7 Matzo Desserts for Passover

Passover means matzo, and it’s no secret that enjoying matzo for seven or eight days means finding a few ways to get creative. So, we rounded up some …


How the Eucharist was foreshadowed in the Old Testament

Jesus himself spoke about these episodes in the Bible that prepared the way for the Eucharist.<p>God could have chosen anything in the world to impart …


Russia sours on Trump, a Syrian family's first Passover, Toronto's baby capybaras by The World - Listen to music


A Pesach full of Aloha!

Rabbis Without Borders<p><i>Rabbis Without Borders is a dynamic forum for exploring contemporary issues in the Jewish world and beyond. Written by rabbis</i> …


Book Review: Darrell L. Bock and Mitch Glaser, eds. Messiah in the Passover

<b>Bock, Darrell L. and Mitch Glaser, eds. Messiah in the Passover. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Kregel, 2018. 379 pp. Pb. $16.99</b> <b>Link to Kregel</b>Darrell Bock and …


Samaritan take part in pilgrimage for Passover near Nablus

Samaritan take part in the pilgrimage for the holy day of Passover at the religion's holiest site on the top of Mount Gerizim near the West Bank city …

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The Living Divine: Pesach Sheni and Lag BaOmer


Why Jews Traditionally Make Bonfires On Lag B’Omer — And Eat BBQ And Smores

Today, like many, many other days on the Jewish calendar, is a Jewish holiday. It’s Lag B’omer, the 33rd day in the 49-day countdown between Passover …


What Ritual Object Goes With Which Holiday?

You answered {{correct}} of {{total}} correctly<p>Question 1 of 5<p>Sprinkling breadcrumbs into a body of water is a part of which holiday?<p>Rosh Hashanah<p>Yom …


The Perfect Passover Dessert: Strawberry, Basil, and Balsamic “Slablova”

Inspired by a pavlova-for-a-crowd “slablova” recipe on Food52, we created our own Passover version of the fruit-topped dessert. The meringue slowly …


10 Easy Passover Recipes That Feed a Crowd

Maybe Passover food isn't so bad at all.<p>April 19, 2018<p>For those of us who celebrate Passover, we understand the excitement of seeing family and …


Fort Pointe Theatre Presents PASSOVER: A Performance Ritual

Passover: a performance-ritual by Obie-winning writer/composer Rick Burkhardt and commissioned by thingNY; presented by Fort Point Theatre Channel. …


Reviews of Passover Hotel Programs? - Kosher - New Jersey - Chowhound

After reading the review of the Chevra program, below, I'm Looking for reviews and reports about Kosher for Passover hotel programs, from those who …

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JFX hosts annual men’s seder

Jewish Family Experience recently hosted its 12th annual Men’s Steak ‘n Seder at Scott Simon’s home in Pepper Pike. The 35 men enjoyed cocktails, …


Jews in distant places: Pesach in San Miguel de Allende - Blogs - Jerusalem Post

Each Pesach it seems I find myself in another city and experiencing another adventure. In past years I have been in Columbia, Cuba, China, India, …


The Price Of Murder: Stop Funding the Israeli Military

In what many are calling the Passover Massacre, the Israeli military recently sprayed bullets at peaceful Palestinian protestors, killing 19-year-old …


It's a roll over: Morrisons taps Charedi market with special range

Morrisons supermarket in Stamford Hill looks set to continue its kosher in-store bakes after its post-Pesach rolls were eagerly snapped up by local …


Staying Kosher for Passover on State Street

The Jews didn't have time for the bread to leaven, and you gotta get to class.<p>This is the first Passover I have spent away from my family. Yes, I …

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Quote of the Day: Sometimes The Only Reward

Inspired by a true story, a non-religious former IDF soldier has an eye-opening conversation with an Orthodox man.<p>Don’t minimize the inherent …


Young Liberals take no chances with Seder supplies

With no kosher supplies for miles, leaders of LJY-Netzer brought plenty of matzah for the 100 participants in its spring camp Seder in …

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New fawn named after President Rivlin

Thousands of voters chose to name the new deer born in Jerusalem's Gazelle Valley (Emek Hatzva'im) after Israel's President Reuven Rivlin.<p>The fawn …


Quote of the Day: If You Are Not Happy

Some old and some new, and all have an underlying point.<p>In anticipation of my trip to Israel and visiting Yad Vashem, I’m digging into my family’s …

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Our Brothers

Some old and some new, and all have an underlying point.<p>In anticipation of my trip to Israel and visiting Yad Vashem, I’m digging into my family’s …

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A Review of Kosher for Passover Boxed Desserts

Boxed desserts are usually hit or miss, and Kosher for Passover ones are no exception.<p>April 08, 2018<p>The Jewish holiday, Passover, is currently going …


Mimouna celebrations throughout Israel


How Pesach Sheni is celebrated and how to say Happy Passover in Yiddish

PASSOVER came to an end in early April but the second Passover, Pesach Sheni, has begun today (April 28).<p>If you want to wish one of your Jewish …


Nas and Kelis’ custody hits snag over Easter and Passover plans

Kelis and Nas’ custody drama is heating up again.<p>Nas claims in new court documents that when he tried to pick up their 7-year-old son, Knight, for …


Kelis Kept Son From Nas Saying She Wanted To Spend Passover With Him

Despite a very clear custody agreement, Nas and Kelis are still having issues surrounding the shared custody of their son Knight.

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Baseball Rules Are Complicated Enough, Now Add Passover

MIAMI—Baseball is a sport of a thousand rules, but it has nothing on Passover.<p>For kosher baseball fans attending the season’s first games during the holiday this week, elaborate preparations are necessary. Hot dogs and beer are off-limits under the especially strict Passover regulations.<p>“We had …

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Nas Claims Kelis Violated Their Custody Agreement

Nas and Kelis are going back and forth in court -- again. This time Nas claims Kelis kept their son Knight during Passover even though it was his …

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