Nuclear Weapons

The North Korea Nightmare Continues

If North Korea truly desires state of the art nuclear weapons and missiles—something that can deliver an atomic payload to say Los Angeles—than we …

Korean Peninsula

North Korea: will nuclear weapons be used in our region? – Australian politics live podcast

‘We’re probably about as close to nuclear weapons being used in anger as we’ve been since 1945,’ Professor John Blaxland, head of the ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, tells Katharine Murphy about the complicated relationship between Australia, the US, China and North Korea. Is protecting …

North Korea

US commander not confident North Korea will refrain from nuclear assault – video

Adm Harry Harris, the commander of US Pacific Command tells a congressional panel that he does not have confidence in North Korea not using nuclear weapons once they have the capability to do so<p>US commander not confident North Korea will refrain from nuclear assault

North Korea

BBC News

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has warned that a nuclear deterrent is "vital" for the UK.<p>He said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's views on the matter represented a "threat" to the country.

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UK will be 'wiped off the face of the earth' if it uses nuclear weapons, Russian senator warns

The United Kingdom would be “wiped off the face of the earth” if the country elects to pre-emptively use nuclear weapons against Russia, a senior Russian politician said Monday, highlighting the unmistakeable tension between Russia and western governments.<p><b>PENTAGON TEST-FIRES ICBM TRAVELING 4,000</b> …

Cold War

US Air Force test-launches nuclear-capable ballistic missile

The US Air Force has carried out a missile test amid high-running tensions with North Korea over development of ballistic missiles and nuclear …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

NYT’s ‘Impossible to Verify’ North Korea Nuke Claim Spreads Unchecked by Media

<i>The New York Times (4/24/17) makes news with an “impossible to verify” claim.</i><p>Buoyed by a total of 18 speculative verb forms—five “mays,” eight …

North Korea

Leonard Reiffel, Who Studied Lunar Nuclear Bomb, Dies at 89

Leonard Reiffel’s many achievements as a physicist included two entirely unrelated things — one a down-to-earth development that changed sportscasting and another a far-fetched idea that, had it happened, might have changed the course of history.<p>In sports broadcasting, Dr. Reiffel invented the …


‘We the Resilient’: New Book Features Advice From Women Born Before Suffrage

These Hillary Clinton supporters born before suffrage lived through the Great Depression, World War II, the fight for civil rights. Now, they face …

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General Election 2017: Lib Dems to keep 'nuclear deterrent'

<b>The Liberal Democrats would "maintain a credible nuclear deterrent" if they won power, leader Tim Farron is to say.</b><p>"Our nuclear deterrent keeps us at the top table in this post-Brexit world," he will tell supporters in Portsmouth.<p>But Mr Farron will advocate replacing the current system of …


Corbyn Chaos?

In a prevous post we noted that Corbyn was spouting a new line on nuclear weapons, that he wouldn’t use a ‘first strike’. This gives the impression, …

Cold War

Tories are ‘fanatics’ for saying they would start a nuclear war, Green Party says

The Green Party has accused the Conservatives of “fanaticism” after the Defence Secretary admitted that Theresa May could start a nuclear war.<p>Michael …

UK News

Fallon to slam Corbyn over defence plans

Returning from Estonia where the UK has deployed 800 troops to help deter Russian aggression, Conservative sources say Mr Fallon will respond to …

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3 maps that explain the geopolitics of nuclear weapons

North Korea has received a lot of focus due to a recent missile test and the expectation of another nuclear test. It is a poor country whose nuclear program has allowed it to punch above its weight internationally. This has also forced superpowers to approach it with great caution.<p>Nuclear bombs are …

North Korea

Dorking narrowly avoided 'nuclear bomb drop' fiasco

<b>Scientists working on the UK's first atom bomb narrowly avoided a fiasco when they nearly dropped a five tonne replica on Dorking, it has emerged.</b><p>The dummy device was being flown to Orford Ness, a top secret military test site in Suffolk, in the early 1950s.<p>It came loose in the bomb bay while over …

North Korea

Of course North Korea wants nukes. We should learn to live with it

When I was <i>The Australian'</i>s opinion editor, in the 2000s, I commissioned several writers to make the case against the Iraq war. It was a contrarian …

North Korea

UN voices fears of ‘catastrophic nuclear accident’ as global tensions increase

Increasing global tension and the rise of cyber warfare could lead to nuclear disaster, the United Nations has warned.<p>A comprehensive report by The United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) paints a pessimistic picture of the threat the world faces.<p>“The lack of nuclear weapons use …


Trump Government Is Painting It Black

The Trump administration is "pulling down the shades" on government access.


Is the world more dangerous now than during the cold war?

With the rise of Trump, and unstable relations between the US, Russia and China – plus a dash of nuclear bellicosity from North Korea – are we all going to die?<p><b>How close did we come to nuclear war in the past and how close are we now?</b><p>During the cold war, there was a clear narrative: an ideological …

Cold War

UN predicts 'catastrophic' nuclear war

There will be "catastrophic" consequences when "luck runs out" on nuclear deterrence, the United Nations (UN) has warned in a major report which …

Trump Says Iran Isn't Living Up to 2015 Nuclear Agreement

Iran isn’t meeting the "spirit" of the 2015 deal it signed with the U.S. and other world powers to roll back its nuclear weapons program, President …


The pressing need for nuclear disarmament

Paul Mason writes (G2, 17 April) that the generation waking up to recent headlines “may need reminding what a nuclear weapon does”. Given the dramatic escalation of nuclear rhetoric in recent months, we could all use a reminder of the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of such weapons.<p>Mr Mason …

International Relations

Iran: Group claims regime is 'in full gear' on covert work on nuclear weapons

The White House responded cautiously Friday to claims by an Iranian dissident group alleging that Iran’s clandestine work on a nuclear weapon has continued unabated by the landmark nuclear deal that Tehran finalized with the Obama administration and five other world powers two years ago.<p>At a news …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Japan’s Nuclear Moment

If Japan wanted to develop nuclear weapons, there would be no better moment than now to start. As the North Korean regime grows desperate to get a …


How Crazy Do You Want to Act to 'Win' at Nuclear Poker

Playing poker with another party who holds the keys to nuclear weapons (literal, metaphorical, or figurative), and has given indications based on …


14,923 nukes: All the nations armed with nuclear weapons and how many they have

When it comes to the threat of nuclear war, 2017 is shaping up to be a watershed moment.<p>Relations between the US and Russia — the two foremost …

North Korea

The plan to make America’s nukes great again could go horribly wrong

By Keegan Hamilton on Apr 20, 2017<p>It was nearly 2 o’clock in the morning on Oct. 23, 2010, when an Air Force lieutenant called from his base in Wyoming to report the nightmare scenario unfolding before him. Fifty intercontinental ballistic missiles — each tipped with a nuclear warhead 20 times more …


The World Must Secure Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons

KABUL, Afghanistan — Pakistan is not just one of nine countries with nuclear weapons, it is also a hotbed of global jihadism, where the military and the intelligence services use terrorist networks to advance their regional goals. And even as Pakistani officials proclaim that their nuclear assets …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

If Donald Trump Fights North Korea, We All Do

You don’t want war with North Korea. But do you want Kim Jong Un to be sitting on a warhead that can take out Chicago? That’s probably the choice.<p>North Korea has played its pair of twos better than any other county in history. To reclaim the upper hand, we have to stop their nuclear weapons …

North Korea

Risk of Nuclear Accidents Growing, U.N. Research Group Says

On Sept., 26, 1983, shortly after midnight, the Soviet Oko nuclear early warning system detected five missiles launched from the United States and …