How Will Trump's Afghanistan Strategy Change Fight On The Ground?

President Trump went against what he called his own instincts when he agreed to extend the war in Afghanistan. NPR takes a look at what will actually be different on the ground in the region following the president's speech.

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Federal Judge To IRS: Reveal The Names Of Those Who Targeted Conservative Organizations

The game of Guess Who is over

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In early February, an episode of Saturday Night Live included a sketch that offered an unusually prescient example of how religion, politics, and …

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Love it or hate it, truckers say they can’t stop listening to public radio

Meet a group of loyal NPR listeners who don't get talked about often.

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Here's why putting more tax dollars behind coal is such a wasteful proposition

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice just pitched a coal boondoggle to President Donald Trump. And boy oh boy, it’s a doozy.<p>Justice, who made news recently …

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Will people listen to a podcast about international news? With Rough Translation, NPR is giving it a try

Gregory Warner doesn't like to use the "I" word. "I've had a love-hate affair with the word 'international," said Warner, who until recently was …

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Prominent U.S. religious conservatives defend Trump after Charlottesville

5 Min Read<p>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two prominent religious conservatives defended U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday after he was widely criticized for blaming both white nationalists and counter-protesters for last weekend's violence at a Virginia rally organised by neo-Nazis and white …

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UVA Student On The Community's Response

Scott Simon talks to University of Virginia student Bryanna Miller about the community's response to the white nationalist rally and violence.

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Why French Muslim Comedian Samia Orosemane Says She's Like a UFO

Samia Orosemane tweaks stereotypes about her North African community in her one-woman show in Paris. Credit: Adeline Sire<i>This story by Adeline Sire</i> …

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Charlottesville Violence and Trump’s Reaction Draw Criticism Abroad

A wide range of world leaders have condemned the violence in Charlottesville last weekend and sometimes sharply criticized President Trump, who said that some of the people marching with the white supremacist and neo-Nazi protesters were “very fine people.”<p>Many of these countries are American …

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Firstrust sees benefits after investing in 76ers on ground floor - Philadelphia Business Journal

“But there are people who come into our locations and say they heard about us through the Sixers,” Abell said.<p>Before each home game, Sixers coach …

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Poll: 62 Percent of U.S. Adults Say Keep Confederate Statues

A strong majority of Americans support keeping Confederate statues and monuments standing as historical symbols, a new poll by Marist College …

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How Do Teachers Talk About Hate Speech?

One Charlottesville, Va., elementary school teacher grapples with how to have this conversation with her students the week after the violence erupted in her city just as a new school year is about to begin.<p>Transcript<p>AUDIE CORNISH, HOST:<p>Charlottesville city schools will be back in session next week, …

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Sessions Continues To Criticize Sanctuary Cities During His Visit To Miami

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in Miami highlighting one of the city's communities cooperating with the Trump administration in helping deport immigrants here illegally, but he's still singling out cities who aren't complying.<p>Transcript<p>ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST:<p>Attorney General Jeff Sessions vented …

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20-plus Healthcare Stats That Will Blow You Away

<i>The whole issue of healthcare is very complicated. There have been seven presidents who've tried to get healthcare reform passed.</i> -- Valerie Jarrett<p><i>Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject... Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.</i> -- Donald Trump<p>No matter who you are, …

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AI-Powered Search Engine Aggregates Audio Clips

Audioburst, an AI-powered audio content platform, has launched a search engine for desktop and mobile allowing searchers to find and share audio …

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New concepts in research suggest that non-human animals also suffer boredom - General - News - Research

Published: 15 Aug 2017 | Last Updated: 15 Aug 2017 16:13:52<p>Boredom when it is severe and prolonged is torment to humans and can cause dangerous or …

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The week's news that wasn't

<i>Rehumanizing, unNazifying, dusting off and unlocking the most repugnant, Hitleresque, oldest and most constrained fakeries in fake news.</i><p><b>Wiping out</b> …

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Readers Rankled By 'Democracy In Chains' Review

On June 18, NPR published an online-only review of <i>Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America</i>, a newly published nonfiction book by Duke University historian Nancy MacLean. NPR's reviewer praised the book for revealing a "clear and present danger" to the …


Teenager Preps To Run In 2018 Kansas Governor's Race

High school junior Jack Bergerson decided to run as a Democrat after he found out there was no age requirement. He says he wants to focus on health care and would support legalizing medical marijuana.<p>Transcript<p>RACHEL MARTIN, HOST:<p>Good morning. I'm Rachel Martin. What were you doing when you were 16 …

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O6 smart bluetooth remote review

Picture this: You’re lounging at home, streaming tunes from your smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker. You start to nod off, but there’s a problem — …

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Marco Rubio: Is Senator Really in Death Threat Danger?

Marco Rubio certainly looks like he could be facing a death threat from a Venezuela politician who the U.S. senator from Florida described as the …

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WUSF TV to shut down Oct. 15

TAMPA — The University of South Florida announced it will cease operation of its television stations in October after it sold its broadcast license …


Police Report: Culprit Breaks Into An Apartment And Cleans It

Police in Arlington County, Va., report a resident called to say while they were away on vacation, their apartment had been broken into. Nothing was reported missing but it had been cleaned.<p>Transcript<p>RACHEL MARTIN, HOST:<p>Good morning. I'm Rachel Martin with another installment of Bizarre Crimes. A …

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John Oliver, HBO lose court round to coal exec Bob Murray in defamation case

Appalachian coal magnate Bob Murray on Friday won a pair of legal victories in lawsuits against HBO comedian John Oliver and the New York Times over …

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You’re hiking, biking and kayaking your way to the Great American Eclipse | Public Radio International

We asked you to send us your plans for the eclipse, and you delivered! You wrote and called in to tell us that you’re traveling from Alaska to Illinois, hiking mountains in Idaho and paddling kayaks in South Carolina to catch the Great American Eclipse.<p>Here are your stories:<p>Jason Rekulak from …

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Can America Last?

Reader Zapollo comments:I think today was the day it finally hit home to me that America, as currently constituted, cannot last. Some kind of …

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How a small Plano publisher made the big time with a segment on NPR

One of the Dallas area's best-kept literary secrets made a national splash last week.<p>Listeners to NPR's <i>Weekend Edition Saturday</i> were treated to the …

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Matt Jones tells NPR about his five favorite things

A few months back, you may have heard Matt mention an interview he did with 89.3 WFPL, the Louisville NPR affiliate, in which <b>he was asked to describe</b> …

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Unions plan to turn in 300K signatures, likely putting Missouri’s ‘right-to-work’ law in limbo

It appears that Missouri labor groups will be able to block the state’s new right-to-work law from taking effect Aug. 28.<p>They’ve collected more than …

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