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Blizzard are investigating a mystery nerf to Overwatch's Reinhardt

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube<p>While Reinhardt did receive a minor nerf to his Earthshatter ultimate in Overwatch’s last patch, many players have …


Everspace blasts out of early access blaring rock music

I like space ships. I like explosions. And, occasionally, I like rock music. So in theory I should love Everspace [official site], a space combat …


Mod turns Fallout 4 into a dread-soaked horror experience

Overhauled with spooky weather, lighting, sounds, and dynamic music... hell, even Dogmeat is terrifying now.


There's something strange about Kickstarter's most successful MMO

Earlier this month, Ashes of Creation exploded onto Kickstarter with one of the most successful campaigns in years, raising more than 2.3 million …


Pretty puzzler Rime is out now

I’ve already had the pleasure of playing through Rime [official site] from beginning to end (reviewing it for *ahem* another publication). I loved …

for what it's worth

Jeff Kaplan is listening to your criticisms of Overwatch loot boxes

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube<p>Following the criticisms many people have been airing of Overwatch’s loot box system, Jeff Kaplan has taken to the …


Jeff Kaplan acknowledges Overwatch Anniversary Event loot box complaints

The Overwatch Anniversary Event got underway earlier this week, and sadly, not everyone is happy. The complaints stem from the loot boxes that …


Wot I Think: Vanquish

It’s my first time with the high-speed bumslides and endless robo-armies of Bayonetta and Nier: Automata dev Platinum’s third-person shooter Vanquish …


GamesBeat weekly roundup: Overwatch turns 1, and Far Cry comes to America

Welcome to another GamesBeat weekly roundup! This time, Rockstar delayed Red Dead Redemption 2, and we went hands-on with Middle-earth: Shadow of War.<p>Have a great weekend, everyone!<p><b>Pieces of flair and opinion</b><p><b>News</b><p><b>Mobile and social</b><p><b>Reviews, previews, and interviews</b>


Day9 may have just played the most ridiculous game of Hearthstone ever

"Oh my god, I'm going to vomit blood," proclaimed streamer Sean "Day9" Plott nearly 25 minutes into a game of Hearthstone that had already gone to …


Odd Vanquish bug ties incoming damage to frame rate

If you’re currently bum-sliding your way through newly-ported shooter Vanquish [official site] on a high-end rig then you might be finding it tougher …


Meet the indie dev who spent two years making a game in youth hostels abroad

There's an unspoken rule in backpacker hostels that says: if you drape a sheet over your bunk creating a makeshift, but entirely see-through, curtain …


Get a 17.3-inch Asus ROG Strix gaming laptop with GTX 1060 for $1,329

A VR-ready laptop.


Meet The ICON Gaming Chair From noblechairs: Did The Best Just Get Better?

Premium PC gaming chair manufacturer noblechairs has announced the ICON series – a new range of premium adjustable chairs aimed at PC gamers. I took a look at the company’s EPIC series chair last year (see the full review and video here), and found it offered fantastic levels of adjustment, which …


Blizzard's new mobile game is set in the Warcraft universe

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube<p>For those that haven't been keeping up, Blizzard have (at least) two unannounced projects in development. One is a …


13 recent games that run well on terrible laptops

‘Terrible’ only in the sense of their gaming capability. Honestly, I’m sure <i>your</i> laptop is lovely to look at and it was definitely a extremely …


PC Gaming Weekly: How modding may play into Take-Two’s strong earnings

Want to know why Take-Two is OK with Rockstar pushing its next blockbuster into 2018? Just look at the insane money it’s still making from Grand Theft Auto V — a game that came out in 2013.<p>This week, the triple-A game publisher released its earnings, which were above analyst expectations. And …


What to expect from the next generation of graphics card memory

GDDR5 has had a good run. The first graphics cards with GDDR5 memory debuted way back in June 2009, with AMD's HD 4870. Seven years is a long time …


Rising Storm is free for keepsies right now

The WW2 Pacific Theater FPS action of Red Orchestra spin-off Rising Storm [official site] is yours to grab for free right now. The Humble Store are …


Get a beastly Core i7-6850K and MSI Gaming X99A Godlike combo for $800

Big discount on a monster upgrade.


Cults, cops and co-op in Far Cry 5: five things you need to know

Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube<p>The world is changing, and so is Far Cry. The fifth game in the main series has been revealed, and it’s rooted in far …


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds made $34 million in April, more than Overwatch or CS:GO

April’s digital PC sales figures are in and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is topping the charts for premium PC digital sales. It has even broken into …


Bungie explains the lack of Destiny 2 dedicated servers; addresses PC cheating

"The life of a cheater in Destiny 2 PC will be nasty, brutish, and short."

Destiny 2

Far Cry 5 trailer reveals doomsday cult, planes, bears & 2018 release date

Far Cry 5’s [official site] first full-length trailer is heavy on the plot, showing a cult that will bring people into its fold “by force if …


Neil deGrasse Tyson will show off his space strategy game at E3

We learned last year that astrophysicist and noted Twitter pedant Neil deGrasse Tyson has lent his expertise and name to an upcoming space strategy …

Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs developers want to “stray away” from horror

If you’ve played Amnesia, you’ll know Frictional Games can do horror very well. In fact, they could be credited with popularising that genre of …


An English university will teach a degree course in esports next year

In the height of Skyrim's popularity, the Department of English at Rice University launched a course named 'Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse …


Best PC gaming deals of the week

Right, it’s time once more to get down into the business of checking out what’s been on offer or discounted within the world of all this ‘video game’ …


The best plays from Overwatch's first year

Overwatch's anniversary event is in full swing, celebrating a very successful first year for Blizzard's breakout FPS hit. One of the things that has …


Far Cry 5 first look: Taking on doomsday preppers in backwater Montana

I sat front row while Dan Hay, the creative director for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5, talked about visiting the place I grew up like it was another planet. …