New – Registry of Open Data on AWS (RODA) | Amazon Web Services

Almost a decade ago, my colleague Deepak Singh introduced the AWS Public Datasets in his post Paging Researchers, Analysts, and Developers. I’m happy …

Cloud Computing

Spark Dataframe add values to specific columns

So currently I create an empty dataframe based on a schema I have converted into struct fields. My original aim was to then 'INSERT' data into …


Cloudistics: you had me at programmatically extensible - CW Developer Network

What the cloud computing industry needs is an increasing number of platforms, right?<p>Okay perhaps not, platform plays are already many and …

Business Technology

IP Geolocation and Data API

What is Ipdata?<p>It is an API to programmatically look up the locations of IP Addresses.<p>What would I use it for?<p>See a detailed answer on the main FAQs …


automatically closing an open balance in a new sale record in quickbooks

I'm attempting to create a sale record in quickbooks using the nsoftware sdk. The following code creates the sale item in Quickbooks as desired …


Gulp/webpack css specificity remover

Hey we have a load of legacy 6 years old css built with sass.<p>Unfortunately over the year people went a little mad with it all and now we have sass …


Programmatically Finding, Correcting IDs in Dataframes with Different Column and Row Lengths

I have two data frames of differing lengths and widths. Both contain panel data on sites across several years, with each site having a unique ID …

Data Science

Appcast Reports Continued Expansion in Canadian Market

LEBANON, N.H. and FREDERICTON, New Brunswick, April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Appcast, the leading developer of programmatic job advertising …

Business Development

5 killer stats to start your week

1. Facebook ad spend grows 62% despite Cambridge Analytica scandalFacebook saw ad spend increase by 62% year on year in the first quarter of 2018, …

Advertising (UK)

Why Tech Firms Obtain Most of the Money in Programmatic Ad Buys

About a year and a half ago, The Guardian caused a ruckus in the marketing tech industry when it announced that it received only 30% of the ad …

Tech Industry

How to fetch rss feed url of a website using php?


iOS 10 Camera flash ON/OFF not working

Up to iOS 9 flash on / off / auto working fine. But in iOS 10 flash is not working.and programmatically changing flash mode.

IOS 10

Today I Learned: Using Priority Queue in Golang

Is very easy and we can just use it without thinking about how to make/create it.<p>Priority Queue, is one of way how we manage data flow. In term of …


How does PyTorch store it's tensors?

I am building my own Tensor class in Rust trying to make it like PyTorch's implementation and my questions is:<b>What is the most efficient way to store</b> …


Set ng-disabled parameter to button in $ionicPopup

I'm trying to create a $ionicPopup where one of the buttons is disabled under certain conditions (being the return value of a function, let's call it …

Web Development

Grasshopper Studio and Courtyard / Wittman Estes

<i>Text description provided by the architects.</i> The Seattle housing shortage has increased pressure on single family neighborhoods to provide more …


Change local admin password after provisioning Windows VM in Azure

We are using Terraform to provision Windows VMs using a standard Windows 2016 sku from the Marketplace. I can enter the password interactively at …


Unable to load Entity Framework Core into C# azure function

I already opened an issue in Azure/azure-functions-host and I have a repo with the repro steps, but I'm posting this here in case there is something …

Software Development

Enhanced IT productivity through the use of low/no-code software development

I was very excited to schedule a meeting with the former CIO of a large pharmaceutical company, with approximately $1 billion in revenue, regarding …

Software Development

How to use fragments in your Android apps for a powerful and dynamic UI

<b>Note: This article assumes you are familiar with the basics of Android development and Java. You should already be able to create basic layouts and use views, onClick and findViewByID. If you grasp those concepts, you’re ready to learn to use fragments!</b><p>Fragments are a powerful feature of good …


Connect to VPN programmatically android? [on hold]

Iam new in stackoverflow and need source code for connect vpn and I cant get any source code can do this by xamarin android

Stack Overflow

John Hancock Retires TV Advertising, Goes All-In On Digital To Build Brand Awareness

In 2016, financial services brand John Hancock spent 80% of its media dollars on linear television. Two years later, the brand eschewed TV ads to …

Advertising Industry

Programmatic Is Still On The March; Counting Employees At Marketing Tech Firms

<i>Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign up here.</i><p><b>Sunny Skies</b><p>More than $46 billion, or roughly 83% of all digital display …

Advertising Industry

More than 80% of US Digital Display Ads Will Be Bought Programmatically in 2018

<b>April 9, 2018 (New York, NY)</b> – Over $46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US this year, according to eMarketer’s latest programmatic …


Struggle with Harry Potter Data

(This article was first published on <b>QuestionFlow</b> , and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)<p>Notes about creation of Harry Potter Books Survey. It is not …

Harry Potter

How do I programmatically determine if there are uncommitted changes?

In a Makefile, I'd like to perform certain actions if there are uncommitted changes (either in the working tree or the index). What's the cleanest …


How can I convert/format a tab delimited file to an Excel worksheet programmatically? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: • Opening .dat (tab delimited file) in Excel, save as .xls 4 answers <br>If you manually open a tab delimited …


Stanford Alumni Consulting Team (ACT) Brainstorm Session

Event Details<p>Register<p>Sorry, cannot attend<p><b>Date/Time:</b><p>Fri, May 04, 2018<br>01:30PM - 03:30PM<p><b>Venue:</b><p>On Campus - Other<p><b>Location:</b><p>655 Knight Way, Stanford CA …


Can I add PageLayouts from a File to the page_layouts table dynamic or programmatically? (TYPO3)

I asked how to add a condition in TypoScript for Pagelayouts here, for dynamic adding JavaScript for different Backendlayouts in pageSetup.ts.<p>I think …


Azure AD Authentication through Python Web API

I am building a Python web API where I want to use Azure AD as authentication backend. On certain scenarios the clients needs to authenticate through …