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InVision V7

InVision V7 - Two years in the making, rebuilt from scratch.. (Design Tools and User Experience) Discover 4 alternatives like InVision and Craft …

Spectacle Magazine - Product Hunt

Spectacle Magazine - "Kinfolk for nerds.". (Home, Design Books, and Tech)

Top Nine for Android

Top Nine for Android - Find and share your Top Nine Instagram photos from this year. (Android, Instagram, and Social Media Tools) Discover 6 …


Bitmoji competitor valued at $100M out of stealth! 🚀

A next-gen Bitmoji competitor just came out of stealth, and is valued at $100M from top investors.<br><br><a href="" target="_bl


Letters Across Time

Letters Across Time - Short-stories told through letters in the mail. (Crime Books, Horror Books, and Thriller Books) Read the opinion of 7 …


Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime - NFL TNF on Twitch. First time ever. A new way to watch tv.. (Amazon, Video Streaming, and Tech)

Fortune 500

Lego AR Studio

Lego AR Studio - Play with digital versions of LEGO in AR. (Kids and Augmented Reality) Discover 8 alternatives like LEGO Worlds and LEGO™ Compatible …


How I turned $26.24 into $1,000+ of Bitcoin

The concept behind my idea was relatively simple. I wanted to use the $10 Coinbase referral program to offer my own Coinbase promo code. (Basically, …


Ryan Hoover's review of Notarize

Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's …

Drop: Exchange Contacts

Drop: Exchange Contacts - Seamless, cross-platform exchange. NOT another 'bizcard app'. (Android, iPhone, and Productivity) Read the opinion of 7 …

Gear & Gadgets

Instagram launched a new messaging app! 🚨

<em>“Asking folks to install another app is a short term painful thing, but if we wanted to focus on serving this [use case] well, we had to build a …


Why You Need To Build A Community Before Launching

<b>There are two ways you can launch.</b><p>Launch in a rush.<p>Panic. Spam everyone you know with Tweets, Facebook updates and emails.<p>Hope and pray that you’ve …


Spotify Recaps All Your Feelings In 2017 By Revealing Your Listening Habits

Image by Spotify via Product Hunt<br>Few companies can generate year-end reports as cleverly as Spotify does—just recently, it transformed its data into …


ŌURA Ring v2.0

ŌURA Ring v2.0 - Advanced sleep and fitness tracker. Discover 6 alternatives like Apple Watch and Fitbit Surge

Your 2017 Wrapped by Spotify

Your 2017 Wrapped by Spotify - Relive all the music you discovered and loved in 2017.. (Music, Spotify, and Tech) Discover 8 alternatives like …


Don’t Kill Your Startup With Bad User Onboarding

Good onboarding is about making sure the user is set up to accomplish exactly what they want to do quickly — and getting out of their way. …

Product Management

The making of the Ugmonk Gather product video

A peek inside the process of a successful crowdfunding video<p>It’s been almost a year since Jeff Sheldon and I first talked about collaborating on the …


Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids - Free Facebook video chat & messaging app built for kids. (Messaging, Facebook, and Social Media Tools) Discover 7 alternatives like …


Maker Experiment :)

Hi, makers!<p>Want to join a little experiment?<p>What's your name? *<p>What's your email? *<p>What's your Twitter username? *<p>What company do you work at? *<p>Are …

Paper Signals by Google

Paper Signals by Google - Build-it-yourself objects that you control with your voice.. (Home, Open Source, and Internet of Things) Discover 4 …


CanvasJS Charts v2

CanvasJS Charts v2 - Responsive HTML5 Charts with 10x Performance.. Discover 7 alternatives like HTML 5 UP and HTML to Wordpress


Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business - Using Amazon Alexa’s voice enabled devices for workplaces. (Amazon and Alexa Skills)

Amazon Alexa

20 Upcoming Products that Will Help You Grow Your Startup

Every day, there are multiple exciting product launches—from productivity apps and health trackers, to developer tools and sales automation …



CryptoKitties - Breed and collect adorable creatures using Etherum. (Cats, Cryptocurrencies, and Games) Discover 4 alternatives like Neko Atsume: …


Prince "Hit N Run" Pop Up Store

Prince "Hit N Run" Pop Up Store - Official Prince merch store. 5 days only. 👕🎶💜. (Music and Fashion) Discover 3 alternatives like Storefront and …

Voicemod for Desktop

Voicemod for Desktop - Live voice changer for Discord, Twitch, Skype and more 🎤. (Windows, Tech, and Games) Read the opinion of 12 influencers. …


Helena by Woo

Helena by Woo - AI that brings you the right job opportunities anonymously. (Web App, Hiring and Recruiting, and Software Engineering) Read the …

Web Application

How I built the Airbnb of music studios in an evening (part 1)

Sometimes you come up with an idea that you just know has to be built. That was the case I came up with Studiotime, which started as a simple …

Product Management

Clickky's Ultimate Black Friday Bundle of Deals Becomes One of the Products of the Day on Product Hunt - Press Release

<b>The collection of deals and offers from the services for mobile marketers, app developers and website owners brought together by Clickky was welcomed</b> …


Application for Product Hunt Deals

Hey, Makers!<p>We just launched Product Hunt Deals.<p>If you'd like to promote an offer for your product or service on Product Hunt Deals hit the big red …