4 Iconic Extinct American Animals, From Dire Wolves To Saber-Toothed Tigers | International Business Times

Many animals have come and gone since the dawn of time on Earth. In fact, almost all the species ever to live on this planet already are dead.<p>Some …

Physical Geography

This Freaky 100-Million-Year-Old Wasp Was Named for David Bowie

It's been over a year since pop superstar David Bowie passed away, but his legacy lives on through memorials, fan tributes, and now, Cretaceous wasps trapped in amber.<p>That's right: A new species of extinct wasp that lived alongside the dinosaurs 100 million years ago has been dubbed <i>Archaeoteleia</i> …

David Bowie

Meet the Curator

Dr. Mark Siddall is a curator in the Museum’s Division of Invertebrate Zoology.<p>His research has focused on the evolutionary biology of a wide range …

Natural History

Bird eggs may be shaped by the way their mother flies

Eggs is eggs, but some are round while others are long and pointy – and now we finally know why. It’s all to do with birds’ flying ability, according …


Harvard team fossil hunting at Blue Beach

<i>Blue Beach Fossil Museum operator Chris Mansky looks for fossils with Dr. Stephanie Pierce on Blue Beach near Hantsport. (Heather Desveaux)</i><p>The Blue …

Canadian News

Prehistoric Indian canoe unearthed along Red River

BELCHER, LA -- Excavation efforts have unearthed a large, prehistoric Indian canoe along the Red River in north Caddo Parish.<p>One archaeologist said …

Texas A&M

Life won't find a way: how an ostrich fossil halted plans for a real-life Jurassic Park

Despite dinosaurs having met extinction long ago, our dreams of reviving them refuse to die. Recent events imply we may have to settle for resurrecting poultry<p>There are some ideas that just won’t die. Like the villain in a movie, even when they’ve been shot with the bullets of refutation, scalded …


Peter Thiel is Funding the Comeback of the Woolly Mammoth

Will we see a woolly mammoth within our lifetimes? If PayPal founder and CEO Peter Thiel has anything to say about it, we will.<p>According to Ben …

Peter Thiel

4-foot Flying Turkeys Roamed Ancient Australia

Turkeys have an (unfair) reputation for being dumb. But Benjamin Franklin's supposed pick for the symbol of the U.S., a rumor that is also a myth, is …


Reconstruction of ancient chromosomes offers insight into mammalian evolution

Researchers have gone back in time, at least virtually, computationally recreating the chromosomes of the first eutherian mammal, the long-extinct, …


Frog fossils tell us something new about rain patterns on South Africa's west coast

Around 5.1 million years ago, fascinating and now extinct animals like sabre-toothed cats, wolverines and short-necked giraffe roamed the west coast …

South Africa

Volcanic eruptions may have played key role in triggering dawn of dinosaurs: Study

<b>London:</b> Volcanic activity may have played a key role in triggering the mass extinction event about 200 million years ago, which set the scene for the …

Physical Geography

To study T. rex's bite, make fake alligator skulls

Scientists can't study the bite force of T. rex or other extinct species directly, so they've turned to alligators—and 3D models of their skulls—for …

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Scientists unearth more of Australia’s deadly wildlife during the Pleistocene era; Study explains how diverse giant birds were

If latest reports are to be believed, Australia once had turkeys as big as kangaroos. A team of researchers from Flinders University in South …

Physical Geography

Can these scientists bring back the mammoth?

EARLY FALL 2008, BOSTON<p>Sometimes, it’s the strange questions that keep you up at night.<p>George Church leaned back in his chair, his long legs tucked …


Lonely Bees Can’t Communicate As Well As Social Ones, Scientists Say | International Business Times

A bee’s antennae is only as good as the friends it has, scientists are suggesting, based on a study into the sensory capabilities of those organs as …


Astronomers Discover That Our Sun Likely Had an "Evil" Twin That Killed the Dinosaurs

Stellar Doppelganger<p>We have long known that the dinosaurs were killed by a catastrophic comet impact with the Earth’s surface but what if there was …


The Sun may have had an 'evil twin' that wiped out the dinosaurs

While many have believed that an ill-placed meteor wiped out the dinosaurs, new research shows that may not have been the full story behind it.<p>It could have been the sun -- or at least the sun's brother.<p>According to a new research paper from a theoretical physicist at the University of California …


World’s deepest zoo harbors clues to extraterrestrial life

<b>(for more about Power Words, click</b> <b>here</b><b>)</b><p><b>alien</b> A non-native organism. (in astronomy) Life on or from a distant world.<p><b>antibiotic</b> A germ-killing …


The ancient mystery of St Hilda's 'snake stones': what do ammonites really look like?

Despite being among the most recognisable, common fossils, not one has been found that gives us an accurate idea of how the animals looked in life<p>Think of a generic fossil and – alongside dinosaur skeletons or trilobites – it’s likely that the coiled shells of ammonites spring to mind. Ammonites …

Biological Species

Giant 8kg cousins of brush turkey roamed ancient Australia

If you think the brush turkey tearing up your garden is a menace, consider yourself lucky you'll never meet its relatives.

Physical Geography

Ancient otter tooth found in Mexico suggests mammals migrated across America

An ancient otter tooth recently discovered in Mexico suggests certain mammals migrated across America during the Miocene geologic epoch, roughly 23 …


Giant turkeys roamed Australia two million years ago, study finds

Scientists have discovered that Australia was once inhabited by a variety of giant birds – including a kangaroo-sized flying turkey – which roamed the continent more than two million years ago.<p>The finding was based on an analysis of fossils and bones found in 1880 which have long been thought to …

Life Sciences

Insects remarkably preserved in New Zealand amber

Amber is beautiful to look at - and it is also an incredible window into the prehistoric past.

New Zealand News

99-million-year-old bird found preserved in amber stuns scientists

Archeologists have just discovered a nearly complete bird, encased in fossilized tree sap, that has remained intact for almost 100 million years. The bird, which was just a few days old at the time of its death, is one of the most stunningly preserved examples of pre-history avian life ever …


Please Don't Eat The Oldest Mushroom Fossil

Sam Heads and his team had just received a donation of fossil insects at the Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. …

Botanical Gardens

New Fossil Fills In Missing Moment in Baleen Whale History

A new toothed whale highlights an important time in the evolution of today's ocean giants


Camelops: The North American Ancestor of All Camels

June 11, 2017<p><b>184</b> Views<p>Camels can be temperamental. They’ll even “spit” at you if they feel threatened. But they are also amazingly hard working, …


Fossil From 100 Million Years Ago Tells Us Extinct Baby Bird Could Hunt When It Hatched

Jurassic Park, here we come! A fossil of a baby bird that lived alongside the dinosaurs was recently discovered embedded inside a three-inch piece of 100-million-year-old Burmese amber<p>Some very exciting news just popped up on the Twitter science scene: a spectacular new bird fossil has been …

Physical Geography

Scanning technology reveals 'lost' Megalosaurus teeth

<b>Scientists researching one of the world's first dinosaur finds have discovered the existence of five teeth they did not realise it had.</b><p>The Megalosaurus was found in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire, and was the first dinosaur to be named in 1824.<p>Researchers at the University of Warwick have created a 3D …

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