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Adrian Wecker: Warning - You're being followed through your phone even if you tell it to stop

A new investigation has found that Google is recording information about where you go and other 'location data', even if you thought you had gone …


Rethinking How We Build City Streets

When streets change, it’s usually not a good thing. Who among us takes pleasure in spreading potholes, deafening roadwork or time-sucking detours?<p>But …


Google tracks and records your movements even if you turn off Location History

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.<p>An Associated Press investigation …

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Why 2018 Has Been a Landmark Data Privacy Year

Research reveals how Americans feel about digital activity monitoring in the workplace and steps public and private sector organizations can take to …


Oracle: Apply Out-of-Band Patch for Database Flaw ASAP

Flaw in the Java VM component of Oracle's Database Server is easily exploitable, security experts warn.

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Big tech is still violating your privacy

<i>Giovanni Buttarelli is the European Union’s data protection supervisor. Because of his advocacy for the E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation law, he is sometimes called “Mr. GDPR.”</i><p>BRUSSELS — First came the scaremongering. Then came the strong-arming. After being contested in arguably the …


Protecting Humanitarian Aid From Risk

×<p>Humanitarian aid is distributed in some of the world’s most challenging environments, and the process of providing aid — from collecting funds through to the disbursement of money, goods, or services — can be rife with fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, and even money laundering and terrorist …


DATPROF and Parasoft unite software test automation, service virtualization, and test data management to reduce environment wait times by over 200%

Parasoft, the leader in automated software testing, announced today a new partnership with DATPROF, who specialize in test data subsetting and …

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What The Heck, Google? (Part 2)

So last week I was concerned about Google creating a censorship-friendly version of its search engine for the Chinese market.<p>Read Part 1 ⤵️<p><b>What The</b> …


The Morning Risk Report: Social Activism Prioritizes Push for Integrity, Inclusion

By<p>Ben DiPietro<p>Ben DiPietro<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p>Good morning. Organizations are focusing more on issues of integrity, diversity and inclusion as pressure from social activism drives these new priorities among senior leadership, according to a report from BSR, a global nonprofit …

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The unintended consequences of GDPR

GDPR has done a world of good. It has enabled us to understand digital privacy, empowered the consumer about her rights and put a steep monetary …

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New data access bill shows we need to get serious about privacy with independent oversight of the law

The federal government today announced its proposed legislation to give law enforcement agencies yet more avenues to reach into our private lives …


Channel still has plenty of work to do around GDPR

Microscope Editor<p>Follow:<p>It has been almost three months since GDPR came into being but there are still plenty of customers not yet up to speed with …


IDG Contributor Network: Online manipulation is the the latest data protection debate

As privacy controversies continue to absorb public attention both here and in Europe, we are hearing more and more about manipulative “dark patterns” …

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Big Tech can't shake its sneaky reputation

Big Tech is constantly reassuring the public and policymakers that its technology isn't being used to spy on its users.<p><b>Why it matters:</b> Trust issues …


What happens to the idea of security in a rising tide of big data

We need to democratize threat intelligence data, says IBM Security Vice President Caleb Barlow.<p>TechRepublic's Dan Patterson sat down with Caleb …

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All current regulations about online privacy are flawed because they view privacy as a thing that needs protecting, rather than a trade-off for benefits

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Researchers Reveal Security Vulnerabilities in Tracking Apps

At Defcon, security researchers revealed 37 new vulnerabilities in tracking apps that could have enabled attackers to steal information and track …

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Get serious about consumer data protection

The idea that organizations should be doing more to protect the personal data they hold about individuals has been gaining ground in recent years. …

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How Apple’s AI imaging vision may save lives

Apple’s focus on machine intelligence in imagingand digital healthtechnology may become a great recipe for the development of innovative health …

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Congressmen Love Talking About Tech Companies—But Don’t Understand How They Work

All children learn that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. But that hasn’t stopped congressmen from talking about …


Congress can't stay away from Big Tech

Members of Congress have mentioned major tech companies more than any other type of company over the past decade, according to data compiled by …

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Industrial Internet of Things - Reports - World Economic Forum

During the past 15 years, the Internet revolution has redefined business-to-consumer (B2C) industries such as media, retail and financial services. …

Internet of Things

Turnbull government security bill threatens online privacy

Despite the critical importance of security to digital life, the Australian government yesterday made good on its threat to undermine encryption, …


Euronext announces acquisition of additional interest in FastMatch

<b>CONTACT - Media:</b><p><b>CONTACT - Investor …


Amazon Should Urgently Set Up Data Servers In India: Govt

Bringing data localisation into force, the Indian government has told Amazon to <b>“urgently” begin working</b> on setting up local data servers in India.The …

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Equifax Avoided Fines, but What If ...?

Let's imagine the consequences the company would have faced if current laws had been on the books earlier.

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IDG Contributor Network: Building relationships using digital identity

It feels like a natural fit when you think of digital identity and relationships. We use our identity to form relationships that are then used to …

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90 million Americans use mobile pay apps — but are they safe?

Millions of Americans use peer-to-peer payment services such as Venmo or Apple Pay for on-the-spot money transfers — but is your data safe and are your transactions private?<p>Consumer Reports decided to find out. The editors tested five popular services and found significant differences in data …

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The Data Arms Race Is No Excuse for Abandoning Privacy

High-tech industries have become the new battlefield as the United States and China clash over tariffs and trade deficits. It’s a new truism that the …