Paternity Leave

What Are the Laws Around Paternity Leave and Family Leave In The U.S.?

In the U.S., family leave laws vary region-to-region -- and even city-to-city. Here's what you need to know about paternity leave laws by state.<p>By<p>Mar …


My paternity leave was wonderful – all fathers should be given the chance

I have a close relationship with my daughter; we are buddies. I have no doubt this is down to the three months I took off work when she was a baby<p>I had a pretty neat comeback when blokes chuckled at me pushing my baby daughter around during the three months of parental leave I took in 2016: just …

Opinion (UK)

Fathers should receive 12 weeks of ‘daddy leave’, report says

Fathers should receive an additional 12 weeks dedicated leave to care for their child in the first year of its life, according to MPs.<p>In a report …

Nick Clegg

Change Workplace Culture For Dads? Can't Happen Soon Enough

I felt utterly miserable when I went back to my job, leaving my wife and child at home<p>Gary John Norman via Getty Images<p>I am flabbergasted. I really …

Lifestyle (UK)

Men Rediscover Workplace Culture Is Bad if You Want to Raise Kids

Men who want to have an active role in childrearing have been discovering the limits of the workplace again and again in recent decades—specifically, …

The Workplace

MPs call for 12 weeks of paternity leave to address gender pay gap

Committee recommends laws forcing firms to offer new fathers flexible work patterns and ringfencing their leave<p>Britain must radically reform parental leave to encourage more fathers to take time off work, or it will never get to grips with the gender pay gap, an influential committee of MPs has …

Personal Finance (UK)

Paternity rights: Give working dads 12 weeks parental leave and help close gender pay gap

Working fathers desperate to spend more time with their children are being failed by current policies, according to a parliamentary committee which …


Fathers are not being supported by workplace policies

Here are 7 policy recommendations to provide fathers with the support needed to care for their children.<p>The role of fathers in their children's lives …

Citizen Journalism

Is feminism killing romance?

Ever wondered what it would be like to date in a completely gender-equal world? The answer may surprise you.


Vote For TOM CHLYSTEK This Primary Election March 20th, 2018

For Illinois to move forward, we need our representation back.<p>For Illinois to move forward, we need our representation back. The incumbent in the …

Parental Leave

‘BBC Dad’ reflects on his viral video, paternity leave and protecting his children

One year ago, a 4-year-old girl and her baby brother in a walker-stroller barged in on their father while he was being interviewed live on the BBC …


The Funniest Dad Tweets From This Week

The wonderful and weird musings of dads on Twitter this week.<p>By<p>Mar 16 2018, 11:30 AM<p>As a dad, there’s nothing better than hearing other people …


Canadians like prescription drug plan and paternity leave proposals but not new taxes to pay for them, poll shows

Canadians support the idea of public health insurance that covers prescription drugs and they like a Liberal proposal to increase parental leave for fathers, a new poll suggests – but they don’t like running deficits nor do they want new taxes to pay for the programs.<p>The results come from a Nanos …


Bank allows parents to bring infants to work — every day

Many working mothers are forced to drop their infants off at day care. But a California bank offers a unique employee benefit: After taking maternity …

Parental Leave

Penguin Dads: Changing Gender Norms in India

More Indian fathers are becoming involved in their children's lives. The government should take note.


Pregnant Mumsnet user asks if partner’s request to split bills is reasonable

When you're about to become a first time mum, the last thing you need is the added stress of squabbling with your partner.<p>So we can understand why …


Parents are feeling ‘overwhelmed’, survey finds

Responses from parents in Barnardos report focussed on difficulties spending enough time with children<p>Most Read

News (Ireland)

EDITORIAL: The right to a father

State encouragement of paternity leave has finally arrived in Indonesia, a historic move acknowledging a fact that women have known all too long: …

Parental Leave

Russia vs. US: Where is life better?

<b>(CNN) —</b> Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to win the March 18 election by a wide margin, but that doesn't mean Russians are happy with the way things are.<p>Restrictions on political freedoms have prevented any real opposition from running against Putin, and years of economic troubles have …

Vladimir Putin

ITN reveals 19.6% gender pay gap, with 77% gulf in male and female bonuses

ITN's mean gender pay gap has been revealed at 19.6% in favour of men. Even more telling is a 77% gap in average bonuses, underlining a lack of women …


Why Pioneering a Happy and Healthy Workforce is Key to Building a Great Place to Work

Organizational investment in health and well-being is very much in the zeitgeist right now. It’s being fueled by the latest science, the growing …

Employee Engagement

Dad-to-be's 'selfish' demand while his pregnant partner is on maternity leave

Having a baby changes every aspect of a relationship.<p>You go from living your lives how you wish on your own schedules, to having a tiny person …


One-month paternity leave granted for civil servants

Male civil servants are now permitted to take up to one month paternity leave to support their wives as part of the government's effort to support …

Parental Leave

Why flexible work hours are good for families

Not long ago, either Anthony Toovey or his wife would have had to sacrifice their career to raise their three kids. But not anymore.The dad of three, …

Corporate Culture

Brands: get off the International Women's Day bandwagon and take it seriously

To mark International Women’s Day McDonald's flipped its arches, Brewdog released a Pink IPA and KFC honoured the Colonel’s wife Claudia, to name but …

Public Relations

Brazile: Trump betting on himself with North Korea talks

Former Democratic National Committee interim chairwoman Donna Brazile on Sunday said President TrumpDonald John TrumpAccuser says Trump should be …

North Korea

Trump goes it alone on North Korea. What could go wrong, other than nuclear war?

In a detailed <i>Washington Post</i> piece at the end of a bizarre political week, David Nakamura writes, “The White House dumped its South Korean ambassador …

North Korea

Yesterday Was International Women's Day. But Today is What Matters.

Perhaps you heard that yesterday was International Women's Day. Actually, who am I kidding, of course you heard, because every public figure, …


If we want to empower mums on Mother’s Day, let’s start by supporting dads

All credit to the advertising industry for taking steps to become more mum-friendly. But focusing on working mothers is only part of the picture. …


#MeToo movement backdrop for new gender equality conversations in Cleveland workplaces

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Sarah Daubenspeck, now a managing director at Accenture, was told early in her career that as she moved up the corporate ladder …