Physical Geography

Ancient Poop Shows Greeks Had Parasitic Worms, Confirms Historic Texts

Archaeologists found evidence in 5,000-year-old poop samples to back up the historic medical text of Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician who has …

World News

Dinosaur Blood Found Inside 99 Million-Year-Old Preserved Tick

Dinosaur blood found inside 99 million-year-old tick, remains of giant prehistoric penguin uncovered, Ancient Egyptian mummy unearthed.<p>Dinosaur Blood …


Dinosaurs Were Around Before Saturn Had Rings

Data from the Cassini space probe suggests that the rings may be as young as 150 million years old<p>Comment on this Story

Solar System

New methods push the boundaries of deep exploration geology

Curtin researchers are finding ways to combine seismic and electromagnetic data to generate highly detailed pictures of the subsurface. These …


Woolly mammoth skeleton sold for 548,000 euros in France

<b>An ancient skeleton of a woolly mammoth has sold for €548,000 (£483,000; $640,000) at auction in the French city of Lyon.</b><p>The skeleton, which exceeded its estimated value, is thought to be the largest of its kind in private hands.<p>It is a rare example because 80% of the skeleton is original bone. The …


Dippy the Dinosaur to return to Britain...with brand new hands

For more than 100 years, Dippy the Dinosaur stood solidly on his four feet, greeting visitors at London’s Natural History Museum until he was replaced earlier this year.<p>But when he returns to Britain next year following extensive restoration work in Toronto, Canada, two of his feet will have …


New Map Reveals What Lies Below Greenland's Ice

This map of “naked” Greenland is the most detailed yet and can help in refining climate predictions<p>Comment on this Story

Global Warming

An Enterprising 11 Year Old Is Building Our Renewable Energy Future

<b>NEW ORLEANS—</b>There were more than 20,000 scientists in New Orleans for the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) annual meeting earlier this week, …


Harvey Dumped Up To 127 Billion Tons Of Water On Texas

Scientists say they know the amount of rain that fell on Houston during Harvey through the pressure all that water put on the Earth's crust.


An Ancient Step Toward Modern Birds

Perhaps it was soft, even fuzzy. But it was also very much a dinosaur.<p>Anchiornis was a four-winged birdlike species that lived about 160 million years ago, and many fossil specimens have been found in China. A number of them were discovered with preserved feathers, but until recently the feathers …


Pagasa: New tropical depression to enter PAR on Dec. 20

Residents of the Visayas and Mindanao should brace for another weather disturbance, a new tropical depression that is expected to enter the …


Alien Minerals Discovered at Ancient Meteorite Strike Site in Scotland

Geologists have uncovered mineral forms never before seen on Earth at the site of a 60 million-year-old meteorite strike on the Isle of Skye in …


Tick fossil found. Dinosaur traces inside. Theme park doubtful

Remember how <i>Jurassic Park</i> started with geologists finding chunks of amber containing mosquitoes filled with dinosaur blood? An international team of …


Drone films cold lava spewing from Mount Agung in Indonesia

Cold lava forms around Mount Agung's crater on Thursday in aerial footage shared by Indonesia's Volcano and Disaster Mitigation Agency. The volcano has seen an increase in activity in the last few weeks, sparking fears of an eruption.

Mount Agung

30 million-year-old shark teeth discovered in man’s luggage

A man from China stopped by Russian customs agents was discovered to be in possession of 24 fossilized shark teeth that are said to have come from …


New Data From Mars Further Dampens Prospects for Life Around Red Dwarf Stars

Could a Mars-like planet be habitable if it was orbiting a red dwarf star that is cooler and less bright than our sun? New calculations — based on …


These weather events turned extreme thanks to human-driven climate change

<b>NEW ORLEANS</b> — For the first time, scientists have definitively linked human-caused climate change to extreme weather events.<p>A handful of extreme …

Climate Change

Norway shares lower at close of trade; Oslo OBX down 0.59% – Norway equities were lower at the close on Friday, as losses in the Auto & components, Healthcare Equipment & Services and Media …


The cannibals of Gough's Cave

Museum research reveals these Ice Age Britons weren't eating human flesh out of necessity but as part of a ritual.<p>'The evidence at Gough's Cave …


The continental U.S. is experiencing more flooding, and earlier in the year

The frequency of flooding in the continental U.S. is increasing, and seasonality of floods is shifting, according to new research.<p>Flooding causes …

Climate Change

Activism is a hot topic at the world’s biggest Earth and planetary science conference

NEW ORLEANS — “I’m going to start with some protest 101,” Lee Rowland told the few dozen scientists who filled the windowless meeting room. “You know, basic rules for making sure if you go out and protest, you don’t get arrested.”<p>Her audience shifted in their seats. They included experts in Martian …


Driverless vehicles could be tested on downtown Calgary streets at night, say city staff

'Perhaps we're a little bit behind the times,' transportation strategist Chris Blaschuk says<p>Driverless cars may soon be rolling through Calgary's …


Melting Glaciers Release Pollutants Frozen Decades Ago

(Inside Science) -- An alpine glacier may seem like the epitome of purity -- crystal-white and untouched. But as glaciers grow, they preserve …

Climate Change

Try the demo for dinosaur park sim Prehistoric Kingdom

I'm noticing a trend, readers: dinosaur park sims. Frontier has been drip-feeding us Jurassic World Evolution details for months, and just last month …


Now we know why Hurricane Harvey's rainfall was so intense

Houston's record-breaking rain can be traced back to atmospheric changes.<p>Houston is a city accustomed to flooding. There have been 30 major floods there since the 1940s, with three massive surges in the past three years alone. But when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston, Texas area in August, it …

Climate Change

Strange Sea Swirls: What's Behind Speedy 'Smoke Ring' Vortices?

Typically, ocean waters flow gently westward, in part driven by the massive, slow waves generated by the Earth's spin. Even when whirlpools or eddies …


Tick trapped in 99-million-year-old amber suggests the pests sucked dinosaur blood

Print<p>Paleontologists have found entombed in amber a 99-million-year-old tick grasping the feather of a dinosaur, providing the first direct evidence …


Scientists say these 3 weather events of 2016 would have been impossible without climate change

The world’s largest gathering of Earth scientists is happening this week in New Orleans, and they are talking about some amazing science.<p>Mars appears to be lifeless, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bummer. Data gathered from hundreds of experiments during the total solar eclipse vary from …

Climate Change

Painted Dunes

The sunset-colored dunes of volcanic ash make taking a poor photo impossible.<p>The Painted Dunes at Lassen Volcanic National Park look like a landscape …

National Parks

Scientists Bashed a Fake Skull to See if a Rare Neolithic Weapon Could Kill

The results were brutal.<p>Humans have lived around the River Thames in England for millennia, which means the river foreshore is surprisingly rich in …