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Celebrate the OED's 90th birthday with us!<p>This year sees the 90th anniversary of the publication of the completed First Edition of the <i>Oxford English</i> …


The Making of the <em>Oxford English Dictionary</em

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time suck, n.

OED Word of the Day: time suck, n. Something time-consuming; a waste of time


The Making of the <i>Oxford English Dictionary</i

Oxford University Press

locoman, n.1 : Oxford English Dictionary

1796 J. G. Stedman <i>Narr. Exped. Surinam</i> II. xxvi. 262 Their Locomen, or pretended prophets, find their interest in encouraging this superstition by …


historiaster, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

1736 Z. Grey <i>Eng. Presbyterian Eloquence</i> (title-page) Humbly inscribed to those two celebrated Historiasters, Mr. Oldmixon..and Mr. Samuel …


germiniparous, adj. : Oxford English Dictionary

1830 H. T. Colebrooke in <i>Trans. Royal Asiatic Soc.</i> <b>2</b> 36 The threefold division..is, 1st. viviparous (<i>jívaja</i>)..2d. oviparous (<i>an'd'aja</i>)..3d. …


geotic, adj. : Oxford English Dictionary

1755 Johnson <i>Dict. Eng. Lang.</i> <i>Geotic</i>, belonging to the earth; terrestrial. <i>Dict.</i><p>1833 <i>Mil. & Naval Mag. U.S.</i> Mar. Prospectus following p. 64 All who are …


fluonomist, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

1946 <i>Times</i> 22 Oct. 2/4 He recently saw that a sweep described himself as a fluonomist. The man charged 6d. more than an ordinary sweep.<p>1965 <i>N.Z.</i> …


Submission form | Oxford English Dictionary

Thank you for helping us record the past and present of the English language.<p>Find out what makes a good submission here, or fill out the form below …


cabbage, n.3 : Oxford English Dictionary

1663 <i>Hudibras: Second Pt.</i> iii. 56 For as Taylors preserve their Cabbage, So Squires take care of Bag and Baggage.<p>1719 in T. D'Urfey <i>Wit & Mirth</i> IV. 50 …

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boation, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

1646 Sir T. Browne <i>Pseudodoxia Epidemica</i> iii. xxvii. 142 Whether the large perforations..may not much assist this mugiency or boation .<p>1663 J. Heath</i> …


anteambulo, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

1598 S. Gosson <i>Trumpet of Warre</i> sig. F6v When he went abrode he had certaine <i>Anteambulones</i>, some that ran before him.<p>1609 W. M. <i>Man in Moone</i> sig. D [A …


labion, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

View as:<p>Keywords:<p>Quotations:<p><b>Forms:</b> 16 <b>labeon</b>, 16 <b>labion</b>.<p><b>Origin:</b> A borrowing from Latin. <b>Etymons:</b> Latin <i>labiōn-</i>, <i>labiō</i>, <i>labeon-</i>, <i>labeo</i>.<p><b>Etymology:</b> < classical …


artilect, n. : Oxford English Dictionary

1994 <i>Avogadro Machines & Nano-evolution</i> in <i>sci.nanotech</i> (Usenet newsgroup) 11 Feb. Rivalry between these two groups will be bitter until the artilect …

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Eminem-inspired ‘stan’ added to the Oxford English Dictionary | Oxford English Dictionary

It’s official: as of June 2018, the <i>Oxford English Dictionary</i> now includes a definition of <i>stan</i>, ‘an overzealous or obsessive fan, esp. of a particular …


blueth, n.

OED Word of the Day: blueth, n. The blue colour of the sky; blueness


Appeals: Hobby words | Oxford English Dictionary

Can you help us to identify and record the words, phrases, and expressions particular to your hobby or pastime?<p>You know that feeling you get when …


black-eyed Susan, n.

OED Word of the Day: black-eyed Susan, n. Any of various plants having pale flowers with dark centres


hippanthropy, n.

OED Word of the Day: hippanthropy, n. The delusional belief that one is a horse


Dictionary Milestones | Oxford English Dictionary

A chronology of events relevant to the history of the <i>OED</i><p><b>1857</b> At the suggestion of Frederick J. Furnivall, the Philological Society of London …


fungivorous, adj.

OED Word of the Day: fungivorous, adj. Of an animal: feeding on mushrooms or fungi


mafted, adj.

OED Word of the Day: mafted, adj. Oppressed or stifled, esp. by the heat; exhausted from heat, crowds, or exertion


The Meaning of Everything

• http://global.oup.com/academic/covers/uk/pop-up/9780198814399<p>New in Paperback<p>New Edition<p>The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary<p><b>Simon Winchester OBE</b><p>…


hippocrepiform, adj.

OED Word of the Day: hippocrepiform, adj. In botany: shaped like a horseshoe


mansplain, v. : Oxford English Dictionary

2008 phosfate in <i>journalfen.net/community/fandom_wank</i> (comment on blog) 21 May (Internet Archive Wayback Machine 16 Jan. 2009) Oh, gosh, thank you so …

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John McWhorter on the 90th birthday of the Oxford English Dictionary.

<i>Listen to Lexicon Valley via Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play.</i><p>The Oxford English Dictionary turns 90 this year. John …

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Paperback writer | Oxford English Dictionary

As the publication date approached for the paperback version of my history of the <i>Oxford English Dictionary</i> – now available from all good booksellers! …


rasgueado, n.

OED Word of the Day: rasgueado, n. The act of sweeping the strings of a guitar with the fingertips


quob, v.

OED Word of the Day: quob, v. To throb, palpitate; (also) to quiver