Oregon Trail

"Minecraft" Brings "Oregon Trail" to the Classroom

Microsoft hopes teachers bring Minecraft to their classroom to better teach students, director Neal Manegold says. "Oftentimes, educators aren't the …


What’s New in EDU: Hack the Classroom and hit the Oregon Trail with Minecraft: Education Edition

A classroom is more than a room built with brick and mortar. Inside, educators and students come together as builders too, assembling projects, …


Where To Roadtrip Bases on Your Zodiac Sign!

<b>Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)</b><p>A Capricorn knows that practicality is key, but balancing it with adventure and exploration is necessary to maintain a …

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‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ Brings 21st-Century Students Back to the Oregon Trail

By Meghan Bogardus CortezThe popular world-building game is reviving a classic classroom video game.


The Company That Wants To Replace Textbooks With Video Games

On any given day, CEO André Thomas arrives at his company Triseum’s office in Bryan, Texas at nine in the morning. While this is when Thomas gets in, …


The Company That Wants To Replace Textbooks With Video Games

CEO Andre Thomas talking about Variant: Limits. Photo courtesy of André Thomas.<p>On any given day, CEO André Thomas arrives at his company Triseum's …


Ryerson Holdings: Potential Growth With A Big 'If'

After an underwhelming IPO in late 2014, volatility has diminished.<p>From a revenue perspective Ryerson is significantly undervalued.<p>Middle and bottom …


The Oregon Trail returns to schools in Minecraft: Education Edition

Many kids who attended school in the 1980s and 1990s will probably have fond memories of <i>The Oregon Trail</i>. An educational game meant to show children …


'Minecraft' adds 'Oregon Trail' to teach kids about frontier life

If you went to school in the US in the early 1990s, chances are you have fond memories of playing the computer game <i>The Oregon Trail</i>. Now, schoolchildren around the world will be able to replicate that experience thanks to a new <i>Minecraft: Education Edition</i> integration.<p>Before you fire up your version …


The Oregon Trail is coming back to schools through Minecraft

<i>The Oregon Trail</i> is perhaps the most beloved educational game ever made — and soon it’ll be getting a new life in schools thanks to <i>Minecraft</i>. A blocky rendition of <i>The Oregon Trail</i> is now available for <i>Minecraft: Education Edition</i>, a version of the game tailored specifically for classrooms. The new</i> …


Minecraft’s New Oregon Trail Experience Has Everything—Even the Dysentery

Technology in School<p>Minecraft’s New Oregon Trail Experience Has Everything—Even the Dysentery<p>By Stephen Noonoo     Sep 18, 2017<p>Microsoft<p>Remember the …


Play Oregon Trail Inside Minecraft: Education Edition

Students can take a trip across North America while learning about the 'wonders and challenges that pioneers encountered on this famous …


Minecraft is bringing a new take on The Oregon Trail to classrooms

The Oregon Trail is headed back to classrooms thanks to an unexpected partner: Minecraft.Minecraft: Education Edition is introducing a whole new …


The Oregon Trail

GASTON, Ore. — In the kitchen at the headquarters of Big Table Farm, the home of the proprietors Brian Marcy and Clare Carver, a few words to live by are written on a blackboard hanging a bit lopsidedly on a wall:<p>“Do a little bit every day towards your dream.”<p>The husband-and-wife team have operated …


Report: Top administrators at Oregon Trail Middle School not returning to school

The principal and vice-principal at Oregon Trail Middle School in Olathe will not be returning to the school, according to local media …


Santa Cruz Bikes Will Match Oregon’s Bike Tax, Donate to Trailbuilding

In June, Oregon became the first state to pass a bike tax, charging a flat $15 for every two-wheeler costlier than $200 with 26-inch diameter wheels …

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Santa Cruz pays the “Oregon Trail Tax” to keep singletrack growing

After the state of Oregon passed a $15 bike tax on most any bike costing more than $200, Santa Cruz Bicycles responded with a matching donation. The …


Feast or famine? Oregon will present Huskers with plenty of obstacles on this expedition

LINCOLN — Load up the covered wagon. It’s time to blaze the Oregon Trail to Willamette Valley.<p>Coach Mike Riley leads the party, and he’s got a Tanner …

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Santa Cruz Matches Bike Tax

In Response to Oregon's Bike Tax, Santa Cruz Plans to Raise Money For Trails<p>In early July, Oregon passed a controversial bill that will add a flat …

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The best mobile games for back to school

School is back in full swing, and if you happen to be a student you're probably not super jazzed about getting back to the textbooks. At least there …


George Cull obituary

My friend and former colleague George Cull, who has died aged 89, had a deep knowledge of all types of aircraft and of model-making.<p>George was born in Highgate, north London, to Cleophas Cull, a racing mechanic, and his wife, Louisa (nee Green). During his childhood George developed an interest in …


The Oregon Trail, GBL, and 7 suggestions to integrate gaming in the classroom

I had a flashback moment a few days ago as I was reading Lance Mosier’s sweet blog post You Died Of Dysentery! Resources on The Oregon Trail. First …


Watch: The Geekiest Video Essay of All Time Reveals 'Terminator' Code

The mystery of what Arnold was looking at in those POV shots in 'The Terminator'<i></i> is solved once and for all.James Cameron is not a filmmaker who lets …

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49 Things That'll Make Anyone Between The Ages Of 32–39 Relive Their Early Childhood

Truly a great time to be a kid!

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Top 26 Wilderness Experiences

Get a massage in the wilderness<p><b>Who it’s for:</b> CEOs, celebs, you on a splurge.<p><b>The essence:</b> Camping for people who love nature and indoor plumbing.<p><b>The</b> …


The most historical games on PC

PC games are full of arcane artifacts spurring on ancient civilizations, Nazis riding dinosaurs, and Ghandi nuking the entire planet. Historical …

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The Coen brothers on coming to Netflix: 'We are streaming motherfuckers!'

In late January, we reported that the Minnesota duo were working on a Western miniseries with Annapurna Studios. Now, the project has a star, a …


Bored with digital games? Join the board game renaissance

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70+ New Board Games Are Heading to Target Later This Year

Board game lovers, it’s time to clear out some space in your game cabinet. On Friday, Target announced that they’re releasing a whopping 70-plus new, …

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What the AltspaceVR Shutdown Means for the Future of Virtual Reality

AltspaceVR, a social platform designed for virtual reality, has announced it will shut down on August 3, citing “unforeseen financial difficulties.” …

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