The Man With 15,000 Pieces of Chopstick-Wrapper Origami

A restaurant job turned into a collecting passion.<p>We’ve all fiddled with our chopstick wrappers when eating out at an Asian restaurant. Creating a …


Component specification

Origami component specification<p><i>To start using Origami components with your product, see the using Origami in your products section.</i><p>This section …


Origami Yoda Series Set

<b>Save 20% when you purchase the set!</b><p>Help reluctant readers embrace the power of books in your library with the Origami Yoda Series Set. Tom …


Watch This Man Try to Break the Record for Paper Airplane Flight

This Friday, an attempt to make history takes flight: John Collins, otherwise known as The Paper Airplane Guy, will try to fly a paper airplane …

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Need a beach read? Canoe out to the Floating Library on Lake Phalen this weekend

You’ve heard of good beach reads. How about good drifting-in-the-middle-of-the-lake reads?And what better place to get a book for your boat than at a …

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How To Make Origami Gift Boxes | PaperCrafter How To Video

Watch our simple steps to create a patterned paper box then fold it to make a perfect gift box for birthdays and Christmas.<p>More videos<p>new video<p>Missed …


this 3D-printed origami robot captures delicate sea creatures without crushing them

jul 16, 2018<p>the volante vision concept will take full advantage of the latest advances in aerospace, electrification and autonomous technologies, …


Origami device captures deep-sea creatures with delicacy

<b>US researchers have created an origami-inspired device for gently capturing delicate sea creatures to study and return to the ocean.</b><p>RAD (rotary …


Watch this origami fish grabber nab a deep-sea squid

As anyone knows who has tried—and failed—to pluck a stuffed animal from the pile in those popular arcade games, using a mechanical hand is tough. …


World-famous origami maverick coming to Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

A physicist who has expanded the world of origami in amazing ways is coming to Minnesota.


New Origami Robot Can Collect Sensitive Sea Creatures Without Harming Them

Possibly the most wholesome invention on planet Earth right now.<p>Deep in the pelagic midwaters of the ocean swim fragile, ethereal sea creatures. Many …


Hi-fi prototypes, are they worth it?

High fidelity prototypes: are they worth it? 🤔As product designers we’re in this amazing space now with loads of tools to help us accomplish …


Young World Carnival’s workshops to pick up a skill or two

<i>The Hindu Young World</i> Carnival, presented by Indian Terrain Boy, in association with Madhu Kuruva and Collab House, is organising a pencil sketching …


New Origami Robot Gently Catches Deep Sea Creatures

A new origami-inspired robotic claw that looks like a cross between a flower and a crab pincer could help marine biologists capture delicate …


This 3D-printed origami trap captures delicate sea life without hurting them

A gentler way to grab soft-bodied specimens<p>To call someone “spineless” is an insult on land, but in the ocean, it’s simply a sensible lifestyle choice. From jellyfish to octopuses, anemones to sea cucumbers, life under the waves teems with squishy invertebrates. But while these soft bodies are …


Neat 12-Sided Origami Bot Traps Squid and Jellyfish Without Hurting Them

The dodecahedron could help us understand the weird, weird life deep under the ocean.<p>Deep sea scientists have a longstanding problem: studying a soft, spineless creature without damaging it beyond recognition. Now they have a new solution: origami-inspired robots with a soft touch.<p>In research …

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Don’t Squish the Jellyfish. Capture It With a Folding Robotic Claw.

The ocean is filled with jellyfish. They form critical links in the marine food chain, some are immortal and others remain floating enigmas. Some scientists consider them and other squishy creatures similar to living works of art, and they don’t want to kill or injure these masterpieces they’re …

Monterey Bay Aquarium

NOVA - Official Website | The Origami Revolution

The Origami Revolution<p>PBS Airdate: Feburary 15, 2017<p><i>NARRATOR:</i> Origami: the ancient art of paper folding; it's been practiced for centuries, but now …

University of Washington

Single-celled architects inspire new nanotechnology

Diatoms are tiny, unicellular creatures, inhabiting oceans, lakes, rivers, and soils. Through their respiration, they produce close to a quarter of …


Discover Tokyo’s newest halal restaurant

<b>THE opening of Origami Asakusa will make halal dining in Tokyo easier for Muslim travelers.</b>Origami Asakusa will be opened by leading Japanese …


Suzhou exhibition brings alive scenes in 'The Little Prince'

<i>The Little Prince</i> by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry has touched millions of hearts around the world since it was first published in 1943. A …

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Um, This Full-Functioning Kayak Folds Up into a Briefcase

Two things we would never have thought to put together: Origami and kayaks.<p>But one clever company has done exactly that, letting adventure-seekers go …


How to Fold an Origami Crane

These step by step instructions will teach you how to fold the traditional paper crane, no prior paper-folding experience required!


Free Printable Dogs and Cats Origam

A super easy Dogs and Cats Origami craft for kids. Free printable template of Alskan malamute, Shiba inu, Russian Blue, and Siamese.


‘Good Propaganda’: Brown Paper Zine and Small Press Fair Set Up Shop in New York

The fair featured 35 vendors of upstart publication projects in addition to talks and workshops. Read MoreThe post ‘Good Propaganda’: Brown Paper …

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Ideo Releases A New Photoshop For Interaction Design

The design agency offers an improved version of Origami, the open-source UX prototyping tool Facebook released earlier this year.<p>A few months ago, Facebook released a bit of open-source code called Origami, which lets designers create and test user interfaces without any coding.<p>Now, Ideo has …


MIT Cheetah 3 Robot

LinkMIT continues to improve upon its fast-moving Cheetah robot. In addition to its speed, it can now leap or gallop on rugged terrain, recover its …


Watch A Life-Size Elephant Sculpture Take Shape Out Of A Single Sheet Of Paper

Last December, we heard about artist Sipho Mabona’s quest to fold a life-size origami elephant out of a single sheet of paper. And now he’s finally done it–and we’ve got the video to show how it was done.<p>“White Elephant,” as the project is called, started with a sheet of paper, albeit one that’s 50 …


From pugs to Tom Riddle’s diary, this Chennai artist makes origami miniatures

Miniature art is gaining traction worldwide. Many artists have adopted this form of art, replacing large canvases with smaller ones.<p>Coins, stamps, …


A 'Japanese tip': the origami art left by diners

1 / 4<p>An origami bird made from a chopstick sleeve -- part of a collection put together by former waiter Yuki Tatsumi<p>Yuki Tatsumi was waiting tables …