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COLUMN-How to describe American military options in North Korea? Bad and worse.

(Peter Apps is Reuters global affairs columnist, writing on international affairs, globalization, conflict and other issues. He is founder and executive director of the Project for Study of the 21st Century; PS21, a non-national, non-partisan, non-ideological think tank in London, New York and …

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Want to Open the Ultimate Pandora's Box? Bomb North Korea

There is a reason Washington never attacks the DPRK when it causes trouble.U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made waves last week when he …

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Is UN Helping North Korea? Report Calls For Donations As Sanctions Dry Up Aid

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s subjects are being seriously affected by international sanctions that have severely curtailed humanitarian aid …


Only North Korea’s government can end hunger in North Korea

Although I have many, many unanswered questions about how the U.N. is able to fully assess exactly how many North Koreans are going hungry, let’s …

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Sunken South Korea ferry raised - Photos,Images,Gallery - 62345

The sunken ferry Sewol is moved toward semi-submersible ship (not pictured) during its salvage operations at the sea off Jindo, South Korea, March 24, 2017. Credit: Reuters

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US imposes sanctions on China, North Korea entities, people

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on 30 foreign companies and people from 10 countries, including China.<p>The State Department said Friday that the entities and people contribute to activity that "only serves to escalate regional conflicts further and poses a …


When sanctions work — and why they fail

As North Korea plunges ahead with its nuclear-weapons program, Vladimir Putin continues subverting Western democracies and Iran piles provocations …


North Korea security agents are being purged, report says

March 24 (UPI) -- North Korean officers working in Pyongyang's state security agency keep disappearing, according to sources in the country.<p>The …

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North Korea blasts Trump's 'businessmen turned US authorities' as too much like Obama

TOKYO — North Korea has a criticism of US President Donald Trump he probably wasn't expecting: He's too much like Barack Obama.<p>North Korea's state media, which regularly vilified Obama in the strongest terms, had been slow to do the same with the Trump administration, possibly so that officials in …

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UN boosts inquiry into North Korea crimes against humanity

GENEVA: The top United Nations human rights body agreed on Friday to boost its investigation into widespread violations in North Korea with a view to …

Crimes Against Humanity

Donald Trump 'obsessed with Japanese translator's breasts' during nuclear disaster

Donald Trump found it difficult to concentrate during a visit from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe because he was "obsessed with the translator’s …

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The utterly politicized Russia probe, Dems’ Gorsuch problem, and other notable comments

<b>Security writer: In Defense of Devin Nunes</b><p>One of the “strangest turns” in the Trump-Russia investigation is the sudden Democratic outrage over its …

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US sanctions 11 firms, individuals for transferring technology to Iran

The US has imposed sanctions on eleven companies or individuals from China, North Korea or the UAE for transferring technology to Iran.



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U.N. to Step Up Against North Korean Human Rights Abuses

The Seoul branch of the U.N. Human Rights Committee employs six people to listen to defectors' accounts of human rights abuses.

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China, South Korea Meet in World Cup Qualifier Amid Tensions

BEIJING — Thousands of riot police were deployed for a soccer showdown Thursday night that was more than the average grudge match.<p>The World Cup qualifying game in Changsha pitted hosts China against South Korea. It also whipped up Chinese nationalist sentiment at a time of high political tension …

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N. Korea says it will hold national census in 2018

SEOUL, March 24 (Yonhap) -- North Korea said Friday it plans to hold a national census next year for the first time in 10 years.<p>"The DPRK will take …

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AFC candidates cleared for FIFA council elections

REUTERS: Candidates vying for the four available Asian Football Confederation (AFC) seats on the FIFA council have been cleared to stand for election …


British PM pledges support for safe return of S. Koreans injured in attack

SEOUL, March 24 (Yonhap) -- British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday said her country will do its utmost to ensure the safe return of five South …

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North Korea is trying to lure investors and tourists aboard its casino cruise

North Korea might be hostile to the outside world, but it’s currently seeking foreign investments to back a casino cruise liner.<p>While the Hermit Kingdom isn’t known for its booming tourism industry, it established the Mount Kumgang tourist region, a special administrative region that borders South …

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How to decipher a North Korean missile test in just 72 hours

On the morning of March 6th, local time, at least four missiles were prepped for launch in North Korea. The missiles were transported to a field, and hefted upright in truck-mounted canisters. Lined up in a row against a backdrop of mountains, the engines fired and the missiles took off almost but …

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North Korea: Who would dare to piggyback on Kim Jong-un?

<b>North Korea's test of a rocket engine last weekend was accompanied by the usual state media propaganda - but one image of its leader celebrating stood out in particular. The BBC examines the optics.</b><p>The engine test was claimed to be a success, a "new birth" for North Korea's rocket industry. Kim …

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Why China's Bullying Of South Korea Will Have Unanticipated Costs For Both Parties

In this Friday, March 17, 2017 photo, residents walk past a Lotte Mart where additional security measures are visible in Beijing, China. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)<p>South Korea tends to keep a low profile internationally, seemingly content to nurture their <i>chaebols</i> and leave high politics to other powers. …

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Hundreds of North Korean workers dispatched to Russia via China

Hundreds of North Korean workers have been dispatched to Russia after staying at two inns in Dandong City, Liaoning Province (China). They are known …

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The U.S. Thinks North Korea May Have Robbed the New York Federal Reserve

Federal prosecutors are building a case against the Hermit Kingdom for an $81 million cyberheist.<p>Way back in February 2016, it emerged that $81 million had disappeared from the central bank of Bangladesh’s account at the New York Federal Reserve and reappeared in accounts in the Philippines, in a …

Watch a 1953 nuclear blast test disintegrate a house in high resolution

Footage may or may not contain a flying toilet.<p>On March 17th, 1953, a nuclear blast threw something out of the second story floor of a house built on the Nevada Proving Grounds. The test, dubbed “Annie”, was part of the larger Operation Upshot-Knothole, served two purposes: the military wanted to …

N.K. says it conducts missile launching drills on regular basis

SEOUL, March 24 (Yonhap) -- North Korea has been conducting ballistic missile launching drills on a regular basis to counter what it called the …

What I Really Worry About When It Comes to North Korea

Our preventative measures are looking less preventative.<p>The North Koreans have now launched ballistic missiles three times in just over a month, most recently this past Tuesday. Last weekend, they tested a new type of engine. At the same time, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced a "harder" …

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U.S. Nuclear Bomb Test Footage is Now On YouTube

Between 1945 and 1962, the United States conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear bomb tests. For each of those tests, the government used multiple cameras …


Samsung apologises for Galaxy Note 7 and corruption scandals

Samsung has apologised to shareholders for the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and its involvement in a massive corruption scandal, but denied doing anything illegal.<p>The South Korean company’s vice chairman Kwon Oh-hyun delivered the apology at the smartphone maker's annual shareholder meeting in Seoul.<p>“I'm …