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Guess which two people were omitted from the Queen's guest list

The Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their platinum wedding anniversary on Monday night<p>November 21, 2017 - 11:06 GMT<p><b>The Queen</b> and <b>Prince Philip</b> …

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Prince Charles Gets Emotional Recalling Death of First Race Horse: 'It Nearly Finished Me'

Prince Charles is opening up about the emotional moment he cradled his first race horse as it faded in front of his eyes after it collapsed when they …

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The Prince of Wales talks about his racing days

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Prince Charles's comments on Jews - beware the rush to judgement

In his letter to his mentor, Laurens van der Post, Prince Charles refers to the “influx of foreign, European Jews” to the Middle East…“which has …

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Watch: Prince Charles begins tour of Caribbean islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma

The Prince of Wales began his Caribbean tour in Antigua which was hit by Hurricane Irma in September.

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The Prince of Wales visits Antigua and Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands to meet communities affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria

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New Reports Claim Prince Philip Cheated On Queen Elizabeth With Multiple Famous Women

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are getting ready to celebrate 70 years together, yet their platinum anniversary is being tarnished by new …

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The Best Pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte We've Been Blessed With This Year

While there haven't been many appearances by our favourite tiny royals in 2017, when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were photographed, they …

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Hurricane damage 'heartbreaking' - Prince Charles

<b>The Prince of Wales has described the destruction caused by Caribbean hurricanes as "utterly heartbreaking".</b><p>After meeting homeless families in Antigua, he said it was "painful beyond words to see the devastation".<p>Prince Charles is on three-day tour to see the damage caused by hurricanes Irma and …

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My word: Responding to the royal snub

Where were Prince Charles’s ancestors and what were they doing while this Jewish history was taking place? The Bible was written in Hebrew, and not …


The truth about Prince Philip and those 'affairs'

Through most of the Queen and Prince Philip's 70-year marriage, rumours of his alleged affairs have been rife.<p>Even now, people wonder how he could …

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8 things a host should do to encourage guests to mingle at a party

Professional introducer Rachel Fay reveals her expert advice...<p><b>Would you pay someone to encourage mingling at your own party? Well, for Rachel Fay,</b> …


Princess Diana Once Called Wedding to Prince Charles the "Worst Day" of Her Life

This is heartbreaking. A never-before-heard series of interview tapes were released to the public 20 years after Princess Diana's tragic death — and …

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Did Queen Elizabeth name Prince William, pregnant Kate Middleton next King and Queen?

Speculations have been of the rise that the Queen is choosing Prince William and Kate Middleton over Prince Charles and Camilla to take over the …

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70 years, 70 pictures: The Queen & Prince Philip’s marriage – Part One

BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives/Flickr<p>BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives/Flickr<p>To hold a position as Queen Elizabeth has done for so many years would …

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Is Prince Charles so fond of Islam because he distrusts Jews?

An unearthed letter shows the Prince of Wales in a disturbing new light<p>It has long been my belief that whereas the quality of gentiles drawn to Judaism is very high (Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, myself), the dregs are drawn to Islam. And leaving aside the dozy broads who gravitate to it for …


#TBT: when a man ‘shot’ The Queen during Trooping the Colour

Where?<p>Trooping the Colour, London, June 1981<p>What happened?<p><b>The Queen</b> was riding the 19-year-old mare <b>Burmese</b> in the annual <b>Trooping the Colour</b>, to …

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Queen Rania travels to Riyadh to speak at at Misk Global Forum

Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan travelled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday to speak at the Misk Global Forum (MGF) in the Saudi capital. Her …

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See Prince William and Princess Kate’s 2010 Engagement Interview

After eight years of dating (and endless engagement speculation!), Prince William and Princess Kate made things official on November 16, 2010.<p>Soon …

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Jo Cox police given bravery medals for tackling killer

<b>Two police officers who tackled MP Jo Cox's killer as he tried to leave the murder scene have been given the Queen's Gallantry Medal for bravery.</b><p>PCs Craig Nicholls and Jonathan Wright arrested Thomas Mair moments after he fatally stabbed Mrs Cox in Birstall, West Yorkshire, in June 2016.<p>They were …


Prince Charles to visit three Caribbean islands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria

@ClarenceHouse/Twitter<p>@ClarenceHouse/Twitter<p>Hurricane Irma didn’t just cause destruction in Florida and parts of the East coast of the United States; …

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Israeli anxiety over Syria

Israel’s favorite militants have lost ground to the Syrian military and its allied forces such as Hezbollah fighters.


Awaiting The Crown, Charles Faces 'Unprecedented' Challenge At Home And Abroad

Charles, Prince of Wales, will face a tumultuous rise to the throne upon the death of his mother, the Queen, as public opinion in Britain and across …

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Prince Charles isn’t having much of a party for his 69th birthday

<b>Prince Charles is not making a song or dance of his 69th birthday today as he celebrates the occasion in private.</b><p>Charles has now spent half a decade …

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VOTE: Who should succeed Queen Elizabeth?

Long live the Queen. It’s a popular expression, but no one lives forever — not even royalty.<p>So when Queen Elizabeth stood beside her husband and …

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In praise of Prince Charles

Giles of Rome, the great 13th century author, once noted: ‘Considered in absolute terms it would be preferable that the King be elected; but the corrupt desires of men and their manner of acting must make heredity preferable to election.’ There’s little that would dissuade him of that view today. …

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Prince Harry Shares A ‘Very Rare Gift’ With His Mother Princess Diana According To Close Friend Elton John

Princess Diana, also known as the People’s Princess, was extremely popular with royal fans from the moment the palace announced her engagement to …

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Queen and Prince Philip in 70 intimate pictures showing 70 years of true love

THE Queen and Prince Philip’s everlasting love can be seen in candid pictures throughout their 70 years of marriage.

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Louth man who plotted explosion during Prince Charles visit to be sentenced next month

A Louth man who plotted an explosion during the State visit of Britain’s Prince Charles will be sentenced next month for directing the activities of …

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The Game of Thrones marathon: Our survival tips

Episode 63 (season 7, episode 3), debut 7/30/17: Emilia Clarke. photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO<p>Whether you’ll be at the London theater trying to …

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