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May’s Brexit position will crumble so Article 50 should be delayed | Financial Times

So, has she pulled it off? In response to Theresa May’s “Chequers deal” and Thursday’s White Paper establishing a UK negotiating position for the …

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“This is not America”: former US Vice President JOE BIDEN on the power of positive example

“Character is not made up of one big decision. It’s a thousand little decisions. <b>If you lie to the waiter, you’re going to lie to me someday.</b>”<p>On the …

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MP Jared O’Mara quits Labour party over suspension treatment

Jared O’Mara has quit the Labour party saying he has not ‘been listened to’.<p>The MP, who was previously suspended, said he was not ‘given a fair …

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Wear a Waistcoat Wednesday

Show your support for Gareth Southgate and the boys ahead of Wednesday's semi-final showdown – and help give blood cancer the boot!<p>In honour of the …

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Sir Nick Clegg may be reviled by Brexiteers, but he could teach them something important: how to work with a prime minister who approaches government policy differently.<p>The Liberal Democrat tried to be openly collegiate at first, sitting behind David Cameron regularly at Prime Minister's Questions. …

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Rome and away: Italy’s ex-PM MATTEO RENZI on power, populism… and football

On the latest edition of ANGER MANAGEMENT, former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi – Italy’s youngest-ever PM and head of the fourth …


OMNIVORE: Liberalism and Brexit

In Britain, austerity is changing everything

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Liberalism and Brexit

James Allan (Queensland): Democracy, Liberalism and Brexit. David Runciman reviews <i>How to Stop Brexit (and Make Britain Great Again)</i> by Nick Clegg. UK …

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Nick Clegg: We need to stand up and defend democracy in the era of Brexit and Putin

Throughout the 1950s and 60s, the United States secretly financed Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic party. In 2013, the CIA finally admitted that it …

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Tantalising glimpse of an EU compromise on freedom of movement | Financial Times

In April 2005, the mayor of Maubeuge, a town in northern France, sent a list of local plumbers to Frits Bolkestein, the straight-talking former Dutch …


Global Soul: writer and campaigner ELIF SHAFAK on art vs. anger

“Countries can go backwards. Generations can make the same mistakes that previous generations did. But if we can learn anything, we will learn it …

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Pro-European MPs have a moral duty to resist Brexit

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Flying the Flag for Openness: why liberalism still matters

Speaker(s): Sir Nick Clegg<br>Location: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building<br>Tickets: No ticket requirement

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CNN thinks Jimmy Carr is a Starbucks employee

In perhaps our favourite news story of the week – no, month – US network CNN has mistaken Jimmy Carr for a Starbucks employee.<p>Yep, the news outlet …

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'We should retain the freedom to change our minds': Nick Clegg on Brexit

There's less than a year to go until the UK is due to leave the European Union, but former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is convinced that Brexit can still be stopped. In June, on the second anniversary of the referendum, Clegg will be joining a new campaign for the public to get a vote on the …

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The Mother of All Battlers: HARRIET HARMAN on anger as an energy

“We shouldn’t regard it as sign of weakness when MPs report death threats or threats of violence. We should look on it as an attack on democracy. …

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Nick Clegg: Brexiteers are right to panic – they’ve failed to deliver utopia and are almost out of excuses

In politics, if you want to understand your enemies listen hard to their tone. The tone of your opponents normally tells you a lot more about what …

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Speaker's Lecture: Brexit and beyond - Britain’s place in the world in the 2020s

<b>Brexit and beyond – Britain’s place in the world in the 2020s</b><p><b>Rt Hon Sir Nick Clegg</b><p><b>Speaker’s Lecture Series</b><p><b>Westminster</b><p><b>May 21</b><b>st</b> <b>2018</b><p>I have been asked to …

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Nick Clegg's 'How to Stop Brexit'

This is the age of anger. It is also the age of regret. While voters are busy channelling their rage at the way things are going, more and more …

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Centrist forward: GARY LINEKER talks anger in football and beyond

“I’m lucky in that I don’t get angry. But unfortunately the really negative, abusive remark is the one that sticks in your head.”<p>“The press have the …

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Clegg torn apart for 'arrogance and Establishment-speak' that LOST Brexit vote for Remain

REMAINER Nick Clegg has been heavily criticised by Labour MP Caroline Flint after his latest attempt to thwart Britain's decision to leave the …

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Enter David Miliband, a modern Odysseus

David Miliband

David Miliband is branded a 'wrecker who doesn't even live in the UK' after he wades into British politics after five years away to call for the UK to stay in the EU single market post Brexit

• <b>David Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nicky Morgan are launching anti-Brexit drive</b>• <b><br>Demanding softer approach to avoid economic harm and keep soft Irish …

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Sir Nick Clegg on Brexit, with host Gerhard Casper


Northern Europeans hold the eurozone’s future in their hands | Financial Times

Brexit, nationalism in central and eastern Europe and unresolved differences within the eurozone are the greatest threats to the EU. The UK’s vote to …


Ed Miliband attacks government's axing of new Leveson inquiry – video

Ed Miliband says the government has refused to order a new Leveson inquiry because it is afraid of the press. Miliband was Labour leader when he, David Cameron and Nick Clegg agreed to a cross-party response to phone hacking. He says they met phone hacking victims, and promised them this time would …

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Know your frenemy: Nick Clegg talks to GEORGE OSBORNE

In an age of rage vs. reason, how to we make sure reason comes out on top? On this week’s episode of ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG, the former …

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Arch-remainer George Osborne tells Nick Clegg Brexit is now inevitable

GEORGE OSBORNE last night claimed there is no way to stop Brexit – but predicted the Tories could stay in the single market.<p>The ex-Chancellor said “I …

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Podcast: Anger Management with Nick Clegg — in need of fine-tuning | Financial Times

Who would have imagined that podcasts would become the refuge of the fading politician keen to maintain a public voice? Since his 2015 election …

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SE2 EP6 - The Extremes Pull the Middle