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Twitter finally draws a line on extremism

But not where you’d think<p>On Friday I wrote about Twitter’s seeming paralysis when it came to enforcing its platform rules. What, exactly, was going on over there? Late Friday evening, we got an answer of sorts. The company invited Cecilia Kang and Kate Conger of <i>The New York Times</i> to sit in on a …


Twitter finally admits Alex Jones violated its rules, hits him with a 7-day ban

Twitter has put Alex Jones in the sin bin for seven days after the Infowars host broke the company's rules.<p>Amid significant pressure to follow Apple, Facebook, and YouTube in deleting Jones' account permanently, it appears that Twitter is keeping a watching brief, rather than punishing him …

Alex Jones

Anti-Facebook site launches despite legal threats

FacebookZoo — a new, anti-Facebook blogging site — went live on Tuesday despite threats from Facebook’s legal team.<p>The site is pitching itself as a …

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The difference between on-site blog content and off-site content

<b>Google recently updated its search quality rating guidelines, which has had a profound impact on the way that content is created. Publishing a</b> …


Twitter suspends Alex Jones for one week

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been suspended from Twitter for one week for violating that platform’s rules, a report said Tuesday.<p>A spokesperson …

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Profile of Josh Russell, an amateur troll hunter who has helped journalists and social networks identify Russian disinformation online

7:45 AM ET, August 14, 2018<p><b>Facebook buys exclusive rights to show major Spanish soccer league La Liga in the Indian subcontinent for the next three</b> …


Meet the Indiana dad who hunts Russian trolls

<b>Bloomington, Indiana (CNN) —</b> When it comes to hobbies, Josh Russell concedes he gets a little obsessive. No matter his interest, be it videogames or miniature figurine board games, he always wants to be the best. Perhaps that explains the dedication he's shown to his latest pastime: Hunting Russian …

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Our Digital Age Threatens Heritage of Free Expression

Recently, in a series of unprecedented moves on the part of four major social media platforms, free expression was deliberately brought to a …

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The Struggle to Ban Alex Jones + Membership Models for News Organizations

There’s so much to unpack in this extremely timely chat with Jay Rosen. Jay teaches journalism at New York University and on this episode of …


Twitter should not have suspended Gavin McInnes

The mob has struck again – this time removing Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes from Twitter. The move was done a couple days before Unite the Right 2 …

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Vimeo scrubs Alex Jones from streaming service

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been removed from the streaming service Vimeo, a report said Sunday.<p>The company said it removed Jones’ InfoWars …

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The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views

Plays can be bought for pennies and delivered in bulk, inflating videos’ popularity and creating an environment ripe for manipulation.


WARNING: You CAN go to jail for spreading fake news

Cape Town - Fake news has been a part of human existence since the beginning, clinical and research psychologist Niel Victor said.“Of course, the …

Fake News

ProtonVPN Plus Subscriptions | MacTrast Deals

<b>System Requirements</b><p>Mac OS 10.12 or later<br>• Windows 7, 8, and 10<br>• Android 4.4 or later<br>• Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS• <i><br>Note: ProtonVPN for iOS is currently in</i> …


Dave Taylor: How do I tell if news is fake?

Q: After hearing the left and right accuse each other of "fake news" I'm left puzzled. How do I tell if a news story is fake or real?

Fake News

Infowars Tweets Deleted After CNN Identifies Account’s Twitter Policy Violations

Infowars apparently scrambled Thursday to avoid getting kicked off Twitter — the only big digital platform that hasn’t yet booted the hate-mongering …



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Press Freedom Does Not Grant Right to Dangerously Inflame

When President Donald Trump’s charged that the mainstream media put the "lives of many" at risk with its irresponsible reporting, New York Times …

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This is how much people hate their cable providers

I am sure that this will come as a tremendous shock to the five people who have had pleasant interactions with their cable provider in the past, but …


‘End Family Fire’: Advocates Want To Curb Children’s Deaths From Accidental Shootings By Giving The Problem A Name

“Just like the term ‘designated driver’ changed perceptions about drinking and driving, the term ‘Family Fire’ will help create public awareness to …

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Tribune Media terminates deal to be bought by Sinclair

Tribune Media Co (TRCO.N) has terminated its $3.9 billion deal to be bought by Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI.O), the company said on Thursday, after …

Net Neutrality

Snapchat Won't Remove Filter That Promotes Alex Jones

<i>By Alex Heath</i><p>Snapchat will not remove a filter that promotes InfoWars and the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the company told Cheddar on …

Alex Jones

YouTube now displays facts below conspiracy theory videos

Global warming, the MMR vaccine, UFOs, and more are in the spotlight so far. But will it work?<br>Read More

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In China, an entire generation is growing up with censored internet

<b>Free speech and censorship</b> are hot topics in North America, with heated debates over issues such as Facebook’s decision to delete pages belonging to …


Litigation News Updates from the National Law Review

<b>Quick Links</b><p><b>Litigation Legal News</b><p>In house attorneys looking for a better way to organize, vet and easily retrieve legal news created the National Law …


Twitter doesn’t have the spine to ban Alex Jones

It seems like every major tech company has had enough of Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and propagandist behind the controversial far-right site …

Alex Jones

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Explains Why He Hasn't Banned Alex Jones

The InfoWars host has been blacklisted by every other major tech platform<p>Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained the reasoning his company hasn’t removed …

Alex Jones

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends failure to ban Alex Jones

It’s critical journalists document, validate, and refute such information directly so people can form their own opinions Jack Dorsey<p>Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has defended his company’s decision to continue publishing the controversial tweets of the American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, saying …

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Twitter defends its decision to keep the Alex Jones conspiracy factory around

[Heavy sigh]<p>Twitter is doing that thing again. That thing where it stands by an incoherent policy choice that is only consistent with its long historical record of inconsistency.<p>Late Tuesday, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey took to the platform to defend his company’s choice to keep manic conspiracy theorist …


What they're saying: Outrage over Twitter's refusal to remove Alex Jones

While other major tech companies such as YouTube, Facebook and Apple have taken action against conspiracy theorist and Infowars leader Alex Jones …