Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire, 1461-1683.

The world as 100 people over the last 200 years.<p>Europeans are divided along ideological lines in their views of the EU, but this division is not a …


Turkey needs to stay out of Qatar’s mess

In my part of the world, people used to believe that their fate was determined by dark conspiracies cooked up by Western powers, or Israel, and that local politics was simply window-dressing for Western imperial interests. No longer. The past few years have proven that Muslims have no greater enemy …

Middle East

Religion and World Politics part 13 - Stephen Chan

<b>Stephen Chan:</b> After World War II there was a great dri­ve towards sec­u­lar­i­ty and mod­ern­iza­tion in a range of Islamic soci­eties. A num­ber of …


The Complex Domestication of Cats

<b>A group of scientists has traced the domestication of cats by analyzing the DNA of ancient felines, discovering two major waves of domestication that</b> …


Hungary coach offers fans free tickets after humbling loss

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — The coach of Hungary is offering free tickets to a pair of World Cup qualifiers to fans who attended the team's 1-0 loss in Andorra last week.<p>Bernd Storck said on state television on Friday that his proposition was meant to win back support of angry fans after one of …


The 1830s Are Back Like A Statement Sleeve

Is Romantic nationalism back too?L to R: Net-A-Porter, Anthropologie, AritziaWe are demonstrating, we are protesting, we resent the decisions of our …


Reading Erdogan’s Ambitions in Turkey’s New Mosques

In Turkey, mosques have a dual spiritual and economic purpose. This surprised me when I first moved to the country more than a decade ago. I expected God and money to be kept separate, at least outwardly, more in keeping with the discreet, cash-in-envelopes Christian churches of my youth. Yet …

World News

Hiking from Kipi to Dilofo

The Break<p>Day 5<p>Even though today would be something like a day off. We still agreed to walk for a couple of hours, so that our legs wouldn’t get stiff.<p>…

Asia Travel

12 reasons to visit Istanbul this summer

Istanbul, Constantinople, Byzantium; whatever you call it, this city is unique.<p>It’s the only one on Earth to straddle two continents, and a medieval …


Surfing's Great Emerging Nations; Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Greece & Senegal - Wavelength - Europe's First Surf Magazine

A few weeks ago the ISA World Games in Biarritz played host to more nations than ever before, as surfing’s inclusion in the Olympics looms and the …


Movie review: The doc 'Letters From Baghdad' reveals the desert adventures of Gertrude Bell

She roamed across deserts, loading camels with evening gowns and cutlery, slipping through ancient ruins like a spy and finding herself the lone …

Middle East

Wonder Woman Is A Powerful Rebuke Of The Left's View On Foreign Policy

Admittedly, I've grown weary of the incessant barrage of superhero movies coming out of Hollywood.

Foreign Policy

My naked experience in Istanbul's oldest hamam

<b>The Turkish hamams were historically used for commercial, cultural and religious reasons, established during the Ottoman Empire for the Sultans and</b> …


Important milestones in Qatar's history amid Gulf rift

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Qatar, now embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with other Arab nations, is a small country with a history of turmoil and coups.<p>Its massive natural gas reserves and tiny population have made it one of the richest per capita countries in the world, and its popular …

Middle East

Qatar's historical milestones amid Gulf rift

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Qatar, now embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with other Arab nations, is a small country with a history of turmoil and …

Middle East

Israeli Experts: Erdogan’s Turkey Trying To Take Over East Jerusalem

"...the vacuum has been filled by Islamist political structures."


Iraqi Forces Bogged Down Against IS in Old Mosul

Despite vowing that a renewed offensive against Islamic State in Mosul will be a “final push,” Iraqi forces continue to get bogged down in ancient …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece

Naar, professor of Sephardic Jewish studies at the University of Washington with a family background in Salonica, has achieved something of signal …

Middle East

Istanbul is frame of Turkey, says President Erdoğan - LOCAL

LOCAL >Istanbul is frame of Turkey, says President Erdoğan<p>ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency<p>AA photo<p>Istanbul is the frame of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip …


A 16th-century engineer whose work almost defeated an Empire

When the Ottomans laid siege to Rhodes, this smart inventor held them off for months.<p>Suleiman the Magnificent earned his epithet, at least …

World History

Why Are the Muslims Angry with the Western World?

Rabat – In the last year or so, many countries, either within coalitions, or on a solitary basis have been striking at ISIS where it is supposed to …


Mass Graves Found in Jaffa Date to Invasion by Napoleon

Excavations in Jaffa have uncovered the disarticulated remains of about 40 bodies in two mass graves dating to the late 18th century. The bodies …

World History

The Religious History of Pretzels

Most of people don't know that pretzels began as a monk's joke.<p>We may not often think much about pretzels—absentmindedly tossing them in our carts as …


Between Asia and Europe: Best of Istanbul, Turkey in 5 days

The Italian novelist Edmondo De Amicis said, “Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archaeologist, diplomat and merchant, princess and sailor, …

Asia Travel

Levin: 'No Such Thing As A Palestinian'

There’s no such thing as a Palestinian,” said Mark Levin on Monday, while broadcasting from Israel. “They’re Arabs.

Conservative POV

It IS About Islam: This Is a War Against Evil

Manchester, England, 22 people were killed, 59 others were wounded. It happened at 10:30 last night, just as the concert was ending.<p>Police say a man …

Conservative POV

Turkey brings back Ottoman sports to revive past glory

Istanbul's Ethnic Sports Cultural Festival aims to promote the sports practiced by the ancestors of modern Turks - from the nomadic horsemen of …

World News

Turkey says will "not beg" Germany to stay at NATO base - DIPLOMACY

DIPLOMACY >Turkey says will ‘not beg’ Germany to stay at NATO base<p>ANKARA<p>Turkey’s top diplomat has hit back at German plans to pull its troops out of …


The Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet

There's a difference.<p>While ice cream or gelato might be your go-to dessert for spring and summer, you should not forget their fruitier counterparts, …


Germany Warns It Could Pull Its NATO Troops Out of Turkey Base

Berlin on Monday slammed Ankara's refusal to allow German lawmakers to visit a NATO base near Syria and warned it could move its troops elsewhere.<p>The …