Irish DNA map reveals history's imprint

<b>Scientists have unveiled a detailed genetic map of Ireland, revealing subtle DNA differences that may reflect historic events.</b><p>In their sample of the Irish population, the researchers identified 10 genetic groupings - clusters - that roughly mirror ancient boundaries.<p>The results also suggest the …


10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations

Prehistory literally means the time “before we had written records” (roughly the time before the 4th Century BC) and ancient history is the time …


7 Days of Easy Paleo Dinners

If healthy living has an enemy, it’s lack of time and energy. Especially for those of us who work as hard as we play, finding the time to make a …


Take a Virtual Tour of a Mysterious Pictish Cave in Scotland

Archaeologists have created a 3D model of the fascinating, but hard-to-access Sculptor’s Cave<p>Comment on this Story


Queens Of The Stone Age singer apologizes for kicking photographer

Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is apologizing for kicking a photographer's camera, hitting her in the face Saturday night at The Forum.

Los Angeles

Richard Bradford Named Assistant Artistic Director of Iron Age

Iron Age Theatre is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Bradford as Assistant Artistic Director of the company. Richard has been working …

Iron Age

This 4-yr-old can tell the names of 100 dinosaurs in 30 minutes

Can you tell the difference between a Triceratops and a Pachyrhinosaurus?<p>Mohammed Aizaz Shameem can. He's a bit of an expert when it comes to the …


Archeologists Discover Oldest Burial Fish Hooks, Showing Prehistoric Women Fished, Too

Prehistoric people did not conform to modern society’s ideas of which jobs belong to men and which belong to women. Archaeologists recently found …

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All Bronze Age Iron Came From Space, New Study Shows

It took some time for humanity to get the hang of smelting.<p>Despite the name, there was iron in the Bronze Age. It was just extremely rare. Most famously, the pharaoh Tutankhamun had a headrest, bracelet and dagger made of iron. Other iron artifacts from the same time have also been found around the …


Nuclear technology unlocks 50-million-year-old time capsules

Sample of amber.<p>A scientific analysis of fossilised tree resin has caused a rethink of Australia’s prehistoric ecosystem, and could pave the way to …


Death in the Mexican Imagination

“Our relationship with death is intimate,” Octavio Paz, Mexico’s most celebrated 20th-century poet, wrote about his country in the classic book “The Labyrinth of Solitude.” “More intimate, perhaps, than any other people.”<p>Death is everywhere in Mexico. In the bodies of the victims of powerful drug …


Subway scientist seeks fossils under Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Subway paleontology: LA construction unearths fossil trove

As part of the crew digging a subway extension under the streets of Los Angeles, Ashley Leger always keeps her safety gear close by.<p>When her phone …

Los Angeles

Australia's bird of the year is the enemy of children and cyclists

It wasn't just <i>Moonlight</i> that swooped in by surprise at an awards ceremony.<p>Earlier this year, New Zealanders voted for the kea as their favourite …


Poem of the week: Microbial Museum by Maya Chowdhry

Finding the poetry in scientific vocabulary, this work is alive to the marvels of its discoveries as well as the ecological peril it reports<p><b>Microbial Museum</b><p>April ship sets sail, sea freezes ripples, leaves Rothera<br>behind. One hundred and fifty thousand years of snowfall in<p>cylindrical samples, …


Native American jewelry, pottery and collectibles go up for bid at Turner Auctions + Appraisals

Turner Auctions + Appraisals will present over 280 lots of fine Southwest items from three major collectors – including jewelry, pottery, and a wide …


New Evidence Is Forcing Scientists to Rewrite The History of Human Migration 'Out of Africa'

We may find our answer in Australasia.<p>Where did we humans come from?<p>Some 40 or so years ago, our origins seemed quite straightforward.<p>But now we see …


Josh Homme Kicks Female Photographer in the Head During Show

The Queens of the Stone Age frontman also made himself bleed, allegedly called the audience “retards”


18 Times Phoebe Cancelled Ross' Entire Existence On "Friends"

You're doing great, Phoebe.


Ancient Tombs With 3,500-Year-Old Mummy Unearthed By Archaeologists In Prehistoric Egyptian City [Watch]

Ancient Egyptian tombs were recently discovered and archaeologists said that they date back 3,500 years. The Antiquities Ministry hopes that the …


12 Weird & Unusual Fruits & Veggies You Can Grow At Home

Growing your own fruits and vegetables comes with many benefits, from saving money and getting the freshest produce possible to getting exercise in …


Mojo Fun New Dinosaur Models for 2018

Mojo Fun New Dinosaur Models for 2018<p>Some exciting new additions to the Mojo Fun “Prehistoric & Extinct” range are announced by Everything Dinosaur …


Human Evolution: 10 Little-Known Facts

We humans have come a long way since the days of banging rocks together and picking the bugs out of each other’s hair (not to say some of us don’t …

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Strong women did a lot of the heavy lifting in ancient farming societies

Forget about emotional labor. Women living 7000 years ago had to deal with another lopsided workload: farming. Prehistoric women shouldered a major …


155-million-year-old Jurassic underwater lizard fossil with a whip-like tail discovered

The fossil reveals how ancient animals evolved from land to sea creatures.<p>A newly-discovered fossil of a prehistoric underwater reptile that wandered …


7 Incredible travel experiences in Peru that will enrich your life

1: Soak up the colours of the Rainbow Mountain<p>“Is that real?” is a common question from anyone seeing photos of Peru’s Rainbow Mountain for the first …

South America

This prehistoric ‘murder swan’ isn't the only terrifying dinosaur to haunt your nightmares

This new fossil joins a nightmare menagerie<p>A newly discovered fossil from Mongolia made headlines this week, as the nightmare version of modern-day swans: it has a bill — with teeth. It has feet — with claws. And it has flipper-like arms — with extra claws. This turkey-sized dinosaur, dubbed</i> …


Out of Africa: Prehistoric Humans Left Africa 60,000 Years Earlier than We Thought

New archaeological evidence has undermined elements of the so-called "Out of Africa" theory, the widely supported model that maps the migration of …


Iron Age Royal city with temples, burial tombs of suspected ancient king discovered in Turkey

Archaeologists also unearthed a 50-meter-deep tunnel, likely an ancient civilisation's ingenious way to store water.<p>1 of 2<p>Archaelogists have …

Iron Age

[LISTEN] The journey to Little Foot’s discovery

JOHANNESBURG - Professor in paleoanthropology at Wits University Ron Clarke says he first discovered four-foot bones in a box of animal fossil at …