The future of Wall Street

Bloomberg has a job-by-job look at Wall Street functions that could be wiped out by automation — machine learning, natural-language processing, …


BaseHealth Lands $8.5M for Predictive Analytics Platform to Uncover ‘Invisible Patients’

BaseHealth, a predictive, evidence-based, and data-driven population health management solution that targets the unknown risk by identifying the …

Digital Health

Why are we still putting up with power outage downtime?

One of the biggest causes of downtime and data loss comes not from hackers or other nefarious activities, but from massive power blackouts that are caused by faulty equipment or machine “downtime”. In fact, loss of power leads as the top IT related disaster most organizations face. San Francisco’s …

Predictive Analytics

5 Steps to Selecting a High Value Predictive Workforce Project

<i>Note: KPIs, analytics, predictive analytics — we tend to use these terms interchangeably, but they’re not. They overlap, but progressively more skill</i> …

Human Resources

Why Hospitals Need Better Data Science

Airlines are arguably more operationally complex, asset-intensive, and regulated than hospitals, yet the best performers are doing a better job by far than most hospitals at keeping costs low and make a decent profit while delivering what their customers expect. Southwest Airlines, for example, has …

Machine Learning

4 ways predictive analytics can reboot your people practices

As HR leaders work with the business to re-calibrate their traditional people practices to create a direct business impact, the business case for …

Human Resources

8 AI and Data Science Buzzwords Marketers Need to Know Now

StockSnap / PixabayMaybe you have thought to yourself: “I hear all these buzzwords, but what do they really mean?” In the case of data science and …

Big Data

Predictive Analytics With Google’s Search Console Data

SEO is supposed to be strategic. There’s just too much work to do it all at once. By following my framework you’ll be able to easily surface …


What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Data Analytics: Part 2

Joyce Durst, co-founder and CEO of Growth Acceleration Partners, shares the need-to-know info about data analytics for entrepreneurs.<p>In Part 1 of this blog we learned how data analytics assists companies in making impactful business decisions with an example I shared from one of our clients, Square …

Big Data

MGMA: Predictive analytics is now a business necessity for healthcare

For many things, predictive modeling is a must, and just might mean the difference between savings and waste.

Health Care

What Skills Do I Need to Become a Data Scientist?

Leveraging the use of big data, as an insight-generating engine, has driven the demand for data scientists at enterprise-level, across all industry …

Big Data

Converting Analytics Into Action: The Predictive Analytics Understanding-Activation Gap

Converting analysis into behavior-changing programs if often challenging for marketers. While descriptive analysis investigates what has happened in the past (i.e., what is the demographic profile of individuals who buy shampoo), predictive analytics uses existing data and trends to predict what …


HR leaders want predictive analytics, but only 1 in 3 has access to it

Dive Brief:<p>Most HR professionals (95%) agree that predictive analytics would aid their hiring and development efforts, but only a third have access …

Business Intelligence

Video: Using big data and predictive analytics to optimize traffic in a smart city

Cities such as Las Vegas use Waycare's predictive analytics platform. The platform uses AI and deep learning to help cities optimize their traffic …

Big Data

How to Select a Big Data Application

Choosing big data software is a complicated process that requires a careful evaluation of your goals and the solutions available from vendors.

Big Data

Predictive Analytics Can Start With Email

Marketers may be daunted by the challenge of predictive analytics. But they can do it with small data sets. All they need is a good list. And email …

Predictive Analytics

Google Cloud IoT Core Focuses On Simplicity And Scale

Google announced the availability of the beta of Cloud IoT Core, its enterprise IoT platform offering. The service has been in the private preview for select customers and partners. Let’s take a closer look at Google’s IoT platform as a service in its current form.<p>Technically speaking, Google had …


Black Book ranks top 50 disruptive health IT companies, see the list

Hospitals and payers voted on their favorite innovators - athenahealth, Salesforce, M*Modal and more - based on client experience metrics.

Medical Technology

Email Is The Easiest Place to Get Started With Predictive Analytics. Here's Why.

Predictive analytics is a necessity for data-driven business decisions. Too bad so many executives don’t have a clue about how to get started.<p>The fundamentals of predictive analytics are not rocket science; they’re accessible to any adult with an education and a little patience. Yet misconceptions …


Microsoft IT uses predictive analytics to improve sales processes and forecasting

Mohit Sharma, Program Manager, talks about how Microsoft IT has implemented predictive analytics built on Azure Machine Learning for the sales …

Business Intelligence

AI Will Fuel a Smarter Future for Business

For some, the thought of using artificial intelligence in business brings with it nightmares of HAL from “2001: A Space…


Big Data & Procurement: Challenges, Opportunities Abound

Procurement systems capture a vast amount of data, and, although its' no easy task, using that data strategically can translate into big business …

Big Data

How predictive analytics can help companies understand employee behavior

Is pre-crime detection possible? Using big data and artificial intelligence security firm Forcepoint is able to detect suspicious patterns to prevent …

Predictive Analytics

Using Predictive Analytics to Escape from Poor IT Operations Visibility

StockSnap / PixabayEscape rooms are becoming a popular activity, whether out with the kids or in a team building exercise, or just for fun with …

Business Intelligence

AI will redefine the role of manager

The superstar managers of the AI era will be much more than scheduling ninjas or efficient task managers. They’ll serve as bridges between AI systems and their team members, guiding them toward more innovative and collaborative pursuits. Finally rid of repetitive and cognitively uninteresting …


CMO to CMO: Let's Prove It - B2B News Network

<b>82</b> Shares <b>82</b> Flares ×<p>B2B marketers have long faced the strenuous task of proving the impact of their work. Though it remains one of the most daunting …


Predictive Analytics, Blockchain & Email Marketing Stats

<b>Predictive Analytics: Predicting Customer Behavior to Improve ROI</b><br>As marketers, we’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve. But, does that curve …

Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence & SEO: 5 Strategies You Need to Follow

Billions of searches are conducted on Google every day. Even with years of engineered gathering of search queries, Google still sees unique queries …


What universities could learn from data

<b>Key takeaways</b><p>An increasing number of digital student touchpoints means a greater amount of data is being gathered by universities.<br>• Analysis of this …


How to Streamline Query Times to Handle Billions of Records

Here at Sisense, we love a challenge. So when a client comes to us and tells us they need to find a way to run queries on billions of records without …

Big Data