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Study: Pupils do too much homework

Chinese children spend too much time studying and not enough on activities that develop their social skills, which could affect their ability to …

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What's on the horizon for ed tech in 2018?

We asked four experts what they see as the biggest trends — and what they're most wary of.


Online Learning Guide with Text Classification using Vowpal Wabbit (VW)

Introduction<p>A large number of E-Commerce and tech companies rely on real time predictions for their products. Google predicts real time click-through …

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Online learning an alternative for snow days — but caution is necessary

Administrators must consider students' home internet access and learning needs before implementing "eLearning Day" plans.


Could online classrooms be the answer to teacher shortage in rural China?

One of the biggest barriers to educating China’s rural poor is finding enough teachers willing to take up jobs in remote and impoverished areas, but …


[D] Is there any bottleneck with online reinforcement learning that makes it not mainstream yet?

Online learning may refer to the ones with batch size to be 1, but here I mean online reinforcement learning is the RL where the agent is updated at …

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What a $4,000 Treadmill Means for the Future of Higher Education

Blog: Technology and LearningDo you remember when we once believed in the death of distance? The end of the tyranny of geography?The web was going to …


Babson Survey Group: Grade Increase: Tracking Distance Education in the United States

<i>Grade Increase: Tracking Distance Education in the United States</i> is the 14th annual report of the state of online learning in U.S. Higher education. …


After Loss of 'Net Neutrality,' Districts Weigh How to Protect Themselves

As school districts weigh the impact of losing assurances of "net neutrality," a professional organization is encouraging them to protect themselves …

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Free Online Learning | College of Public Health | The Ohio State University

The Center has a new face to its online learning management system (LMS). The new LMS, Canvas, is not only easier on the eyes, but in navigation as …


Data Science and R: how do I start?

It always starts with a DM on Twitter, where someone shares with me their personal data science ambitions, where they currently are in their plans, …

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Online Learning and Residential Colleges

Blog: Technology and LearningOnline learning should be part of the strategic plan of every college and university.Too often, university leaders make …


Why You Should Charge More When Pricing Your Online Course

FirmBee / Pixabay<p>The online learning revolution has been booming these past two years and it shows no signs of slowing down. Part of me used to think …


k-server, part 1: online learning and online algorithms

The -server problem is a classical and very attractive instance of online decision making. The decisions to be made in this problem are simple: given …

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98% of All Companies Plan to Use E-Learning by 2020 with Opportunities for Small Biz

Just a few years ago, e-Learning was a niche market not understood by a vast majority of businesses. Today, it’s a booming industry with immense …

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The Future Of Communication Is Already Here

All the hype in technology these days is around ML, AI/deep learning, self-driving cars, blockchain, AR/VR and other shiny new things. However, there is one area of technology that has been silently evolving and gaining momentum recently: communications. Comms no longer simply consists of things …

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Discover our Online Learning Environment (OLE)

Build novel skill combinations and boost your personal and professional development with our Open Learning Environment (OLE) units. These short, …


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The University of Utah has a Microsoft Campus Agreement for Microsoft software products. This agreement also includes free online learning …


Cyber Charters' Struggles: An Update Showing New Troubles in 8 States

Last year, <i>Education Week</i> took a deep dive into the world of full-time online charter schools, examining the ways in which big problems at Colorado's …


Ng aims to bring AI 'electricity' to manufacturing

SAN FRANCISCO – The artificial intelligence researcher who called AI the new electricity is now trying to make sure every company is plugged in.<p>Stanford professor Andrew Ng (ING), one of the leading figures in AI, is launching a starting called Landing.AI (LANDing-dot-A-I). Its aim initially is to …


Teachers Fear the Unknown in FCC's 'Net Neutrality' Vote

The FCC is on the verge of a closely watched decision on "net neutrality," and James Harris, an English teacher in Alaska, is feeling more than a …


Only 28% of SA businesses build employees skills

CAPE TOWN - Twenty-eight percent of South African businesses are helping their employees build their skills, despite a move towards web-based digital …

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The Importance Of Time Management In Online Learning

Managing your time effectively is essential when taking an online course, as you are in control of your own learning and pace.This post was first …

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How To Combine Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation In Online Learning

Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation In Online Learning: What Are The Differences?<p>Learning and Development professionals usually have the same mission …


Why people are deciding to attend classes via a robot

Robot learning—students learning remotely online while controlling robots in the classroom—can help students feel more engaged and connected to the …


The Stories We've Been Told (in 2017) about Education Technology

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2017: The Stories We’ve Been Told<p>At the end of every year since I founded Hack Education in 2010, I’ve reviewed what I think …


Creating a good environment for doing online learning

Learning online requires determination: there’s no teacher up front to keep you motivated and there are distractions just a click away. Your learning …


PD, Planning and Tech Investment Are Integral to Blended Learning Success

By Meghan Bogardus CortezA new report finds teachers are more successful at changing classrooms when they have support from schools and districts.


How To Build An Online Learning Resource Center Quickly

Building An Online Learning Resource Center Quickly<p>Learning resource centers are not a new concept. They have been around a long time, particularly …


But What If They Cheat? Giving Non-Proctored Online Assessments

As online education continues to grow, so does the potential for academic dishonesty. So how do you ensure your online students are not cheating on …