Sales of bottled water overtake fizzy drinks for first time ever

Bottled water sales have overtaken cola for the first time as people become more wary of sugary drinks.<p>According to new analysis by The Grocer, …



Interview<p>19. May, 09:13<p>Despite the expanding costs – and waistlines – caused by rising levels of European obesity, little is being done to remedy the …

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If you're a McDonald's or Domino's pizza fan we may have some very bad news

Your McDonald's burgers and Domino's pizzas might be about to shrink under government plans to curb obesity.<p>It means the famous Big Mac may well …

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UK retailers say government must be tougher on obesity

British Retail Consortium says government must move beyond voluntary agreements if it wants to make a difference<p>British retailers have called for the government to take tougher action on tackling obesity and consider mandatory measures to ensure more companies make their products healthier.<p>Public …

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[Analysis] UK’s childhood obesity strategy, a blueprint for EU countries?

Just last week, the influential healthy eating campaigner and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver claimed the UK’s plan was “awful”.<p>"What’s even more scary …

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Calories in popular foods must be cut, say health officials

Health correspondent<p><b>Targets are to be set to reduce calories in pizzas, burgers and ready meals as part of the government's drive to tackle child obesity in England.</b><p>Health officials believe the move is needed as people are consuming 200 to 300 calories too many each day.<p>It could see the size of …


Pizzas and ready meals set to shrink in Government war on obesity

Supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways will be asked to shrink thousands of products or find other ways to cut their calorie content as part of a Government crackdown on junk foods.<p>Pizzas, ready meals, crisps and burgers are being targeted by health officials in a national plan to combat …


Government 'must try harder' to tackle childhood obesity

Ready meals, pizzas, burgers, savoury snacks and sandwiches are likely to targeted in a drive to tackle childhood obesity.<p>A year after the launch of …

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Could Chocolate Milk Sour Chula Vista’s Progress On Childhood Obesity?

It’s back to school for many San Diego County students this month. In Chula Vista, it’s also back to school for chocolate milk. The Chula Vista …

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Processed foods linked with cancer risk in slim older women

A new study suggests that foods with higher dietary energy density - usually processed foods - may increase the risk of obesity-related cancers in …


Pizza and crisps makers urged to reduce fat to tackle childhood obesity

Public Health England widens focus from cutting sugar as children are copying adults in consuming too many calories per day<p>Public health bosses are urging food manufacturers to make chips, pizzas, crisps and burgers healthier, opening a second front in efforts to tackle childhood obesity.<p>Public …

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How to tell if you're overweight or obese

The 'fat but fit' myth has taken another hit after a new study found overweight or obese people who appear medically healthy are at increased risk of heart disease.<p>Researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge concluded that obese people with normal blood pressure, …


'Metabolically healthy obese' at twice the risk of heart disease

A new study suggests that overweight and obese people who have been deemed otherwise healthy are actually at an increased risk of developing coronary …


#FeedingOurStudents: Teachers Share How They Are Helping Fight Student Hunger

« Scientists Say Teens Need More Sleep. Should States Require Later School Start Times? | Main<p>| No comments<p>REGISTER FREE to keep reading.<p>Or subscribe …

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Study links hunger in residential schools to Indigenous health problems today

For 13 years, Barney Williams Jr. remembers sitting in a dining room with his residential school classmates eating “mush” as he watched their …

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Childhood Obesity Historically High in Low-Income Communities<p>Childhood obesity rates are at historically high levels, especially among racial/ethnic …

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‘Fat but fit’ people still at risk of heart disease: study

You may be “healthy” on paper, but a new study suggests people who are overweight are still at risk of developing heart disease.<p>Story continues …


Why Scientists Can’t Agree on Whether It’s Unhealthy to Be Overweight

Some studies show being overweight leads to a greater risk of death; others show it doesn’t. Here’s what’s really going on.<p>Is being a little bit overweight bad for you? Could it lead to an untimely death?<p>It’s a question with real consequences. Many overweight people feel locked in a fruitless …


Scientists Still Don't Fully Understand the Connection Between Obesity and Depression

Mind and Body<p>About 15 years ago, Dr. Sue McElroy, a psychiatrist in Mason, Ohio, started noticing a pattern. People came to see her because they were …

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What Your Legs May Say About Metabolic Health

We’ve come to rely on body mass index (BMI), as an indicator of health, but this number doesn’t always tell the whole story. According to a new …


You’re heavy, and your doctor makes you feel bad about it. That’s not good.

Virtual reality — in which people wearing headsets and other equipment experience computer-generated environments as if they were real — is helping obesity researchers better understand people’s responses to their personal genetic information.<p>“It’s important to put people in a setting that is as …

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Dr. Keith Ablow: Loneliness is now more deadly than obesity. And we still don't we have a plan to reduce it

Speaking recently at the 125th annual convention of the American Psychological Association, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, wisely focused on the toll that loneliness is taking on Americans.<p>Dr. Holt-Lunstad presented findings culled from two …


To deal with childhood obesity, researchers eye prenatal and generational factors

Although the public health community has been trying to address the childhood obesity epidemic for years, progress has been disappointing. Often, governments or schools will make a single policy change — more fruit in school lunches, no soda machines in parks — only to find no effect.<p>Matthew W. …

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Type 2 diabetes rise in children prompts obesity 'time bomb' fears

Latest figures show more than 600 children and youngsters under the age of 25 have been found to have Type 2 diabetes.

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5 Patients Died After Obesity-Fighting Stomach Balloon Procedures. The FDA Wants to Know Why

Federal regulators are investigating at least five patient deaths which occurred within a month of gastric balloon procedures meant to fight …


Sweet multi-buys trigger sugar warning

<b>Scots buy junk food containing 110 tonnes of sugar a day on special offer deals, Cancer Research UK has said.</b><p>The charity said that equated to 4.3 million chocolate bars or three million cans of cola.<p>It has called for new laws to limit promotions of sugar-rich junk food, which it said accounted for …


Being lonely and single can kill you faster than being morbidly obese, study finds

Being lonely is deadlier than being overweight, study finds.

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Jamie Oliver furious after Theresa May 'quietly dumped' healthy eating strategy

Jamie Oliver today launched a stinging attack on Theresa May's record on tackling childhood obesity.

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Obesity is Growing Worldwide: Americans Are Overweight, The World’s Fattest People

<i>Obesity is one case that is growing more rapidly worldwide. According to the OECD Health Statistics 2017, the United States has the largest</i> …


Can 'Sin Taxes' Solve America's Obesity Problem?

It seems like a simple solution: To curb the obesity problem, make unhealthy foods more expensive and people will eat less of them.<p>Local governments …

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