Nikon D800

Painted Tuscany Photo by Chiara Salvadori — National Geographic Your Shot


1970 Ford Torino King Cobra Prototype

1 of 2 prototypes, this wind-cheating 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra was a test vehicle for Ford during NASCAR's infamous "Aero Wars".<p>I shot the vehicle …


Wildlife Photography on a Budget

You don’t always need the latest and the greatest photography equipment to take great wildlife pictures. In the digital photography world, dominated …


The Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850 is now $30 off

The Vello BG-N19 battery grip for Nikon D850 is currently <b>$30 off</b> at B&H: <b><br>Update:</b> as a reader already noticed, it seems that Vello will be coming with …


London Future Photo by Chiara Salvadori — National Geographic Your Shot


Fruits : Digital Photography Review

Fruit, berries, nuts or seeds<p>Challenge #69 in the Food series. Hosted by T bird.<p>Challenge has finished<p>Please submit 1 or 2 shots of either fruit, …


Mars on Earth Photo by Chiara Salvadori — National Geographic Your Shot


Angel Aura

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Outnumbered Photo by Martin Deeley — National Geographic Your Shot

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Looking at me Photo by Dany Eid — National Geographic Your Shot


Star trails show celestial equator

Enjoy this interesting and unique photo of star trails, showing the whereabouts of the celestial equator and the arc of stars around both celestial …


Nikon D800

While it might not be what everyone was hoping for, the Nikon D800 ($3,000) is sure to make a lot of shooters out there very, very happy. Designed …


Green Pond at White Pocket Photo by Garret Suhrie — National Geographic Your Shot

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Here Are Our 8 Favorite Reader Photos from "The Four Seasons" Assignment

There’s a thin line between seasonal photographs being cliché or stunning. We, obviously, asked you to come up with something stunning for this …


Behind-The-Camera Shy: Tips for the Timid Photographer

If you’re at all like me, circumspect and bashful, then taking candid portraits of strangers can be intimidating, if not something you avoid …

Nikon D-series

These Nikon D850 Alternatives are Great Cameras and Cost Much Less Too

I think the Nikon D850 is one of the best cameras on the market today.In fact, I think it's one of the best DSLRs ever made. I'm not alone in that …


Top 10 Hiking Cameras for Photographers

We are in the midst of a sea of change in photography.<p>Largely from the envelope-pushing designs of Fuji and subsequent effort from Sony, cameras …


February CIPA report: DSLR cameras production has better numbers than mirrorless

CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan) published their February report. The downturn in the camera indistry continues - the total …


Fuji San : Digital Photography Review

- Canon vs Nikon - (Landscape Challenge in Full Colours)<p>Challenge #240 in the U live, U learn U love, U learn U cry, U learn U lose, U learn U bleed, …


Beautiful Female Portrait Photography by Daniel Bidiuk

Awesome portraits by <b>Daniel Bidiuk</b>, talented photographer, retoucher and artist currently based in Warsaw, Poland. Daniel focuses on portraiture, he …


UNIQLO Celebrates Marvel With UT Grand Prix T-Shirt Collection

Paying tribute to characters including Hulk, Captain America and The Avengers.<p>After last year’s Nintendo-themed competition, UNIQLO is set to release the collection of winning entries from this year’s UT Grand Prix 2018 T-shirt design contest. This year’s competition saw Marvel fans take …


How to identify a refurbished Nikon camera or a lens?

Here is an unconfirmed way to determine if a Nikon camera or a lens has been originally sold as refurbished - if refurbished, there should be two …


What’s In the Bag: Gear I Use to Photograph President Trump

Last week I was assigned to photograph President Trump during his visit to Manchester, NH.<p>I try to bring all gear I might need on the first trip to …

Donald Trump

Carface: Macro Photography Art by Jeff Kauffman

The first edition of the project features 16 signed and numbered pieces, each limited to 15 prints. The 16 x 16-inch image is printed on archival …

Macro Photography

The Magic of Bali and the Travel Photography of David Lazar

Indonesia is of particular interest to renowned travel photographer David Lazar, having made multiple trips to various islands in recent years. He …

Asia Travel

From ALEXAs to 1980s JVCs: Cameras & Lenses Used on SXSW 2018 Films

40+ SXSW filmmakers tell us which cameras and lenses they used to create their festival films.No Film School surveyed SXSW 2018 filmmakers to learn …


How I Got the Shot – Royal Enfield Rolling Shot

<b>4. Complete Photoshoot</b><p>Café Racer Introduction<p>For this partnership with Royal Enfield our idea was to showcase the lifestyle of a contemporary …

Royal Enfield

Walking on Air | Rangefinder

Photographer Jasmin Neidhart of Grace and Blush says bride Krizy, a wedding planner at Blue and Ivory, was glowing on her own wedding day. "She …


Walking on Air

Photographer Jasmin Neidhart of Grace and Blush says bride Krizy, a wedding planner at Blue and Ivory, was glowing on her own wedding day. “She …


Weekly Nikon news flash #459

→ The Really Right Stuff L-plate set for Nikon D850 with MB-D18 battery grip is now in stock.<br>→ The latest Nikon deals (use promo code …