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49 Things You'll Immediately Understand If You Were A Kid In The Late '80s

Truly a great time to be a kid!

Paula Abdul

Top 26 Wilderness Experiences

Get a massage in the wilderness<p><b>Who it’s for:</b> CEOs, celebs, you on a splurge.<p><b>The essence:</b> Camping for people who love nature and indoor plumbing.<p><b>The</b> …


The most historically accurate PC games

PC games that get their history right—but focus first and foremost on fun strategy and combat.

Kerbal Space Program

Stop trying to make ‘millennial’ happen

<i>About US is a new initiative by The Washington Post to cover issues of identity in the United States. Look for the About US newsletter launching this fall.</i><p>I am a 33-year-old millennial. That lumps me in the same generation as people born in the mid- to late 1990s — when I was engrossed in the …

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The Coen brothers on coming to Netflix: 'We are streaming motherfuckers!'

In late January, we reported that the Minnesota duo were working on a Western miniseries with Annapurna Studios. Now, the project has a star, a …


A glimpse into rising comedy star Cole Escola’s way of life

The hilarious "Difficult People" actor feels at home playing women inspired by his muses: his mom, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

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Bored with digital games? Join the board game renaissance

They have names such as <i>Pandemic</i>, <i>Codenames</i> and <i>Dominion</i>, but you won't find them in the App Store.<p>In a world where seemingly all things are digital — look around in any public place and you'll undoubtedly see all eyes glued to mobile devices — a unique trend is popping up: a renewed interest in board …

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What the AltspaceVR Shutdown Means for the Future of Virtual Reality

AltspaceVR, a social platform designed for virtual reality, has announced it will shut down on August 3, citing “unforeseen financial difficulties.” …

Virtual Reality

70+ New Board Games Are Heading to Target Later This Year

Board game lovers, it’s time to clear out some space in your game cabinet. On Friday, Target announced that they’re releasing a whopping 70-plus new, …

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Pyre review

Supergiant Games delivers stunning art and a well-written story, but stretched across an overlong, repetitive campaign.

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The Oregon Trail Brew Fest

The Oregon Trail Brew Fest, presented by Oregon City Brewing Company returns this July as the only Brew Fest to celebrate breweries along the Oregon …


Oregon Timber Trail is Ready for Bikepackers from Illinois Farmers to Boston Bankers

<i>With Xennials who grew up on Oregon Trail hitting prime bikepacking age, we wanted to share this cool new opportunity. Although it is not the Oregon</i> …


Road Trip: Exploring the New Oregon Trail

Skipping Portland in favor of wine country, small towns, and ocean views<p>By Jackie Bryant<p>Published: 2017.07.21 10:32 AM<p>Illustration by Melanie Lambrick<p>…

Road Trips

Long Live the ‘90s: ‘Edtech’ Crazes Every Teacher (and Student) Secretly Wishes Were Still Around

If you’ve ever been tempted to click on one of those ‘90s-nostalgia posts, we really can’t blame you—I mean, who doesn’t want to skim through …


Secrets Your Business Coach Never Told You About the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is this generation’s version of the <i>wild west</i>. Instead of covered wagons and an Oregon Trail, intrepid entrepreneurs are diving …


Tiny off-road teardrop proves itself the alpha of the pack

One of the smallest off-road camping trailers we've seen of late is also the one with the biggest attitude. Oregon Trail'R coats its tiny Do-Drop …


Here’s What Back-to-School Looked Like In The 90s vs. Today

It happens every year. Just as soon as you really start kicking back in summer mode it hits you: it’s time to start thinking about back to school …


How to pack your summer minivan so everyone’s happy (or at least less miserable)

Today’s minivans are no longer stodgy, dad-approved cubes designed for the sole purpose of taking third graders to and from practice, but sleek, practical and fully modernized vehicles designed for the sole purpose of taking third graders to and from practice. But they also work for vacations, …


First Look: OTDefense Firearm Stippling Kit

Looking for an easy, inexpensive stippling kit for your firearm? Check out this new product from OTDefense.


Beyond Medical Illustration

The surprising applications of a profession you may not know exists


Ending My Oregon Trail Journey at Pendleton

Once the pioneers got well into Oregon, they kept going north to the Columbia River. Water sources were more reliable on this route and it was easier …


Buckle Up, Folks: Generation Prime Has Arrived

By now, you’ve heard the buzz: If you were born between 1977 and 1983, you’re not a Gen-Xer or a Millennial, you’re a Xennial — a somewhat witty …


Forest Service plan could fundamentally change hiking in Oregon’s wilderness

News that the U.S. Forest Service is proposing a way to limit the number of people entering Oregon’s wilderness areas didn’t come as a major …


Oregon at Last!

Once the Oregon Trail pioneers left the Snake River they were technically in the Oregon Territory. But this was the not the part of Oregon where they …

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Fords, Fossils, and Murals, Oh My!

The Snake River in Idaho is a huge torrent of a river that carves a deep gorge in the landscape. Much of the gorge cuts across the southern part of …


How I Managed to Design the Most Successful Educational Computer Game of All Time

<b>The Oregon Trail</b> is, by most measures, the most successful education computer game of all time. Many versions of the game were created over the …


You're Doing It Wrong! 10 Tips to Up Your Selfie Game

As someone who remembers when the AppleIIC debuted back in the '80s—who in there 30s didn’t spend hours in front of that green screen playing Oregon …


Quirky, Collaborative Culture Makes Portland a Hotbed for VR

<b>A diverse community of digital pioneers are building the foundation for Portland, Oregon to shape the future of virtual reality.</b>It’s still science …

Virtual Reality

Circle Gets the Square

On Thursday, Twitter threw us a curveball (sorry) and smoothed out the once-square avatar photos into orbs floating around the timeline. The change …

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10 Educational PC Games Every 80s Kid Loved

Do you remember playing these classics in school?<p>As soon as personal computers went the mainstream route back in the late 1970s, adult buyers of PCs …

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