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Nigel Farage changes his mind after changing his mind about second EU referendum

<b>Spare a thought for poor Nigel Farage, who just can’t make his mind up about whether he wants a second Brexit referendum.</b><p>Less than a week after he …


I felt rushed into voting Leave – now I know the facts, I want to stay in the EU

I want another vote on the final Brexit deal.<p>Before the referendum I was mainly positive about the EU. I had voted to go into the “Common Market” in …


New poll finds British people would vote to scrap Brexit in a second referendum

LONDON — British people would vote to scrap Brexit and remain in the EU if a second referendum were held today.<p>Support for scrapping Brexit now has a ten point lead with almost one-in-five Brexit voters now saying they would vote to remain inside the EU instead, according to a new poll commissioned …


► VIDEO: Varadkar and Farage quarrel over Brexit

• Europe<br>• Jan 17, 2018<br>• 2 mins 55 secs<p>An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar responds to claims from British MEP Nigel Farage that the Irish government have helped …


The Rise and Fall of Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage

Both men have receded to the political margins, but there's no telling if that's where they'll stay.<p>Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage are both populist figureheads known for championing their own brands of nationalism that had historic implications for their countries in 2016—in the U.S., the election …

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The Bayeux tapestry is an intriguing symbol of post-Brexit co-operation

ON JANUARY 17th the <i>Times</i> of London reported that Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, had agreed in principle to lend the Bayeux tapestry to Britain. …

Jacob Rees-Mogg

The story of the Ukip leader and his racist girlfriend is more than gossip

No wonder its figureheads are incompetent attention-seekers – the party only knows what it hates<p>The Henry Bolton spectacle was paraded on Radio 4 a little too early this morning, which did nothing to allay its surreal and dreamlike quality. It was 07.21 hours, and an elderly man was quizzing a …

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'No more concessions' Farage issues rallying cry as Macron 'BLACKMAILS' UK over trade deal

NIGEL FARAGE has called on the UK to stand up for itself as Emmanuel Macron prepares to use Brexit to "blackmail" Britain to receive more Calais …


Donald Tusk: ‘Our hearts are still open’ to UK

European Council president Donald Tusk has suggested that the EU is still willing to keep the UK on board, tweeting that “our hearts are still open” …

Donald Tusk

Ukip declares it's 'ready for war' over second Brexit referendum, Twitter responds with memes

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage recently voiced support for another Brexit vote.<p>The UK Independence Party (Ukip) has been ridiculed on social media …


Brexit can be stopped by combined forces of Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon

Now is the time for Corbyn to put clear blue sky between Labour’s Brexit stance and the disastrous Tory position, says Record View.<p>No wonder Nicola …


When it comes to a second referendum, our best advice comes from the EU diplomat telling us to 'stop dicking around'

Every once in a while, sifting through the New Year lifestyle advice, you find a genuine pearl. You may or may not want to spend 2018 taking sound …


Never mind inflation – central banks must see the bigger picture


EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier to meet pro-European MPs

ES News Email<p>The EU's chief Brexit negotiator is set to meet a cross-party group of British pro-European MPs on Monday.<p>Mr Barnier will meet with a …


After Bannon: the new faces of the hard right

Steve Bannon may be gone – at least for the time being – but there’s a willing group of fiery rightwingers ready to assume the mantle<p><b>Stephen Miller, White House senior adviser for policy</b><p>Although Miller has broken with Bannon in the Game of Thrones that defines the Trump White House, he still is the …

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Nigel Farage speaks from the rubbish dump – cartoon

Chris Riddell on calls for a second referendum and Theresa May’s new green agenda

Opinion (UK)

A second Brexit referendum would only cause more suffering

Many politicians and letter writers argue for a second referendum on Brexit: some want to test public opinion on the terms of Brexit, others want to …


Nigel Farage is wrong and the EU must prepare for no deal

Nigel Farage met Michel Barnier on Monday and is now calling, inexplicably, for a second EU referendum. He wants to rerun the whole thing. Well, I too have just got back from Brussels and no doubt Barnier said the same things to me and my three colleagues as he did to Nigel. That being the case, I …


Referendum II is coming. Farage just can’t bear being a Brexit misfit

Nigel backed Steve Bannon, but that blew up. So he’s back for one last job, to settle this thing once and for all. And then perhaps do it again<p>“So maybe, just maybe,” declared Nigel Farage dramatically yesterday, “I’m reaching the point of thinking that we should have a second referendum on EU …

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MP who warned gays would destroy marriage leaves wife for woman 20 years younger

A high-profile Conservative MP who warned gay couples would undermine the sanctity of marriage has left his wife for a younger woman.<p>Peter Bone, 65, …


Virgin Trains stops selling the Daily Mail and people had the perfect comeback for Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage isn’t happy that Virgin Trains is going to ‘ban’ the Daily Mail. Except it’s not really going to ban it, it’s just going to stop selling …

British Humour

Councillor debates on BBC Question Time aftershow with Piers Morgan and Adrian Chiles

A BOLTON councillor got to debate on the national stage as a guest on the BBC’s Question Time follow-up show.<p>Cllr Zoe Kirk-Robinson was a panellist …


10 things you need to know before the opening bell

Here is what you need to know.<p><b>JPMorgan beats earnings expectations after accounting for $2.4 billion hit from tax reform.</b> They're the first of the big banks to report in what is expected to be a unconventional earnings cycle for the industry, mostly on account of the late-arriving tax reform that …


Newspaper headlines: Brexit could be reversed - Farage

The Observer has interviewed former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has told the paper Brexit may not go ahead while an organised Remain camp dominates the public debate.<p>Brexit also makes the front page of the Sunday Express, as the paper says that a report has found a so-called no-deal outcome could …

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Reality dawns as Farage ‘warms’ to second Brexit poll

Business Week: also in the news were housing, economic health and a warning on corporation tax


My fellow lefties refuse to engage with Brexiteers and Trump voters about immigration – it's cowardly and wrong

It seems that Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, is afraid of protestors in bobble hats armed with flasks of tea and …

Donald Trump

Why Would Nigel Farage Want A Second Referendum? To Leave Before The Reality Starts To Bite

Farage wants to put a final nail in the coffin now so that he can claim a majority for the most extreme form of Brexit imaginable<p>JOHN THYS via Getty …

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News Daily: Trump cancels UK visit - and makes migrant outburst

<b>Hello. Here's your morning briefing:</b><p>Trump scraps UK visit<p>US President Donald Trump has cancelled his visit to the UK in February, during which he was to open a new embassy in London. He tweeted that he was not a "big fan" of the $1bn (£738m) building in Vauxhall, in the south of the city, …

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Nigel Farage’s suggestion for a second referendum would struggle to pass Parliament

Brexit continues to have a number of powerful guarantors on both the left and the right.<p>Best of three? Nigel Farage has suggested that "maybe, just …


Racist rhetoric marks Donald Trump's candidacy and presidency

<b>Washington:</b> Donald Trump's presidential campaign began - within the first five minutes - with his accusing immigrants from Mexico of being criminals. …

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