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How the J.J. Abrams Reboots Kept 'Star Trek' Off TV For 12 Years

When Jean-Luc Picard was in command of the starship <i>Enterprise</i>, characters from the various TV series <i>Star Trek: The Next Generation</i>, <i>Deep Space Nine</i>, …

Star Trek

The most popular movie that came out the year you were born

Every year brings its own set of pop culture obsessions. Looking at the most popular movie from each year can tell you a lot about what people were talking about at the time, and how people's tastes have changed. It's fun to look at the most popular one from when you were born and see what everyone …


We can’t ban killer robots – it’s already too late

Telling international arms traders they can’t make killer robots is like telling soft-drinks makers that they can’t make orangeade<p>One response to the call by experts in robotics and artificial intelligence for an ban on “killer robots” (“lethal autonomous weapons systems” or Laws in the language of …


19 Things Everyone Who Is Obsessed With Weddings Will Relate To

Wedding season is your favourite time of year.


The 101 most iconic movie dresses of all time

From Marilyn's red sequins, to JLo's Maid in Manhattan moment.<p>When you think of your favourite film, it's impossible to picture the characters without their costumes. We couldn't imagine Emma Stone dancing with Ryan Gosling in a dress that wasn't bright yellow, or picture Wednesday Addams in …


Jerry Lewis, Comedy Legend, Dies at 91

Jerry Lewis, the brash slapstick comic who teamed with Dean Martin in the 1950s and later starred in “The Nutty Professor” and “The Bellboy” before …


8 Movies That Looked Hilarious (Before The CGI Was Added)

By JM McNab Published: August 21st, 2017 Special effects aren't going anywhere. From the mesmerizing performances of Andy Serkis, to the fact that …


Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban on killer robots

Open letter signed by Tesla chief and Google’s Mustafa Suleyman urges UN to block use of lethal autonomous weapons to prevent third age of war<p>Some of the world’s leading robotics and artificial intelligence pioneers are calling on the United Nations to ban the development and use of killer …


55 Reactions We Had to Watching This Week's Absolutely Absurd Episode of Game of Thrones

<b>There are so many Game of Thrones spoilers below. So, so many.</b><p>Guys, I have to be honest — I really didn't think that <b>Game of Thrones</b> was going to be able to top season seven's fourth episode, "The Spoils of War." Drogon roasting the Lannister army? Arya returning to Winterfell? Jaime's brush with …

Game of Thrones

What Movie Should Everyone Watch Before They Leave For College?

"So long...partner."


Iconic comedian Jerry Lewis dies at 91

Jerry Lewis, the manic, rubber-faced comedian who burst onto the post-World War II show-business scene with partner Dean Martin and together became the hottest comedy team of their era before launching his own highly successful solo career a decade later, has died. He was 91.<p>His death was confirmed …


Jerry Lewis, Iconic Comedian and Humanitarian, Has Died at 91

Jerry Lewis — the legendary comedian, actor, singer, director, producer, and humanitarian — died on Sunday at the age of 91. According to reports, he …


4 outdated manners today's parents don't need to teach their kids

<b>• Manners are always welcome, but some are outdated</b><p><b>• Good manners are about making people feel comfortable, and some old-fashioned ones no longer do that</b><p><b>• Teaching your child to be thoughtful about how they interact with other people will always be valuable</b><p>The idea of skipping over to a new …


11 Behind-the-Scenes Bombshells You Never Knew About Your Favorite Movies

1 of 11<p>STORM & WOLVERINE WERE LOVERS IN X-MEN<p>During an interview with PEOPLE and EW editorial director Jess Cagle, Halle Berry revealed that her <i>X-Men</i> …


Al Gore calls on Donald Trump to 'resign'

Al Gore had just one piece of advice for President Donald Trump - to "resign" immediately.<p>The former Vice President was promoting his new documentary …


How Channing Tatum went from dancing in nightclubs to being one of Hollywood's funniest leading men

Channing Tatum is a riot.<p>Before the 37- year-old actor got his start as a heartthrob in some fantastic teen movies in the early 2000s, he was earning money as a dancer at a nightclub. He has since graduated to one of Hollywood's best leading men.<p>His delightful performance in the NASCAR heist movie …


Watch the New Boo 2! A Madea Halloween Trailer

Watch the brand new trailer for Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea HalloweenMadea is back! Lionsgate has just released a brand-new trailer for Tyler …


Glenn Close to Star in 'Sunset Boulevard' Movie Musical at Paramount (Exclusive)

Tony winner Close just wrapped Broadway revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber show in June<p>Paramount Pictures is pursuing a big-screen adaptation of Andrew …


Paramount Players Lands First Project: ‘Vacation Guide to the Solar System’

Newly minted Paramount Players has landed its first project, winning a bidding war for the movie rights to the book “Vacation Guide to the Solar …


Tom Cruise broke his ankle in on-set stunt injury

After footage of Tom Cruise’s painful-looking stunt accident on the set of “Mission: Impossible 6” came out over the weekend, production has halted …

Mission: Impossible

Cruise Takes a Bruising

A Tom Cruise injury puts the next Mission Impossible in jeopardy.<p>It’s Thursday, and I feel like we should all give HBO’s IT person a shoulder rub.<p>Hello from Los Angeles, where we’re worrying about <b>Tom Cruise’s</b> ankle, pinning our broadcast TV hopes on <b>Carlton Cuse,</b> and pumping <b>Peter Morgan</b> for clues …


If You Can Spot 12/15 Of These “Mean Girls” Details, You Go, Glenn Coco

It's not a regular quiz, it's a cool quiz.


Every Fall Beauty Product You Should Budget for Now

New season, new products! Stylish curated the most exciting products launching this fall, so plan your budgets accordingly — and then shop until you …

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6 Directors Who Secretly Made The Same Movie Twice

By JM McNab Published: August 17th, 2017 Coming up with movie ideas is hard; it's the reason why there are so many remakes and sequels even though …


News from around the world

Trump cops criticism from all sides<p>US President Donald Trump has disbanded two high-profile business advisory councils as a parade of CEOs, prominent …

North Korea

Today in Entertainment: Miley Cyrus' transformation continues; Robert Plant announces new solo album

Here's what's new and interesting in entertainment and the arts:<p>Randy Newman reflected on his legacy and new album at an intimate L.A. gig<br>• New Robert Plant album, not a Led Zeppelin reunion, coming this fall<br>• Miley Cyrus goes full Elvis and Dolly in 'Younger Now' music video<br>• Symphony leader turns a …


Glenn Close to Star in Paramount’s Sunset Boulevard Musical Movie

Great news, all you wonderful people out there in the dark. The Wrap reports that Glenn Close is set to star as Norma Desmond in Paramount’s film …


The United States of Movies — 51 Iconic Films


18 famous movie quotes everyone gets wrong

You may think you know some of the most iconic lines from classic movies, but your ears or memory may be deceiving you. If you've been going around …


An Inconvenient Sequel review – Trump looms over Al Gore's urgent climate-change doc

New challenges – and a science-dismissing US President – make Gore’s sequel to his 2006 film feel both cinematic and compelling<p>Eleven record-breaking summers on from An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore doubles down. Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk’s galvanising documentary accompanies the former US …