TOP: Gardner-based credit union to service recreational marijuana companies - News - - Worcester, MA (US) The decision by GFA Federal Credit Union and Safe Harbor of Massachusetts to support legal cannabis businesses will make for a more …

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The far-right AfD’s call for “Islam-free schools” is reminding Germans of Nazi propaganda

“The terrible poster of the Bavarian AfD reminds me of the dark Nazi era when Jewish pupils were no longer allowed to attend German schools.”<p>“It’s a fight against a very successful trial.”


On Lies And Propaganda

<i>I would love to have seen an interview with the “founder” of public relations and “spin” in the United States, Edward L. Bernays, and the Nazi</i> …

Political Science

Rubino Blue Propaganda by Tony Rubino

Are you a Propaganda fan who loves descriptions stuffed with meaningless keywords? These make perfect gift ideas for friends and family who can’t... …


Is The Purge Propaganda? - IGN Video

With The Purge TV series ready to drop, let's take a look back at where it all started. James DeMonaco's sneaky brilliant treatise on violence in …

James DeMonaco

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Dismantling media propaganda on Venezuela and Nicaragua, with Abby Martin by Moderate Rebels podcast - Listen to music


B side spot 147 - Propaganda - Femme Fatale

Propaganda – Dr. Mabuse (video version)<br>Propaganda – A Dream Within A Dream (analogue version)<br>B side spot #147 – Propaganda - Femme Fatale


Dismantling media propaganda on Venezuela and Nicaragua, with Abby Martin


Facebook deletes propaganda accounts, T-Mobile's 5G roadmap

Today's major tech stories include Facebook's deleting of 650 "inauthentic" accounts, T-Mobile's 5G roadmap for the next two years and China's online population surpassing 800 million users.


B-List: Jon Alba talks about leaving Maine, WWE; Mike Dussault from Pats Propaganda


Video: Anti-Police Propaganda In Our Schools

<i>Editor's note: Below is Sean Fitzgerald's new video exposing anti-police propaganda in America's public schools. Fitzgerald sheds light on just how</i> …


Russian music festival boycotted over 'military propaganda'

Russia’s biggest rock festival was boycotted by musicians because of the Ministry of Defence had a large presence there.<p>Military hardware was on display for 200,000 music fans at Nashestviye festival, with some artists calling the show “propaganda”.<p>Report by Ksenia Idrisova and Elizaveta Vereykina

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KKK propaganda reported in Loudoun County, Va.

By Lynh Bui<p>Lynh Bui<p>Reporter focusing on public safety and criminal justice<p>Email Bio Follow<p>Residents in Virginia found Ku Klux Klan fliers on their front lawns Friday, marking the third time this year that the hate group’s propaganda has been reported in Loudoun County.<p>Deputies with the Loudoun …

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Black Activist shocked at Pro Intel Agency Propaganda Believed by Public + BONUS - NO AGENDA 1053


How the media can help dissect propaganda

Russia watcher Jill Dougherty, a former CNN Moscow bureau chief, says "I think the media would be very helpful to people if you said, 'Okay, this is how propaganda is done. This is how you are being manipulated.'"


Germany arrests Syrian man over suspected IS membership

German authorities have arrested a Syrian man suspected of being a member of the Islamic State group and spreading propaganda for the extremist …


Music Videos: "Propaganda: Murder Of Love"

In 1985, German New Wave group Propaganda arrived in New York to play their first and only show in America. This part short film, part music video is …

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A Member Of Congress Slammed Amazon For Selling Nazi Propaganda In A Letter To Jeff Bezos

David Ryder / Getty Images<p>A member of Congress from Minnesota made a personal demand of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday to stop selling "products …

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Extremist Propaganda in Social Media: A Threat to Homeland Security

Table of Contents<p>Introduction<p>1. A Framework to Analyze the Impact of Social Media Propaganda on Intolerance, Extremism, and Radicalization in …

Social Media

Libraries and propaganda: A timeline

Davis Erin Anderson writes: “The <b>Metropolitan New York Library Council</b>’s most recent symposium ‘<b>(Mis)Informed: Propaganda, Disinformation,</b> …


All aboard the propaganda express

A city in China’s northeastern rust belt is offering commuters an ideological express to a “New Era,” rolling out a presidential propaganda train on …

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WSJ's Mary Kissel To Fox News: 'President Putin Scored A Great Propaganda Victory' Over Trump

Telling Fox News host Sandra Smith "you can't believe anything that comes out of Putin's mouth," and when asked the headline of the Russian Summit, …

Liberal View

Fox And Friends Takes Trump Propaganda To New Heights Over Helsinki Disaster

The three co-hosts of Trump's favorite show pushed their state-sponsored propaganda by mimicking and completely accepting Trump's unserious 'misspoke …

Liberal View

A North Korean propaganda collection

Known for their saturated hues and forceful slogans, the propaganda posters of North Korea are a rare burst of color on the nation’s otherwise …

North Korea

CHP candidate İnce slams fake propaganda leaflets

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) presidential candidate Muharrem İnce slammed on June 22 those who distributed fake propaganda leaflets to …


We Reimagined Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ as a 1940s Propaganda Film

The Opinion video editors treated modern-day footage of undocumented immigrants being detained and separated from their families as though it were an archival 1943 propaganda film about Japanese-Americans’ internment.


Lesson 9.6 Activity: Propaganda and WWII

What is propaganda and how can it be used to influence people? Have a look at propaganda posters from the 1930s and 1940s and analyze their meaning and effectiveness.<p>Register to explore the whole course here:


Proper Propaganda Ep. 155, "The Talented Mr. Mueller"

Tonight on Proper Propaganda: new tracks from Artson, The Game, Cryptic Wisdom, and more, but first, new from Black Thought and 9th Wonder, “9th vs. …


Deconstructing Trump's propaganda film

Is it possible that Trump's propaganda video was not some slap-dash production, but the result of careful planning to reach Chairman Kim?

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