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Aircraft carrying 11 crashes into Pacific Ocean: U.S. navy

Crash occurred at 2:45 p.m. Japan time<p>The U.S. Navy says an aircraft carrying 11 crew and passengers has crashed into the Pacific Ocean while on the …


U.S. Navy plane carrying 11 crashes into Pacific Ocean off Japan, 8 rescued

TOKYO — Eight people have been rescued and are in “good condition” after a U.S. Navy transporter plane carrying 11 crew and passengers crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Japan, the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet said Wednesday.<p>The search for the remaining three is continuing.<p>This is the latest accident to …


U.S. Navy plane crash in Pacific, 11 on board

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Danone invests in firm selling bottled water from ocean floor

Water comes from a deep ocean current off the coast of Hawaii and is desalinated using reverse osmosis<p>Evian and Volvic owner Danone has put money into a Hawaiian bottled water from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, showing the depths multinationals will now go to in the quest for more revenue<p>The …

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Navy aircraft crashes in Philippine Sea

A US Navy aircraft carrying 11 crew and passengers crashed into the Pacific Ocean, southeast of Okinawa. CNN's Ivan Watson has more.

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Navy aircraft crashes in Pacific Ocean with 11 people on board

The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is currently stationed in the Philippine Sea.


U.S. Navy aircraft with 11 on board crashes into Pacific: Live updates

<b>by:</b> Updated: Nov 22, 2017 - 3:47 AM<p>Loading...<p><b>TOKYO</b> - A U.S. Navy aircraft with 11 people on board has crashed into the Pacific Ocean, officials said …

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Tiny modern cabin makes up a dream Hawaiian getaway

Is this real life?<p>Is this it? Is this the ideal tiny cabin living scenario? Occupying a 300-year-old lava formation in the mountains of Maui is Outside House, a home formed by two pavilions designed by Oregon-based architect Erin Moore.<p>The first is a wood- and polycarbonate-clad asymmetrical …


Choosing a Map Projection

“Cartographers at National Geographic discuss how they select an appropriate map projection for the September 2012 magazine map supplement. –World …



With the aid of Google Maps, UFO enthusiasts have discovered what appears to be a massive anomaly, what some are referring to as a “giant pyramid” …


Seacliff State Beach

Late October is a great time to visit the beach in Northern California. We visited Seacliff for a long weekend and enjoyed the drive there as much as …


Snow in Northern California, and several feet more to come

(WHDH) — Northern California is experiencing high moisture coming from the Pacific Ocean causing snow storms.<p>The National Weather Service said they …


247 years ago: Russian navigator Ivan Kruzenstern was born

Ivan Kruzenshtern was born on Nov. 19, 1770, into a family of judges. He studied in Kronstadt and in 1787 joined the Russian Navy to fight in the war against Sweden. After the conflict, he went to England in 1793 to continue studying seamanship. He explored the Bermudas and the Bay of Bengal. …

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Watch Earth 'breathe' in this awesome time-lapse video

'These are incredibly evocative visualizations of our living planet.'<p>A cool new time-lapse video of Earth reveals how our planet has changed over the last two decades as NASA satellites continuously monitored the populations of plant life on land and in the oceans.<p>The video shows Earth "breathing" …


Justice League's two post-credit scenes explained (SPOILERS)

<i>Justice League</i> is out this week, and if you like what you see in the movie proper, you should definitely stay behind for the credits, all the way to …


Big Pacific: Palolo Worms, the sprawling spectacle

From pages 23-24 of <i>Big Pacific</i>:<p>Mysteriously driven by the moon’s cycle, the mass spawning of Palolo worms leads to a unique annual harvest on many …


The Growing Islands Of Plastic

<b>People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, including the pollution of our oceans. The seas are becoming a dumping ground for</b> …


Ultra-wealthy win in Senate tax bill, others face hikes

The ultra-wealthy do very well under a major Republican tax bill moving in the Senate, as they do under legislation passed this week by the House.

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New Zealand man found on life raft in Pacific Ocean after yacht got into trouble off Norfolk Island

NZ boatie has been spotted off Norfolk Island by Hercules, but what happened to his boat is not known.<p>Is there an art to picking the lucky numbers or …

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Sea creatures living as low as 7 miles deep are eating plastic

This is the scary reality of our current situation with increasing ocean plastics<p>In recent years, manmade plastics making their way into our oceans …


Clifftop House Features Mountain-Inspired Walkable Roof

Living in a remote location with unforgiving climatic conditions has its challenges. Most people think of Hawaii as a tropical paradise full of warm …


Everything is eating plastic, even in the very deepest parts of the ocean

Plastic is probably everywhere in your life—but according to new research conducted in the very deepest parts of the ocean, that’s true even for the …


Sea creatures in Mariana Trench (the deepest place on Earth) have plastic in their stomachs

Sea creatures living in the deepest part of the ocean have been found with man-made fibres in their stomachs for the first time, showing that no part of the world’s seas are now untouched by human rubbish.<p>Scientists from Newcastle University discovered that every single crustacean surveyed at the …


20 Facts About Our Plastic-Packed Planet and 9 Ways to Help

Plastic is moldable, durable, and its versatility means it's everywhere and in everything from computers to medical devices. Its benefits are …


The Best Way to See Taiwan’s Rugged Coast Is Slowly—and on a Bike

There comes a moment during every great endurance adventure when, no matter how fit you are, no matter how experienced, a simple, penetrating …


Humans have dumped tons of plastic into oceans. Now it’s reached the deepest depths, study finds

The crustaceans crawling through the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean are almost like aliens: We know little about them, they’re …


Tiffani's Yamaha FZ-07 Tour Chapter 3 Part 20

I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used Mexico, if the east half of the country is just much more enjoyable, or if the rainy season has just cleaned up …


4 Years of the Andes Pacifico - Photo Epic

This February will mark the 5th running of the now infamous Santa Cruz Andes Pacifico Enduro. A five day multi-stage adventure of a race with …


Watch: This chilling recording will remind you that our oceans are still full of mysteries

They called it The Bloop. Back in 1997, a group of marine scientists monitoring the Pacific Ocean recorded a sound no one had ever heard before. The …


3 Important Leadership Lessons from Extreme Sports

Whether you are an athlete or not, endurance sports provide universal takeaways that are crucial for success as a founder and CEO.<p>Some argue that CEOs shouldn't get distracted by outside activities or personal hobbies. Focus is important, but I would argue that a variety of interests makes for a …

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