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Breitbart Slams Dems And ‘Liberal Elites’ Over Weinstein, But Steve Bannon Has His Own Sex Scandal History

Every since the Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal broke last week, with damning reports in <i>The New York Times</i> and <i>The New</i> Yorker, Steve Bannon’s</i> …

Steve Bannon

Scientists uncover source of the world's largest and most destructive mud eruption

In 2006, large quantities of boiling mud began erupting from the ground across the island of Java.<p>Scientists have finally uncovered the source of the …

Earth Science

Fall of Ancient Egypt: Massive Volcanic Eruptions Linked to Civilization's Demise

The Ptolemaic Kingdom fell to the Roman Empire after the death of Cleopatra.


Clumsy Dinosaur or Attack Survivor? Injuries Plagued Ancient Beast

A plant-eating dinosaur that lived 112 million years ago got its fair share of bad breaks: Its fossilized bones indicate the dinosaur suffered from …


Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Fears Feed Our Apocalypse Obsession, And Twitter Stokes the Flames

"The research did not analyze the likelihood that another supereruption at Yellowstone would occur. Period."


World's Largest Mud Flow Probably Powered By Underground Magma Tunnel

The largest mud volcano eruption has been raging in Indonesia since May 29, 2006. At its peak, 180,000 cubic meters of mud flowed daily from a site …


Fatty Tissues Preserved In Fossil for 48 Million Years

It really is true: fat hangs around a long time whether you want it to or not. Okay, so we're not talking about stubborn love handles and saddlebags, …


Pedophile geophysicist described as 'savage individual' admits luring children, adults into online sex abuse

A gifted young scientist has admitted cajoling children and adults into online sex abuse and blackmailing them into performing even more degrading acts.<p>Geophysicist Matthew Falder, 28, lead a secret double life during years of study at Cambridge University, where he was known as a fun party-goer.<p>He …

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Volcanic Eruptions May Have Doomed an Ancient Egyptian Dynasty

Thousands of years ago, fallout from volcanic activity may have sounded a death knell for a centuries-old Egyptian dynasty, according to a new …


New research shows dinosaur dung fertilizes planet

Whether it started with exhibits at the Natural History Museum or fun-terrified screams watching Jurassic Park, humans have always been awestruck by …


‘Supervolcano’ isn’t erupting soon so quit freaking out

The supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park may wipe out life on Earth as we know it, but that’s no reason to panic.<p>Despite reports of an …


U.S. and Korea Search for Wooly Mammoth DNA in Arctic, in Race to Clone Extinct Beast

They are using different approaches to the de-extinction issue—and only one can be first.


Ancient Sea Creature Looked Like a Wine Glass, Died Alone

A solitary fossil unearthed in Utah's Antimony Canyon reveals a long-extinct marine creature previously unknown to science.<p>Resembling a dainty tulip …


Encounter a sabre-toothed cat, dodo bird at ArtScience Museum’s next show

SINGAPORE: Next month, visitors to the ArtScience Museum can encounter a sabre-toothed cat and a dodo bird, mull over a mysterious cursed amethyst, …


Yellowstone Supervolcano May Wake Up Sooner Than We Thought

10/16/2017 · by carylsue · in Classroom Ideas, Current Event Connection, geography, Main. ·<p><b>SCIENCE</b><p>A new study of ancient ash suggests the “sleeping giant” could develop the conditions needed to blow in a span of mere decades. (Nat Geo News)<p>What is the Yellowstone supervolcano? Use our super …


Journey to the Center of the Earth Inside a Volcano

Luxe Adventure TravelerAre you as fascinated by volcanoes as we are? Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside a volcano? While it’s …


Which Rocks and Minerals Contain Silicate?

01<p>of 36<p>Amphibole (Hornblende)<p>The silicate minerals make up the great majority of rocks. Silicate is a chemical term for the group of a single atom of …


This Ancient Reptile Evolved a Weird, Bird-Like Head 100 Million Years Before Birds Did

Imagine an animal with the body of a chameleon, the feet and claws of an anteater, the humped back of a camel, and a tail that is both flattened like …


Prehistoric hazing: Ancient Andeans willingly engaged in violent rituals that severely injured them

Skeletons found from the 13th to 6th centuries BC bear marks of severe trauma.<p>Ancient Andeans engaged in brutal, non-lethal bloodletting rituals, …


South American Geologic Maps for All 14 Countries

01<p>of 15<p>An Overview of South American Geology<p>For much of its geologic history, South America was part of a supercontinent comprised of many southern …


Bali’s Mount Agung volcano: Travellers warned as activity peaks

There are increases in shallow and deep tremors indicating magma is moving upwards.

Mount Agung

Waves in lakes make waves in the Earth

Beneath the peaceful rolling waves of a lake is a rumble, imperceptible to all but seismometers, that ripples into the earth like the waves ripple …


A grid of special seismometers will be lowered into the sea to study the Hikurangi subduction zone

A large research project about to get under way should help explain why parts of the major fault off the North Island east coast appear to be stuck …

New Zealand News

Drivers could be breaking these number plate laws without realising

Holders of private number plates could be breaking the law without even realising it.<p>We’ve all seen the inventive and witty personalised number …


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When Delis Seranno-Estrada moved to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico almost a decade ago, she spent a lot of time in the local library – but not by choice. Without internet service at home, it was one of the few places where she could search for free for a better job online or look up information on …


National Portrait: Colin Wilson, the cunning coward vulcanologist

Where most drivers see unsightly roadworks, Colin Wilson sees a story.

New Zealand News

Yellowstone supervolcano may erupt sooner than thought, potentially wiping out life

A supervolcano brewing under Yellowstone National Park could erupt sooner than initially thought, and if it does, it could wipe out life on the …

Canadian News

Footage of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption

Latest Videos<p>What forensics tell us about this odd plane crash (3:25) Now Playing Footage of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption (3:47) This brave …


Yes, the Yellowstone supervolcano can wipe out humanity, but we'll have years of warning

Sensational news headlines over the last couple days have promoted the idea that the formidable Yellowstone supervolcano "may blow sooner" and "could …


The timing is right for Yellowstone supervolcano hysteria—don’t be duped

During a time when America is coping with back-to-back-to-back hurricanes, destructive wildfires raging across northern California, and an unpredictable White House, the social climate is perfect for supervolcano hysteria. This helps explain why there has been so much discussion about the volcano …