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5 Professional Photography, 5 Different Cameras Systems

A pro-level camera system won’t make a great photographer. It can’t create composition or find the right light. It doesn’t get you “the eye.” But in …


The Big Picture photography competition: round 344

North Island

How to use the Aperture Priority mode

<b>We’re going to show you how to move out of the comfort of Auto mode and get stuck in to one of your camera's other exposure modes. In order to do</b> …

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7 Things I Learned Switching From Canon to Nikon

The first DSLR camera I ever bought was a Canon Rebel XS. Between seeing Canon cameras in advertisements and having friends who shot Canon, I never …


Why I Don’t Recommend Nikon For Video

People are passionate beings. When we fall in love with a product or brand, we will fiercely defend it with our very being. Be it Apple, Canon, Nikon …


Deal of the day: grey market Nikon D750 for $1,199.99

Grey market Nikon D750 DSLR cameras are currently listed for sale on eBay for <b>$1,199.99</b> (regular price: $1,696.95).<p>It has been a while since I've seen …

Nikon D750

Where time never passes Photo by Asmae Dachan — National Geographic Your Shot

Nikon D-series

‘P’ is For Pariah: The Nikon 500m f/4 P Lens on a Sony a7R II

My family and I recently moved back up to North Carolina. It feels so good to be back in the place we feel is home to us. Now surrounded again by all …


How to Find Compatible Lenses for Your Canon or Nikon Camera

Buying lenses for your camera isn’t always simple. The two major manufacturers, Canon and Nikon, both have different options depending on whether …


Moonlight Photo by SAMU h. — National Geographic Your Shot

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Tanzania (photo diary)

It never occurred to me to visit Tanzania and tour its wildlife preserves. I’m an entomologist. Big mammals aren’t really my thing. Although I’ve …


The Best Cameras and Lenses for Capturing Amazing Food Photography

Just like a chef needs a great pair of knives, a food photographer needs a solid camera and a good lens (or two). But here’s the thing: while …


New Nikon D850 trade-in bonus offer in the UK

While the Nikon D850 camera has been out of stock in the US for almost 12 months, there is a new D850 trade-in bonus offer in the UK. You can see the …


The Top 10 Best Full-Frame DSLR Cameras on Earth

DSLR cameras are one of the most popular digital camera solutions for not only photographers who are serious about their work but those who want …


These surreal photos play with your mind, and they were created entirely in-camera

Most of us would think that creating images that look like they’re out of this world would take a lot of Photoshop magic. However, John Dykstra is an …


Aerial Images Capture Swathes of Amazon Rainforest Destroyed by Gold Mining

Typical aerial photographs of the Amazon rainforest show a green expanse of trees so thick you can’t see ground. But the ones Ernesto Benavides …

Amazon Rainforest

Magnificent Prambanan Temple in night vi Photo by Sad Agus Praptiono — National Geographic Your Shot

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New Nikon books

The third edition (2018) of the book <i>Nikon: A Celebration</i> is coming soon (August 27th): Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon FR | Amazon ES | …

Nikon D-series

Monarda fistulosa Photo by #Photography by #Tiwago — National Geographic Your Shot


"Dewy Graze" by Michael_Higgins

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Venus with unusual view.

The post Venus with unusual view. appeared first on Sky & Telescope.


Nikon D750 vs Nikon D850 Detailed Comparison

Read our detailed comparison of the Nikon D750 vs Nikon D850 to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and decide which one to choose.


The Way I See It | Evocative Surf Shots From a Rising Travel Photographer | Amuse

<i>Every month, Amuse profiles a travel photographer whose work we admire, asking them to talk through their five all-time favourite shots from their career, and the challenges they faced in creating them. This is The Way I See It.</i><p>This month, we spoke to Matthew Leonard, a British-born photographer …


The Nikon 1 Has Officially Been Killed Off

Colorful, well-made, and designed within an inch of their life, the Nikon 1 lineup of cameras will be sorely missed.<p>For many, the announcement from …


Check out how Nikon Coolpix P1000 performs at 125x zoom

Nikon has recently announced Coolpix P1000, a compact camera with insane 125x optical zoom. In case you were wondering what it looks like to zoom in …


Human and plastic Photo by Tahsin Ceylan — National Geographic Your Shot


Near the Swayambhu Nath Stupa Photo by veneeta singha — National Geographic Your Shot


Top Lenses Landscape Photography Lenses

There is nothing more satisfying for a landscape photographer than capturing an image that displays the grandeur and beauty of nature. Whether it be …


Travel Photography Gear: What´s inside Pierre Lambert´s CAMERA Bag for a World Tour

From Utah, our friend Pierre is sharing what is in his camera bag as a travel photographer on a world tour. Discover his travel photography & why he …

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