Northern Lights

Incredible view of the Northern Lights from the ISS

International Space Station astronaut Jack Fischer captured some amazing footage of the Northern Lights while roughly 250 miles above earth.

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New daily non-stop Vancouver to Yellowknife flights starting at $219

101<p>It’s about to get a lot easier to see the aurora borealis folks.<p>This winter, Vancouver will have a new non-stop daily flight route to Yellowknife, …


Colorado Astronaut Captures Amazing Aurora From Space

<b>INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (CBS4)</b> – An astronaut from Colorado captured stunning video of the Aurora Borealis from the International Space …


21 spectacular images from the 2017 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year shortlist

The constellation of the Big Dipper peers through the window of the entrance to a large glacier cave in Engadin, Switzerland. This is just one of the …


WATCH: Stunning footage captures the Northern Lights from the International Space Station

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5 Places to See the Northern Lights in the USA

Otherworldly, magical, enchanting and captivating — these are just a few of the words people have used to describe the stunning Aurora Borealis, also …


Behind the shot: A mother grizzly and her cub go salmon fishing

Wildlife and nature photographer Peter Mather had been photographing this creek in Yukon, Canada for years before he had an idea: set up a camera …


Breathtaking timelapse of Aurora Borealis filmed from International Space Station

This breathtaking timelapse video shows the spectacular beauty of the Northern Lights from the International Space Station.


An overlooked key to success? Teaching teachers how to teach reading

The ability to read, and read well, is a skill that follows students for the rest of their lives and yet it’s shocking how many children lack the …


This Floating Swedish Hotel Lets You View The Northern Lights From The Water

For years, the Treehotel has specialized in building stunning rentals with the explicit purpose of housing those who want an uninterrupted experience …


Michigan throws shade at New York's surprise over Northern Lights in Mitten State

NORTHERN MICHIGAN - That derisive sound you heard last week might have been the collective groan and eyeroll of Michigan aurora lovers, who are …


Time-lapse: Northern lights from space

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5 Types of Travelers Who Visit Iceland - Is This You?

In recent years, rumors have begun to spread about the existence of a small Nordic island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean; an island defined by …


5 NASA Photos Of The Northern Lights: How, When To See Them

Most of the seven natural wonders of the world tend to be stationary, but not the Aurora Borealis. Often called the Northern lights, the aurora is a …

Free Iceland Photography Guide Book

The last time I went to Iceland, I spent my time on the 8 hour flight from Idaho to Iceland writing this guide book. It had been my intention to make …


The Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta designs a cabin in the heights of a Swedish forest

This place is not recommended for those who are afraid of heights. However, for those who enjoy being in high-up places, a tree-hotel is definitely …


Northern Lights put on spectacular display over US and Canada

Photographers and Instagrammers came out in droves to capture the aurora borelis<p>Stargazers in Canada and the US were treated to spectacular sights on …


The Northern Lights Just Appeared in Michigan

Midwesterners are clearly doing something right in the karma department.<p>The Northern Lights are a spectacular phenomenon that many travelers dream of seeing in their lifetime, but it's an experience that requires careful timing and planning. Most viewing occurs from December to March, and usually …

Arctic Circle

Northern lights around Michigan

None<p>The northern lights over Carp Lake in Michigan on Sept. 1, 2016. Marc Bandy<p>The Mackinac Bridge underneath the northern lights early July 17, …


Astrophotography with the Sigma 14mm F1.8 Art lens

As an astronomer and science filmmaker, I have been photographing the night sky and astronomical observatories professionally for more than ten …


Incredible photos: Northern lights shine across Michigan skies

Lucky Michiganders were in for a surprise Sunday night into early Monday morning thanks to a geomagnetic storm from the sun.<p>At least one Michigan resident was able to view the aurora borealis in all its glory.<p>Dustin Dilworth of D3 Imagery captured this stunning look at the auroras - also known as …

Lake Michigan

Dazzling Photos Show Northern Lights Shimmering Over U.S. And Canada

A geomagnetic storm was responsible for the beautiful night sky display.<p>Parts of the northern U.S. and Canada were treated to a rare overnight view of the aurora borealis over the weekend, and fortunately for the rest of us, cameras were ready to capture the stunning sights.<p>Time-lapse videos and …

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The Aurora Bubble Lodge is Iceland’s “5-Million-Star Hotel”

We can all agree that stargazing, Iceland, and sleeping outdoors are three superbly awesome experiences. One hotel east of Reykjavik has combined all …


A Solar Storm Is Amping Up the Northern Lights

After a coronal mass ejection from the sun hit Earth's magnetic field on Sunday (July 16), space weather forecasters predict that geomagnetic storms …


‘Rainless in Seattle’: Could we break a record?

It's been 30 days since measurable rain was felt in Seattle. Another week, and we might need to break out the record book.

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A terrifying and beautiful encounter with the northern lights

It was as if a raging fire had started to rip through a black, starry canvas. The blurry, soft, glowing band of green across the northern sky burst …


Where you could see the Northern Lights in city skies tonight

The experts say the colourful spectre could be visible as far south as the Midlands – as well as reaching Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of …


Want To See The Northern Lights? Tonight Is Your Chance

<b>MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)</b> – The Northern Lights were visible early Sunday morning in northern Minnesota, and there’s a chance they could be visible again …


Northern lights, cameras and little action: Clouds mar rare appearance for Aurora Borealis

Cloud cover largely spoiled a rare appearance of the northern lights over parts of southern Canada Sunday night, although some skywatchers along the …

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Northern Lights make an appearance over southwestern British Columbia

Who needs man-made fireworks when Mother Nature is ready to provide a show?<p>Stargazers living in southwestern B.C. were in for a treat this weekend …