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Sony Announced a $46,000 PS4 Bundle, And It Sold Out

Sony has announced and sold out of the most expensive PlayStation 4 bundle in history. Available exclusively in Taiwan, the $46,000 package comes …

Gran Turismo Sport

GT Sport’s VR Tour Is A Tech Demo Of Missed Opportunities

<b>Perhaps one of my biggest</b> disappointments with PlayStation VR is the dearth of racing games for the platform. While the base PlayStation 4 can handle …

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Raw Data VR Launches On PlayStation VR Tomorrow

PlayStation VR gamers searching for a good first-person shooter (FPS) game, should definitely check out Raw Data VR which will be available to play …

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Rhythm Action Game DEEMO Reborn Coming to PSVR

Rhythm Action Game DEEMO -Reborn- Coming to PlayStation VR<p>October 17, 2017Written by Tyler Treese<p>Rayark Games’ DEEMO originally released in 2013 for …


Over 60 Games Launching On PlayStation VR In Coming Months Announces Sony

To celebrate their first anniversary of the launch of the new PlayStation VR hardware, Sony has announced that the PlayStation VR platform will be …

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PlayStation VR Exclusive Game Golem Launching Early 2018

During articles published to celebrate the PlayStation VR first birthday, Sony has announced that the previously unveiled game Golem will be …

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This amazing PlayStation VR bundle for PS4 saves you nearly £150 | Trusted Reviews

<b>If you’ve yet to make the mind-blowing leap to virtual reality, now’s your chance – with this bargain PlayStation VR bundle.</b><p>Game is selling a great …

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One Year On - Is it Worth Investing in PSVR?

This past Friday marked the one year anniversary of the release of the PlayStation VR headset. As a headset owner, I thought I’d offer my own …

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Facebook's Virtual Reality Unit Needs to Speed Up Its Hardware Launches

Mark Zuckerberg has previously suggested that in the long run, Facebook Inc. (FB) is less interested in being a major virtual reality hardware vendor …

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This Week In The Business: Much Ado About Loot Boxes

25 per cent -- Amount of PC game revenue in 2016 that was generated by the sale of additional content like DLC and loot boxes, according to Digital …

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PlayStation VR Turns One, 60 More Games Inbound

This month marks the one-year anniversary of PlayStation VR, Sony's first foray into virtual reality. Over one million people have bought a headset …

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Stifled for PS4, PlayStation VR launches October 31

Stifled will launch for PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support on October 31, developer Gattai Games announced. Here’s an overview of the game, …

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What to play this weekend: Cuphead, Shadow of War and Evil Within 2

Playable cartoons and virtual reality.<p>How about you?<p>New releases (Oct. 9 to 14):<p>Cuphead (Xbox One, Windows) -- In 1993, Disney's Aladdin for the Sega Genesis teased us with a game that almost looked like a playable cartoon. The Xbox One and Windows exclusive Cuphead delivers on that idea. It's a …

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ProBeat: Facebook ramps up its VR price war

In July, there was a single week when Facebook’s Oculus cut prices for its Rift VR headset and Touch controller to $400 for a limited time, a rumor suggested a $200 standalone Oculus VR headset was coming next year, and the company made the aforementioned two-product bundle permanent, promising to …

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Headmaster is a quirky and unique VR soccer game [Reality Bytes]

<i>Headmaster</i> was one of the early PlayStation VR titles, and yet, I don’t see many of the headset owners talking about it. That’s a shame, because it’s …

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Feature: The 10 Best PlayStation VR Games So Far

Virtual insanity

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PlayStation VR celebrates year one with one million owners

Sony<p>The PlayStation VR has been a slow burn for Sony, but after a year on the market and a market size of a million units, a peek into the future has …

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New PlayStation VR Model CUH-ZVR2 Showcased in New Videos; New Trailer Shows the Games

New Videos from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia show the new PlayStation VR model in action, alongside quite a few games. ...Read …

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Chinese startup's '8K' VR headset is surprisingly advanced

As much as I enjoy the occasional VR gameplay, I've been waiting for headset manufacturers to boost the pixel density in order to reduce the screen door effect, as well as to widen the FOV (field of view) for a more immersive experience. There's no doubt that the big names like HTC and Oculus are …


With the Sony PlayStation NEO, AMD may have forced Sony's hand

Sony’s decision to build the PS4.5 a.k.a. the <b>PlayStation NEO</b> may have been <b>precipitated</b> by <b>AMD’s decision</b> to shift to a 14nm manufacturing process. The …

Call of Duty and Titanfall creators Respawn are working on a secret VR shooter for Oculus

The untitled game is set to release in 2019.<p>Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment is partnering with virtual reality company Oculus on a new VR …

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Fishing Master Lands On PlayStation VR October 24th Free Demo Now Available

PlayStation VR owners may be interested to know that a new virtual reality demo is now available to download for free for the upcoming Fishing Master …

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Facebook announces $199 all-in-one VR headset

• Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) announces the Oculus Go, a $199 untethered VR headset that could redefine the emerging market.<br>• Unlike current untethered …

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PlayStation VR One-Year Anniversary Sale Offers Up To 60% Off

Sony has today confirmed the titles and virtual reality experiences that will be available at discounted prices during their PlayStation VR one-year …

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Deals: Celebrate PlayStation VR's Anniversary with Big NA Sale

Happy birthday to you


Mantis VR adds integrated headphones to any PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR is the most comfortable high-end virtual reality headset, but its lack of integrated headphones holds it back. Sony is planning to address with a new PSVR model that will include attached earbuds, but that could get groddy if you share the device with enough friends and family. But …


VR promised us the future. Too bad we're stuck in the present

Oculus, the VR company that Mark Zuckerberg bought for more than $2 billion, has a problem: It’s struggling to convince people to buy its gear.<p>Are you going to buy a virtual reality headset?<p>Seriously. Are you?<p>I'm not the only one who wants to know. The VR industry is having an awkward moment. …


Virtual reality racing in an 80 mph wind tunnel is cheek-flapping good fun

My eyes were watering so much from the monstrous gale blowing in my face, my vision was becoming impaired, and I feared I’d soon lose control of my …

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Hands On: Chernobyl VR Shows How Educational Experiences Can Excel in Virtual Reality

Ghost town

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