The Hindu Science Quiz: Of bear family and a penguin colony

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Meet the Mafia! Four vulnerable penguins become latest residents at zoo

A group of penguins are the newest residents to arrive at a specialist penguin centre at a zoo in Pembrokeshire.<p>The bachelor group of four macaroni …

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Yellow-eyed penguin Takaraha shuns the North Island

Researchers are tracking one of the world's rarest penguins, who has shunned the North Island in favour of the South Island's east coast.


New penguin habitat opens at Niagara Falls Aquarium

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — It's been years and millions of dollars in the making, but a major upgrade to the Aquarium of Niagara opens Wednesday.<p>The new …


This Icebreaking North Pole Cruise Will Also Serve Fine French Food

How’s this for an icebreaker: In 2021, the first luxury cruise ship will reach the North Pole.<p>Ponant, the French-owned cruise line is creating the …

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Penguins found a camera in Antarctica and captured a selfie

Because everyone has that one friend, another penguin soon nudges its way into the frame. For about half a minute, the two chirp and cock their heads …

Meet the new baby animals at the Columbus Zoo

New babies at Columbus Zoo<p>Posted!<p>A link has been posted to your Facebook feed.<p>Autoplay<p>Show Thumbnails<p>Show Captions<p>There's a baby boom at The Columbus …

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Stunning Photos of Penguins in Antarctica Show Harsh Realities of Life in the Wild

Of the 17 known species of penguins, 7 live and nest either in Antarctica or on sub-Antarctic Islands. ATOM, a professional photographer from Japan who has traveled to 63 countries in two years, recently spent 10 days traveling around Antarctica, coming away with an incredible reportage documenting …


King penguin chicks debut at Vic aquarium

Melbourne's own 'royal family' is continuing to grow with the addition of three baby King Penguin chicks at a Victorian aquarium.


Penguin super colony found thriving on Danger Islands

A massive collective of penguins forming a super colony have been discovered in a part of Antarctica that hasn’t been impacted by climate change. The …


Weather so cold outside it's warmer in the Antarctic penguin enclosure at the National Sea Life Centre

This week’s climate has proven even too cold for the Gentoo penguins from the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham as UK temperatures plummet below …

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Move or die: Global warming threatens Antarctica’s King penguins

CLOSE<p>Only two chicks remain from a colony of around 40,000 Adelie penguins following a “catastrophic breeding event."<p>Will our favorite flightless …

Global Warming

Antarctica's Iconic King Penguins May Have to Move South

One of Antarctica's most iconic inhabitants, the stately king penguin, may be forced to find new places to live before the end of the century—or …


King Penguin Populations Could Shrink By 70 Percent in 80 Years, Thanks to Climate Change

King penguins have evolved to live where few animals can. But now, warming waters are posing a threat to the species' survival. As an international …


King penguins may be on the move very soon

More than 70 percent of the global King penguin population, currently forming colonies in Crozet, Kerguelen and Marion sub-Antarctic islands, may be …

Global Warming

Adorable penguin desperately tries to keep cool on bags of ice before rescuers arrive

An adorable penguin has been forced to borrow some ice from a neighbour in order to stay cool in the blistering Argentinian sunshine.<p>But it was only …

Falkland Islands

Recovery: Evicting Rabbits

When rabbits are introduced to islands, native species suffer.


Valentine's Day move for zoo's single penguins

<b>Bachelor penguins are to be removed from a zoo's colony over Valentine's Day, leaving couples alone to breed and boost numbers.</b><p>Five macaroni penguin couples at Devon's Living Coasts are at risk of being "disturbed" or broken up by eight single males, officials said.<p>Keepers said most of the …


Jellyfish — as many as 75 of them — headed to Aquarium of Niagara

Destination planning its first-ever jellyfish exhibit.


Have You Seen This? Penguins play with bubbles

ViralHog/YouTube<p>By | Posted Feb 10th, 2018 @ 2:02pm<p>THE AQUARIUM — There are a few things in the world that appeal to both kids and adults.<p>Tater tots, …

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One hippopotamus... London Zoo counts its animals in delayed census

© Reuters. Penguins are counted during the Annual Stocktake at ZSL London Zoo in London<p>LONDON (Reuters) - Keepers started counting the animals in …

Nursery children care for very own classroom Galapagos penguin

NURSERY children have been caring for their very own toy penguin as part of new learning strategies.<p>Handling real fish, making fish fingers and …


11 Monogamous Animals That Stay Together All of Their Lives

Photo: Shutterstock<p>1. Macaroni Penguin<p>More than 90 per cent of birds are monogamous, but none of them show affection quite like <b>macaroni penguins</b>. …

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The Falkland Islands Preserve Wildlife and Habitat After War

The isolated Falklands, best known for sheep and a brief war, offer a living lesson in what happens when nature is allowed to flourish.<p>On the rocky shores of Steeple Jason, a distant island in the Falklands archipelago, I am awed by the magnificence before me. More than 440,000 black-browed …


David Harbour’s Tweet About Penguins Got 200K Retweets, So He’s Headed To Antarctica

<i>Stranger Things</i> was a surprise hit when it arrived on Netflix in 2016, reviving the career of Winona Ryder and launching that of Millie Bobby Brown. …

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10 Insane Facts You Never Knew About Penguins, But Now You’ll Never Forget

It’s Penguin Awareness Day, b*tches!<p>Quick: Name three things you know about penguins. We’ll wait. *<i>Jeopardy!</i> theme music plays* If all you came up …

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540 animals born in Singapore wildlife parks in 2017

SINGAPORE: A Bornean orangutan baby, two electric blue geckos, a jaguar cub and a king penguin chick. These were among the 540 animal births and …


Adorable moment penguin hops across the road to say 'hello' in real life Happy Feet moment

This is the heart-melting moment a penguin hops across the road to greet a man in a real-life Happy Feet moment.<p>Footage shows the adorable bird …


WATCH: Adorable New Zealand penguin hops across road to chat to new friend

While some Aussies try and convince foreigners we keep kangaroos our backyards, our New Zealand neighbours have joked they have penguins as pets …

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NEW ANTARCTIC SEASON 2018-19 - Sail downwind with the albatrosses to South Georgia & beyond to the Weddell Sea and Antarctica

39 Day Expedition - Roaring Forties, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula on Tall Ship Europa<p>This 2018 Antarctic expedition has just been announced …