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Emotion Photo by Pimpin Nagawan — National Geographic Your Shot


How to Get the Bright Santorini Sunlight In The Studio

Here is a quick rundown of how photographer Jeff Carpenter artificially created the bright Santorini sunlight with a single strobe in the studio. …

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Nikon D800

While it might not be what everyone was hoping for, the Nikon D800 ($3,000) is sure to make a lot of shooters out there very, very happy. Designed …


Photo Of The Day By Theresa Ditson

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Kaleidoscopic Reflections” by Theresa Ditson. Location: Prescott, Arizona.<p>“Captured in the twilight hour, this view …


Shooting with Helios-65, a lens so rare there's no adapter for it

Most of us have heard (or owned) lenses from Helios 44 series. But photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern has found an ultra-rare Soviet lens with …


The 2018 TIPA and EISA awards are out

The 2018 TIPA awards are out - Nikon got four awards including best professional DSLR camera for the D850 (see all the awards the D850 got):• Best DSLR …


These Inexpensive Nikon Cameras are Ideal for Beginner Photographers

Are you looking for a new camera but don't have a giant budget?<p>These days, having a smaller budget for photography gear isn't as big of a deal as it …


Essential Tips for Photographing Theater Performances

Theater photography involves providing images that are concise and maintain the integrity of the light and the vision of the director. Over the last …

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How to Take Family Portraits on a Budget

I want to share with you some useful tips for taking family portrait photos on a budget, including how I got into the satisfying world of portraiture …


Living With Wildlife: Peter Zenkl

Hello Everybody,<p>We invite you to share your photos of Yukon wildlife. Email your high-resolution images with a description of what’s going on and …

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Marvelous Moody Portrait Photography by Sonia Neisha

Gorgeous female portraits by <b>Sonia Neisha</b>, talented 24-year-old self-taught photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Madrid, Spain. Sonia …


See What Cameras That Took The Most ‘World Press Photo’ Winners 2018

As we covered last week, the World Press Photo 2018 winners were announced. The six finalists were chosen from over 73,000 submissions from over …


Most of the photos in the World Press Photo 2018 contest were taken with Nikon (51.5%) and DSLR cameras (83.5%)

Here is a breakdown of the cameras used by photojournalists in the 2018 World Press Photo contest (Nikon D5 and D810 at the top two spots):<p>Breakdown …


moon and mercury rising

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ISS Solar Transit 14th April 2018, Vorarlberg, Austria

The post ISS Solar Transit 14th April 2018, Vorarlberg, Austria appeared first on Sky & Telescope.

Nikon D750

How to turn your DSLR into a full spectrum ‘super camera’

As both a techie and a photographer I love pushing the envelope of what is possible in digital photography. One of the most interesting intersections …

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What Is the Limiting Factor in Your Photography?

Everyone has a limiting factor. Everyone has <i>some reason</i> why they aren’t taking exactly the photos they want, 100% of the time. The best photographers …

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Photobombing camel wins The Big Picture competition for Telegraph reader

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Best DSLR cameras for beginners

<b>Nikon D5300</b><p><b>Cnet rating:</b> 4 stars out of 5<p><b>The good:</b> Excellent photo quality, a great feature set, and speedy performance put the Nikon D5300 ahead of the pack.<p><b>The bad:</b> The default settings could be better and Live View is still really slow to use.<p><b>The cost:</b> $400 to $482 (body only)<p><b>The bottom line:</b> The …


Blue spruce - Portrait Photography on Fstoppers


Vibrant Fashion and Beauty Photography by Igor Butskhrikidze

Marvelous portraits by <b>Igor Butskhrikidze</b>, talented self-taught photographer, retoucher, artist and music producer from Pskov, Russia. Igor focuses on …


Nikon D3300 review: Still worth buying over the Nikon D3400?

Outstanding photo and video quality, nippy performance and no significant drawbacks<p>The Nikon D3300 was first announced back in January 2014 and it's …


Prom Group Shoot - Vanity fair Inspired

Vanity Fair inspired group shoot with prom dresses with local high school girls. The lighting description is 3 Godox AD600s from camera left in a …


The 7 Best Cameras and Lenses for Hiking and Backpacking

lthough no camera can perfectly recreate the beauty of the backcountry, some do a much job than others. Once upon a time, using professional-caliber …


Behind-The-Camera Shy: Tips for the Timid Photographer

If you’re at all like me, circumspect and bashful, then taking candid portraits of strangers can be intimidating, if not something you avoid …

Nikon D800

Nikon Demos the Future of Robotics with the Polycam and Bolt High-Speed Cinebot

Let's talk robotics!Nikon showcased a robotic camera system that boldly goes where no sports camera operator has gone before. It's called the Polycam …


New low price: refurbished Nikon D7500 camera for $899

Two more Nikon deals worth mentioning:• Refurbished Nikon D7500 (Body Only) for <b>$899</b> (use coupon code <i>DFPRO749407004</i>)<br>• Refurbished Nikon D7500 + 18-140mm …


Startrails of UMa and Fireworks (UK 4th November)

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Nikon D7500 and D850 – the only two cameras Nikon announced in the last 18 months win the Red Dot product design award

Nikon announced the D5600 DSLR camera that contained some minor updates in November 2016. In August of 2016 Nikon also introduced the D3400 with only …

Nikon D850

ProGrade Digital: CFexpress memory card backward compatibility to XQD possible with a firmware update

Yesterday ProGrade Digital announced their new CFexpress 1TB 1400 MB/s memory card. One of the listed benefits of using CFexpress memory cards is the …

Backward Compatibility