Food Forest Design (Sustainable Design Series #2)

Event Details<p><b>Start:</b> 22 July 2018 1:00 pm• <b><br>End:</b> 22 July 2018 4:00 pm• <b><br>Categories:</b> Workshops<p>Description<p>Interested in learning more about how exactly food …

Sustainable Design

Bryce Visits Doug at his Off-Grid Tiny Home

Bryce Langston visits with Doug, an architect in Wanaka, New Zealand, designed and built his own tiny home. Wanaka is a popular ski and summer resort …

New Zealand

Some preventive medicine can save marijuana cultivators a lot of money

Worried about the fallout from marijuana that doesn't meet state requirements?Simply taking preventive measures such as investments in infrastructure …

Cannabis Industry

Episode 85 My Morning Routine + Permaculture Frameworks And Processes Audiobook Chapter


Salamander Springs Farm: Permaculture Farm in the Appalachian Mountains – Organic Gardening

Nestled above an overgrown ridge-top meadow in the Appalachian Mountains, farmer Susana Lein proudly runs Salamander Springs Farm, a permaculture …

Organic Gardening

What on earth is a compost shower?

There’s nothing so comforting as taking a hot shower during winter to defrost your chilled bones. But how about having a warm, compost shower …


Introduction to Permaculture Design

Learn about the theories, philosophies, principles and techniques of the whole-system design approach for<br>creating sustainable human settlements and …


Herbs for Longevity and Vitality (Herbalism Series #1)

Event Details<p><b>Start:</b> 21 July 2018 9:00 am• <b><br>End:</b> 21 July 2018 12:00 pm• <b><br>Categories:</b> Workshops<p>Description<p><i>“Something’s lost but something’s gained in living</i> …

University of British Columbia

Controlling ‘the big Five’ Weeds in the Forest Garden

Sustainable forests and gardens try not to use chemicals or fertilisers from outside. The soil should remain increasingly fertile because it is …


Permaculture Garden: Will It Work for Us - Organic Gardening

Why do we want a permaculture garden? Living here in sunny Spain, trying to become self-sufficient becomes problematic when the rains do not come. …


Sunshine Coast eco village turns 30 as pioneering permaculture ideas become mainstream

Australia's longest-running permaculture community was a radical departure from the standard suburban subdivision when it started, but 30 years on …


Club Scout: Nerd Nite Northampton looks at land, space

Science gets its due at the WWII Club in Northampton.

Western Massachusetts

Good Deeds: Grant buys recycling equipment; Benson woman honored for sustainability work

<b>Recycling equipment grant:</b> Omaha Permaculture, a nonprofit that facilitates economic development in low-income communities, recently received an …


Episode 84 The Fungi Chapter From The Permaculture Student 2 & Student Reviews


Growing a Resilient & Regenerative Future in Kenya – A Permaculture Story

—By Sheena Shah<b>Any permaculture project is a story</b>. It’s not just designing the landscapes, but it’s really about designing your own life and shaping …


Episode 9

This week we have more interviews from the PDC at Sabina School in Uganda. Steve talks to Mercy and Victoria from BEU (Broadleaf Enterprises Uganda), …


IPNAMME - United Nations Partnerships for SDGs platform

Description/achievement of initiative<p>Networking the interested current permaculture educational providers through networking and capacity building. * …

United Nations

The largest solar farm apiary in the US opens this week

An important feature of permaculture is the concept of stacking functions, or finding multiple uses for the same space or resource. North …


Beneficial Technologies In Permaculture Radio & Podcast - FIAT Flat Broke

Beneficial Technologies In Permaculture Radio & Podcast - FIAT Flat Broke. Cryptocurrencies, hype or salvation?


David Holmgren: Principles of permaculture for a retrofitted suburbia - SD78


Homework: Introduction to permaculture ethics, design

Permaculture ethics, concept, design to be workshop’s focus<p>Parkway United Church of Christ will have an introduction to permaculture and its …


Beneficial Technologies In Permaculture Radio & Podcast - Science Non Fiction & AI

Beneficial Technologies In Permaculture Radio & Podcast - Science Non Fiction & AI


This Swedish Permaculture Retreat Is a Foodie's Paradise

Nestled in the forests of Southern Sweden, this permaculture farm and retreat invites all to come explore and experiment with sustainable living.<p>When weekend trips in the country weren’t enough to satisfy restaurant owners Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen’s longing for nature, the couple did the …


Q&A with Darrell Frey & Michelle Czolba, authors of The Food Forest Handbook

<b>Darrell Frey</b> is a sustainable community development consultant and permaculture designer with nearly thirty years experience in the field. He is …


Zero carbon footprint man

Australia’s leading environmentalist is leading the change by making a an example of his own green lifestyle

Middle East

Edible Landscaping With a Permaculture Twist

My husband may be wishing that I had never requested a review copy of Edible Landscaping With a Permaculture Twist because it was so inspiring that I …


Weekly volunteering opportunities offered by Gibbs House

As the weather begins to warm up, many community members may feel inclined to spend more time outside and in nature.<p>For Western Michigan University …


Episode #18, Permaculture Concepts, Microbes and Natural Methods of Land Restoration


Thousands of children in Malawi are learning how to grow food at school

<b>The Malawi Schools Permaculture Clubs, a recipient of the 2018 Lush Spring Prize, provides basic gardening kits and lesson packs to teachers in order</b> …


An Australian Environmentalist’s Next Act: ‘Frugal Hedonism’

DAYLESFORD, Australia — David Holmgren grows almost everything he eats. He doesn’t own a mobile phone or a television, and most of his clothing is secondhand. He never flies, won’t go to a supermarket and can’t remember his credit card PIN.<p>Such is life for one of Australia’s leading …

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