Western Sanctions Are Shrinking Russia’s Population

President Vladimir Putin openly admits that economic sanctions “are severely harming Russia.” Imposed largely in response to the Kremlin’s illegal …


Can You Score 10/15 On This Higher Or Lower Population Quiz?

You might know your countries, but do you know how many people live in them?

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'Unconscionable': 7,000 babies die daily despite record low for child mortality

Research shows that, despite ‘remarkable progress’ on child mortality, many of the 5.6 million deaths last year among children aged under five were preventable<p>The number of children who die before reaching their fifth birthday has fallen to an all-time low, yet children around the world continue to …

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Why Amazon's new headquarters won't guarantee economic boon

Cities across the country are falling over themselves to score the winning ticket in the biggest local lottery ticket — Amazon's second North …


30 million newborns could die by 2030, UN study says

The fight against child mortality worldwide is succeeding—but millions of kids are still dying from preventable diseases, malnutrition and a lack of …

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Home ownership for under-35s fell by a third since 1989 – report

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare finds fewer than 40% of millennials own homes and overall rate of ownership fell from 71 to 67%<p>Home ownership among young Australians has fallen by more than one-third in the past 25 years despite relatively low interest rates, a major welfare report has …


Levels and Trends in Child Mortality - UNICEF DATA

Over the past 25 years, the world has made significant progress in saving young children’s lives. The rate of child mortality fell 62 per cent from …

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What is the Connection Between Population Growth and Global Warming?

Is global overpopulation the same as global warming? <i>originally appeared on</i> Quora: <i>the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world</i>.<p>Answer <b>by</b> Michael Barnard, low-carbon innovation analyst, on Quora:<p>Global responses to overpopulation started …

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Here's how long Australian Millennials and Gen Z are expected to live

Photo: iStock.<p>The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released new life expectancy at birth estimates which reveal the average number of years that a …

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7,000 Newborns Die Every Day, Despite Steady Decrease in Under-Five Mortality, New Report Says

<b>NEW YORK</b> (October 19, 2017) – Every day in 2016, 15,000 children died before their fifth birthday, 46 percent of them – or 7,000 babies – died in the …


Youth Tackle Sex Taboos in Bid to Boost Contraceptive Use

Women wait to be seen at a health centre in Dahra, Senegal on September 29, 2017.<p>Louga — Watching as dozens of children don robes and belts for a …

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Give world's poorest women control over sex, birth, to cut inequality - UN

Countless women and girls worldwide are denied a say in decisions about sex and childbirth, leaving them at risk of unwanted pregnancies and abortions<p>…

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Ireland’s Jewish population rose by nearly 29 percent in five years

The population of Jews in Ireland had been steadily falling since the 1940s.<p>Ireland’s Jewish population rose by nearly 29 percent since the state’s …

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Can cinema help Egypt’s overpopulation problem?

With the 2017 census raising discussion of overpopulation in Egypt, a debate has ensued on whether movies have and can help create awareness of the …


The world's 10 largest megacities are home to over 19 million people each — here's what it would cost to join them

In 1975, just three of the world's urban centers — Tokyo, New York, and Mexico City — had more than 10 million residents.<p>Now, about 7% of people live in cities with eight-figure populations, according to the United Nations. They even have a special name: megacities.<p>The UN projects the global number …


Five charts about the fortunes of the Chinese family

<b>In the five years since President Xi Jinping moved to the helm, China has become richer and more powerful. But what has this growth meant for the fate and fortunes of the ordinary Chinese family?</b><p>As China's most powerful decision-makers meet to set the course of the nation for the next five years …


Jewish population in Ireland rises by 30%, much to surprise of local community

Emerald Isle now boasts its highest number of Jews since 1971, thanks to influx of young professionals working with U.S. high-tech firms

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Biggest population surge will underpin hot property markets

Australia’s population is now almost 24.7 million following its fastest rise in nine years according to recently released ABS figures.<p>Victoria …

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Why Breast Cancer Rates in China Are Rising

Urbanisation is likely having a big impact on breast cancer incidence in China.<p>Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in China, …


Research explores kinless population of older adults in the U.S.

Older adults rely on family for companionship and help with all sorts of tasks as they confront the frailties of old age. But what about older adults …


Ireland’s Jewish population rises by almost 30%

Number of Jews in State reaches 2,557 with over half of them living in Dublin<p>Fri, Oct 13, 2017, 07:15 Updated: Fri, Oct 13, 2017, 07:17

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Families Are Caring More, Not Less

Comments are often made that we have become a 'less caring' society and that families are 'caring less'. However, the facts are in the opposite …

Health Care

The war on birth control

The Trump administration may be bogged down in the legislative trenches, but on the regulatory front, it is a rolling juggernaut, killing or maiming …

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YouTube's Biggest Video Of All Time Has Been Played By Over Half The World's Population

This means that the number of views for this video is equivalent to over half of the world’s population.<p>We’ll give you some time for that to sink …


23 million child brides in India, Supreme Court expresses dismay

The Supreme Court says one out of every five marriages in India violates laws prohibiting child marriage

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N.Y. must stand and be counted in the 2020 census

Every New Yorker has a stake in what Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says Thursday before the House of

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There's a strong chance that one-third of all people will be African by 2100

The population of Africa is increasing rapidly. From an estimated 140 million in 1900, it had grown to a billion in 2010.<p>According to United Nations “medium scenario” projections, this figure will rise to 2.5 billion in 2050 and more than 4 billion in 2100 (see figure below).<p>Today, one out of six …

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8 signs Japan has become a 'demographic time bomb'

Japan is dealing with what economists call a "demographic time bomb."<p>Through a vicious cycle of low fertility and low consumer spending, the …

Population density of US with European equivalents

Population density of US with European equivalents


Why African families are larger than those of other continents

In Africa women have 4.5 children on average, while in Asia the figure is 2.1 children, in Latin America 2.0, in North America 1.9 and in Europe 1.6. …

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