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I'm a super commuter between Philly and New York City—this is why I do it

Lola Arellano-Fryer owns in Philly and works in Brooklyn. Here’s how she navigates her double life.<p><b>Welcome to Curbed’s first-ever</b> <b>Transportation Week</b><b>!</b><p>From how to improve public transportation in cities, ranking the best car-free neighborhoods across the country, and a friendly competition between …

This horrific, deadly train wreck sparked the creation of the MTA

The MTA might never have existed had it not been for one nightmare Wednesday in 1950.<p>On Thanksgiving eve, the commute home was well under way. …

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7 awe-inspiring train stations across America

New York City's nightmarish Penn Station is undergoing massive renovations to restore it to something close to its original grandeur. Central Station's original beauty, however, is still visible.<p>It does more than chauffeur commuters. Its architecture make you want to wander its halls.<p>Take a look at …


Reserve private bathrooms across NYC with a new app

We've all been there: You're hustling across Manhattan going about your day and, out of nowhere, you feel like you're going to pee your pants. Sure, …

New York City

Amtrak debuts new marketing campaign amid years of flat ridership levels

Amtrak debuted a video ad campaign Thursday, hoping to attract air and road travelers to the rails.<p>Titled "Break the travel quo," the four 30-second …

Delta Airlines

Subway service from upper Manhattan, Bronx disrupted by debris

Furious commuters slammed the MTA Thursday morning after a 30-foot piece of the third rail’s protective board came loose.

Penn Station commuters may face more service outages

Remaining repair work may require service outages that go beyond nights and weekends, though no specific project or timeline was offered.


LIRR adjusts schedule for Yankees games at Citi Field

The Long Island Rail Road said it will be providing added trains for the unexpected baseball games this week at Citi Field in Flushing.


Penn Station’s incredibly gross bathrooms are getting a makeover

Penn Station's summer of hell came and went without the many of the pains that commuters were anticipating. Now, the transit hub is making a …

New York City

Penn Station’s notoriously terrible bathrooms will get an upgrade

Finally!<p>Amid all of the other unpleasantries at New York’s Penn Station—the claustrophobically low ceilings, the terrible wayfinding, the general ugliness of the place—the bathrooms on the Amtrak side of the station stand out as being particularly gross. (So much so that we recommended going to the …

Long Island Rail Road

Filthy Penn Station Bathrooms To Be De-Stenched, Amtrak Says

Penn Station's bathrooms are notorious among commuters, but Amtrak is committing to improvements.

LIRR platform at Hicksville station reopens with upgrades

The commute got a little more pleasant this week for customers at the LIRR's busiest station on Long Island.

Long Island

Cuomo Has 'Inconclusive' Hudson River Tunnel Meeting With Trump & Christie

<i>(Amtrak)</i><p>Despite his campaign pledge to champion infrastructure, President Donald Trump has yet to fund half of the estimated $24 billion Gateway …

New York City

Untapped Staff Reads: Fixing Penn Station’s Dirty Bathrooms, Could NYC Be A Contender For Amazon’s New Headquarters?

<b>Next Repair at Penn Station: Fixing Those ‘Disgusting’ Bathrooms [New York Times]:</b> Now that the summer that was not very hellish is over and Amtrak …

New York Times

Penn Station to add porta potties during bathroom renovations

Amtrak plans to renovate Penn Station’s notoriously disgusting bathrooms by the end of the year — but to do so, it will have to bring in portable …

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Cute: Amtrak Thinks It Can Somehow Make Penn Station Restrooms Less Vile

<i>(Tod Seelie / Gothamist)</i><p>On a recent trip to Penn Station, a number of commuters complained that the bathrooms were lacking. "They need another …

New York City

Next Repair at Penn Station: Fixing Those ‘Disgusting’ Bathrooms

Now that the summer that was not very hellish is over and Amtrak officials have restored normal operations at Pennsylvania Station, they are turning their attention to the most reviled places in the building: the bathrooms.<p>The men’s and ladies’ rooms in Amtrak’s part of the station are widely …


Amtrak CEO shares long-term vision for rail system

Amtrak is back on track at New York's Penn Station, the busiest station in the country. The massive summer project involved 360 workers installing …


Commuters dreading return to Penn Station after not-so-hellish summer

New Jersey Transit commuters were promised a two-month nightmare as New York City’s Pennsylvania Station was partially shut down for track work. …

New Jersey Transit

Full train service resumes after Penn Station repair project

NEW YORK (AP) — Full service has resumed on commuter rail lines into New York's Penn Station following a two-month repair project.<p>New Jersey Transit, Long Island Rail Road and Amtrak trains resumed normal schedules on Tuesday.<p>Amtrak wrapped up an extensive summertime track repair project at New …


Amtrak's CEO shares his vision for rail's future

The just completed Penn Station renovation​ is just the beginning of upgrades the sprawling nationwide system needs


‘Summer of Hell’ really scorched Cuomo’s popularity

The summer of hell could turn into a winter of discontent for Gov. Cuomo if his poll numbers don’t bounce back from the damage caused by the metro …


25 Heartbreaking Wartime Goodbyes Of Decades Past

1 of 26<p>British Leading Aircraftswoman Dorothy Hall, says a tearful goodbye to American soldier Sgt. John A. Babcock of the 8th Air Force before the …


New York Today: ‘Summer of Hell’ Comes to an End

<i>Updated, 9:02 a.m.</i><p><i>Good morning on this somewhat cloudy Tuesday.</i><p>It’s over.<p>Regular train service resumed today at Pennsylvania Station, after eight weeks of emergency repairs to the tracks.<p>For commuters who pass through the nation’s busiest transit hub, that means no longer having to take multiple …

New York City

New CEO Richard Anderson Outlines His Vision For Amtrak

NPR's Robert Siegel interviews Richard Anderson, former head of Delta Airlines, who has been recruited to lead Amtrak during a period of major renovations.

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5 things you need to know Tuesday

Trump to end DACA<p>The Trump administration is expected to announce the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program — known as DACA — Tuesday as the president considers kicking the Obama administration program to lawmakers rather than declaring an immediate end to the protections. …

News (U.S.)

Full Service Returns To Penn Station Following So-Called 'Summer Of Hell'

<b>NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) —</b> Regular service returns Tuesday following weeks of emergency track work caused schedule changes for thousands of commuters …

New Jersey Transit

Service At Penn Station Returns To Normal Following Completion Of Emergency Amtrak Repairs

<b>NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)</b> — Has the commuter nightmare at Penn Station finally come to an end?<p>After a summer of shifted schedules and commuter delays, …


Attention Commuters: The Not-So-Hellish Summer Of 'Hell' Ends Tuesday

<i>Amtrak construction worker levels concrete at track 10. (via Amtrak)</i><p>The emergency Penn Station repair work that inspired Governor Andrew Cuomo's …

New York City

Why Amazon Should Come To NYC

I can’t imagine a better place for HQ2 than NYC.<p>Here are ten reasons why Amazon should stop thinking about any other place and just pick NYC:<p>NYC is …