men with low testosterone less likely to have prostate cancer

New research suggests that men with abnormally low levels of testosterone are less likely to develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.<p>The new study …


Sons say fight for father's death benefit would 'get justice for everybody' touched by radiation exposure

Arnold Young had been dead for 26 years from prostrate cancer when his family learned his work might have killed him.<p>He had worked for three Niagara …


Relapsed Prostate Cancer After Surgery

What is the most frightening thing about cancer? For many, it’s the chance the cancer might return after surgery. With most common cancers—colon, …


Giving prostate cancer the finger | The Province

Michael Izen has been subjected to frequent probing over the past six years, but he is still alive and giving the finger to cancer.<p>Izen — who was …


Testicular cancer survivor warns others: ‘I never thought I’d get it in my 20s’

For a testicular cancer survivor, Darrel Mancini says he is lucky to be alive and knows it. He was diagnosed at 28 and detected a lump early.<p>Lucky in …


New technology puts the AI in aid for US veterans

As part of their latest endeavor to improve care for our country’s combat vets, the Department of Veterans Affairs has invested in a rapidly advancing form of intelligence: the artificial kind. AI has been hailed by most forecasters as a revolutionary force in all manner of fields, from …

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Community rallies round WA dairy farmer after cancer diagnosis Yahoo7 News

A farmer diagnosed with prostate cancer has been left overwhelmed after his small community rallied round to lend a hand on his farm following his …

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Treating Prostate Cancer Bone Metastasis

THE BONE SUPPORTS A VICIOUS MIGRATION OF TUMOR CELL METASTASES3-5<p>Prostate Cancer Preferentially Metastasizes to Bone via “Seed” and …


Advanced Prostate Cancer Frequently Asked Questions


Genetic pathways to individualized treatment for advanced prostate cancer

Researchers have uncovered genetic clues to why tumors resist a specific therapy used for treating advanced prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer: ‘For me, it was a silent disease – they were no symptoms’

Less pain, less dissection, less blood loss, less scarring – so why no robotic-assisted prostatectomies in the public health system?<p>Mon, Oct 30, …


Guernsey men asked to 'beard up' to support local charity

Men in Guernsey are being encouraged to grow a beard throughout November to support a local charity.<p>The annual Beard Up event, led by Male Uprising …