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Comrade Sanders Explains How To End All Wars

International conflict is caused by wealth inequality between individuals and societies, said Sen.

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How Reddit Is Talking About The Trump Presidency

Every new presidency brings its own language to America, a set of names, acronyms and slang that work their way into the zeitgeist. The Bush era had</i> …


Judge won't dismiss suit challenging police-as-prosecutors

A New York judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by two women trying to stop police lawyers from serving as prosecutors in their low-level cases …

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Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: B Corps and Beyond

It doesn´t take a rocket scientist to realize that the economy is not working for many. Despite record-breaking stock market performance and record …


The Three Types of Leaders Who Create Radical Change

Every successful social movement requires three distinct leadership roles: the agitator, the innovator, and the orchestrator, according to …


Appeals Court Rejects Absurd Claim Use Of Force Policy Violates Seattle Officers’ Second Amendment Rights

Dissenter FeaturedLatest NewsThe Dissenter<p>Appeals Court Rejects Absurd Claim Use Of Force Policy Violates Seattle Officers’ Second Amendment Rights<p>19 …


Retiree on pension still has not made enough money, occupies Wall Street ... sort of

Remember when Barack Obama pushed for Wall Street reform by telling a Quincy, Illinois audience that “I do think at a certain point you’ve made …

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Obama hits pay dirt with paid speeches to Wall Street

There's a reason President Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in 2008: He's the smart one.<p>For example, Obama waited until after his White House …

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A 99% Manifesto in honor or the Anniversary of the Occupy Movement

A 99% Manifesto Dan Brook A specter is haunting America and the world; the specter of gross inequality. The inequality is economic, to be sure, but …

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How a guy from Jersey landed on the front lines in Syria fighting ISIS

Anthony DelGatto had served in the Air Force, but "never did anything extraordinary." Earlier this year, with no combat experience and a bag of body …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Occupy, 6 years later

On Sept. 17, 2011 — at the behest of an <i>Adbusters</i> email blast and subsequent social media bat signal — a ragtag coalition of unemployed recent college …

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Antifa leader justifies violence before Ben Shapiro's Berkeley speech

Violence is not only necessary but justified when standing up to Nazi groups, a leader of the “antifa,” or anti-fascist, movement said this week.<p>Mike …


Police won't interfere with protest to keep Confederate statue — unless there's trouble

A group claiming to "protect all things Texas" is planning a protest in Oak Lawn on Saturday to keep Dallas' Confederate monuments where they are.<p>The …

Black Lives Matter

Rohrabacher repeats bogus conspiracy about Charlottesville

California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Orange County, repeated a debunked conspiracy theory this week that top Democrats "setup" and "manipulated" the …

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Demanding Climate Justice in the Wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists

As the floodwaters from two devastating back-to-back hurricanes recede in Texas, Puerto Rico, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina and several …


Democracy, Equality, Emancipation in a Changing World

<i>This text — delivered as a talk at B-FEST (International Antiauthoritarian Festival of Babylonia Journal) on May 27th in Athens — was first published</i> …

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Appreciating Michael Friedman: Review of His 2011 Occupy Wall Street Musical

<i>In honor of Michael Friedman (September 24, 1975 – September 9, 2017) here is my October 29, 2011 review of “Let Me Ascertain You: Occupy Wall</i> …

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Antifa Still Doesn't Care What the Media Thinks

They're mad as hell and they're not going anywhere.<p>On June 26, 2016, back when the idea of a Trump White House seemed like speculative fiction, antifa showed up to kick white supremacists out of Sacramento. What started as a white nationalist rally turned into a bloody, chaotic brawl that left at …


Hillary's Book Deepens Democrats' Divisions

So much for party unity in a time of peril.<p>In her new book <i>What Happened</i>? Hillary Clinton goes after Bernie Sanders with a vengeance. She claims that:<p>Bernie is a snake oil salesman who makes preposterous promises;<br>• That he is partly responsible for Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” mantra; and<br>• That he is not a …

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Pelosi: Single-payer isn’t a litmus test for Democrats

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that single-payer health insurance is not a litmus test for Democrats and that she is focused on protecting health-care coverage under the Affordable Care Act.<p>Pelosi (D-Calif.) declined to endorse “Medicare for All” legislation backed by Sen. Bernie …


A Black Person’s Guide to Happily Watching Football During the #BoycottNFL Era

I spent just about all of Sunday watching football. From the early afternoon games to the 4:30 p.m. game to that horrible night game (followed by an</i> …

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The rise and fall of the nude pump

In May of this year, writer Gabriella Paiella called Ivanka Trump "a sentient patent nude pump." I thought about this line after Louise Linton, the …

Louise Linton

Trading app tries to fix a 'rigged' financial system

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‘We lost our seats but won people’s hearts’ disqualified lawmaker Edward Yiu says

“We lost the power but won the truth. We lost our seats but won people’s hearts,” disqualified lawmaker Edward Yiu Chung-yim said.<p>The former …

Hong Kong

Cities and Architecture: Verso Student Reading

Our global present is increasingly defined by the condition of cities. From the radical urbanism of Latin America, to the skyscrapers of the global …


Protesters gather in front of Trump Tower to denounce end of DACA

Immigration rights protesters sat defiantly in the middle of Fifth Avenue Tuesday in front of Trump Tower to rail against the President’s plan to end …

Trump Tower

Why young Americans are giving up on capitalism

Imagine that you’re twenty years old. You were born in 1996. You were five years old on 9/11. For as long as you can remember, the United States has been at war.<p>When you are twelve, in 2008, the global economy collapses. After years of bluster and bravado from President George W. Bush — who …

Social Justice

Has protest become pointless?

Major public protest movements like Occupy Wall Street captured global attention. But have they made a lasting difference?

Occupy Wall Street

'The S-word': how young Americans fell in love with socialism

Young Americans blame capitalism for crises in housing, healthcare and falling wages. Once demonised, the word ‘socialism’ is back as a new political movement takes root<p>At 18, Olivia Katbi was answering the phones and emails in a Republican state senator’s office in Ohio. Then the legislator threw …

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Art vs. Trump: 40 Creative Acts of Resistance Since Inauguration Day

Leave it up to the art world to get creative in responding to the Trump administration. Here is a brief timeline of resistance projects by artists …

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