Ocean Action #7

Other developments<p>Celebrating the International Year of the Reef<p>2018 has been designated the third International Year of the Reef (IYOR) by the …

Coral Reefs

Oregon sees low-oxygen seasons in coastal waters

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The waters off Oregon's coast now have a season of low oxygen caused by warming ocean temperatures, according to scientists.<p>The coastal waters go through an annual season of hypoxia, a condition resulting in the deaths of sea organisms as dissolved oxygen decreases in water …


Florida Keys' corals are growing but have become more porous: Research suggests that higher-latitude reefs may have more time to adapt to rising ocean temperatures than their tropical counterparts

Research suggests that higher-latitude reefs may have more time to adapt to rising ocean temperatures than their tropical counterparts<p>Researchers …


Dear Congress: Stand up for coastal environments during Estuaries Week

As we enter National Estuaries Week on the heels of a weekend of devastating hurricanes and tropical storms across the nation, we’re more aware than …

Ocean Acidification

Northam announces plans to tackle greenhouse gases, acidic oceans

Virginia is joining regional and international partnerships in the battle against climate change as the governor announced new measures to tackle …

Natural Gas

CMFRI to launch school session on climate change

The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) is launching a winter school session on climate change and its effects on fisheries and

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CO2 is killing the ocean, too

We need to understand what fossil fuels are doing to our oceans before it’s too late.

Carbon Dioxide

Virginia to establish regulations limiting leaks of methane

Virginia officials say the state plans to develop regulations for limiting leaks of climate-changing methane from natural gas infrastructure and …


Researchers find Nemo's genetic code

A team involving Queensland researchers has successfully mapped the genome of the Great Barrier Reef's famous orange clownfish.


Global change in marine aquaculture production potential under climate change

1.<p>Waite, R. et al. <i>Improving Productivity and Environmental Performance of Aquaculture</i> (World Resources Institute, 2014).<p>2.<p><i>The State of World</i> …

Climate Change

Climate change is killing ocean life off California. The state is ready to act

<b>To the editor:</b> James McClintock’s op-ed article on ocean acidification paints a troubling yet truthful picture of how carbon dioxide is harming marine life today.<p>Thankfully, California is taking action. Led by the estimable Costa Mesa-based Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, the …


Greenhouse gases aren't just warming the planet. They're also acidifying our oceans

As the new acting chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, Andrew Wheeler, pushes ahead with the Trump administration’s plan to weaken fuel economy standards to levels that give even the auto industry pause, Americans should consider the ramifications of the rollback.<p>Most of us are aware that …

Climate Change

Ocean Acidification Experience - K-12 Technology

<i>Sep 05, 2018</i> 2018-09-05<p>STEM • STEAM • STREAM<p>Researchers in <b>Stanford</b> <b>University</b>’s <b>Virtual Human Interaction Lab</b> have produced a <b>virtual underwater</b> …

HTC Vive

Group to sue Trump administration for failing to address ocean acidification

The Trump administration is facing a new lawsuit.<p>The Center for Biological Diversity says the White House isn't doing enough to protect Oregon's …

Trump Administration

NY to study 'threat' of ocean acidification

Long Island has a rich history of breeding oysters — but if changes aren't made now, some fear its future could be short.<p>The world's oceans are …

Climate Change

Undersea reforestation project aims to bring back the fisheries in Placentia Bay

A unique reforestation effort is underway in Placentia Bay, and it requires flippers and a wetsuit.<p>Arnault Lebris, a research scientist at Memorial …

Nova Scotia

Acid coastal seas off US putting common fish species at risk

Scientists have shown that coastal waters and river estuaries can exhibit unique vulnerabilities to acidification than offshore waters. This …

Climate Change

Global warming is making oceans so acidic, they may reach the pH they were 14 million years ago

• <b>According to a study published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, global warming isn't the only problem caused by excess CO2 emissions.</b>• <b><br>Our oceans are currently experiencing unprecedented acidification due to rising CO2 levels in the water.</b>• <b><br>If we don't curb the problem soon, our oceans could</b> …

Climate Change

Elevating Ocean-Based Climate Solutions

Download the PDF here.<p>When the Trump administration announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, U.S. nonfederal …

Liberal View

Sydney rock oysters getting smaller as oceans become more acidic

The famous Sydney rock oyster is shrinking as oceans become more acidic, new research has found.<p>In news that will rock seafood lovers, a study released overnight by academics in the UK found oysters in New South Wales have become smaller and fewer in number because of coastal acidification.<p>It’s …

Sea Level

Toxic algae a threat to Sweden's water supply

High levels of toxic blue-green algae, which has thrived in this summer’s extreme hot weather, is making it more difficult to secure clean drinking …


Revisiting the larval dispersal black box in the Anthropocene

Many marine organisms have a multi-phase life history and rely on their planktonic larvae for dispersal. Despite the important role of larvae in …

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Ocean Acidification Is Frying Fish’s Sense of Smell

It’s hard to imagine since our sense of smell pretty much disappears underwater, but fish rely heavily on their sniffers to detect predators, find …


Sea snails may offer insights into Arctic Ocean’s acidification

Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans kicked off another season of research in the western Arctic on Aug. 1, when eight crew members aboard the …

The Arctic

08-07: NEWS: Sea snails may offer insights into Arctic Ocean’s acidification

NEWS: Around the Arctic August 07, 2018 - 9:30 am<p>Sea snails may offer insights into Arctic Ocean’s acidification<p>“It’s an indicator species, to …

Global Warming

Research shows how carbon-filled oceans affect a tiny but important organism

They're impossible to see with the naked eye. They're difficult to pronounce.<p>But coccolithophores, a single-celled plankton, have an outsized effect …

Chemical Engineering

The real cost of ocean acidification

A new Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS)-led paper published in the science journal Nature Climate Change has highlighted the …

Climate Change


Last week an international team of marine scientists published a paper in <i>Scientific Reports</i> that heeds a strong warning to the world: Carbon dioxide …

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidity Could Reach Fourteen-Million-Year High

The world’s oceans are likely to become more acidic than at any time in the past 14 million years, according to scientists from Cardiff University in …

Climate Change

Sydney’s famous rock oysters are getting smaller as oceans become more acidic

The famous Sydney rock oyster is shrinking as oceans become more acidic, new research has found. In news that will rock seafood lovers, a study …

Sea Level