How to write neat and clean code in React componentWillReceiveProps method with using nextProps Value


Benched! Foul ball made its mark on me at 1969 All-Star Game

WASHINGTON (AP) — How my dad got tickets to the 1969 All-Star Game is still a mystery to me. Great seats, too: Section 127, Row 1. That was the last …


ANN's Daily Aero-Linx (07.16.18)

Aero Linx: Pilots for Christ International Pilots for Christ International is an organization of volunteer pilots and non-pilots who provide air and …


Will Republicans Finally Speak Out?

Playbook: “Yes, of course some will, but not most. Why? Myriad reasons, and it’s not really that neat and easy to assign one motivation to hundreds …


A new Lucio emote is coming to the Twitch All-Access Pass

Lucio is a DJ, and <i>Overwatch</i> loves to remind us of this by showing us posters for his latest concert tour, or having other characters remark about his …

Overwatch League

15 Space-Efficient Bathroom Storage Ideas that Look Beautiful

Most people don’t have large bathroom space because. It makes sense, why would you want to use plenty of space for a room that is only used for less …

Storage Ideas

Boba Fett: The last bounty hunter

You can tell that <b>Nathaniel</b> is a fan of <i>Star Wars</i> just by looking at the way he has lovingly upgraded the recent Boba Fett buildable figure set. …

Boba Fett

Japanese edition of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection comes with neat tarot cards

Although Capcom's arcade compendium <i>Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection</i> has been available in the West for some time now, Japan is still …


Navy Aircraft Carriers Have a Neat Trick to Kill More Enemy Ships

So what is it? <i>Designed to function as a maritime version of the Air Force's Global Hawk surveillance plane, the Triton is designed for high-altitude,</i> …


8 Essential Laundry-Room Organizing Ideas

1. A Streamlined Laundry Room<p>In Kevin Sharkey’s laundry room, he wanted everything necessary to clean and care for his clothing in one place. He put …

Laundry Rooms

Positioning your camera near the ground can take your photos to new heights

Photographers are often looking for ways to help separate their work and make their images stand out. A great way to do this is to utilize a distinct …


Dagon the Great Leviathan strikes a pose!

If you are going to build a giant bubble gum-coloured leviathan, you absolutely want to showcase its serpentine movement. This was builder <b>Jayfa’s</b> …


This Harborside Tiny House Is Full of Neat Nautical Decorating Ideas

This tiny house by the sea is what dreams are made of.<p>To create a collected feel, a total of 36 oil paintings line every nook of the house, including …


Kitchen Table Kibitzing 7/14/2018: Neat Freak

In most ways, I am sort of a neat freak. I don’t handle dirtiness or disorganization very well and generally prefer the spaces in which I spend any …


Pippa Middleton wows as she shows off baby bump at Wimbledon

Pippa Middleton showed off her growing baby bump while attending Wimbledon earlier today.<p>This was Pippa's third visit to this year's tennis …

Celebrity (UK)

OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5 treated to some neat OnePlus 6 features

<b>OnePlus has started rolling out a new version of its stock Gallery application, with the latest version bringing some of the most popular</b> <b>video</b> …

Gear & Gadgets


Woah. This is cool. A Bitcoin ransom with using what I think is passwords from a big leak. Pretty neat since people would be legit scared when they see their password. The concealed part is actually an old password I used to use.<p>— can (@can) July 11, 2018


EB18: Cane Creek likes it neat with new eeBarKeep ultra light bar end plugs

Since Cane Creek took over the ee brand, they’ve been constantly in search of parts in need of enlightenment. While it’s mostly been big parts like …

Luxury Lifestyle

SparkFun Digital Sandbox

With sensors, sliders, and other onboard controls and inputs/outputs, the SparkFun Digital Sandbox is a neat way for people new to microcontrollers to get their feet wet. It uses ArduBlock, an easy-to-use visual programming language that is similar to Scratch. (Be warned: The ArduBlock add-on for …


Explore Fortnite Season 5's new locations up close with this neat replay system cinematic

Here's everything we know about Fortnite Season 5—including its new Paradise Palms, desert and Lazy Links locations. Within the latter, you'll find a …

PC Gaming

Rekkr is a neat looking Viking-themed Doom Megawad

Modders and level creators continue to produce goods for the original Doom. Some even allow you to romance the demons. But nowadays they're often …


This is Why Kate Middleton Likes to Wear Hairnets

The Duchess of Cambridge is an expert at keeping her royal updo in tact.<p>When you think of Kate Middleton, you think of perfect hair. She rarely ha a single strand out of place, or looking anything less than impossibly bouncy. But it's because she has a trick up her sleeve, or rather, a trick on her …


Delicious Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur from Australia's Mr Black : Sip it neat or lend a kick to innumerable cocktail recipes

When taking a sip of Mr Black, one immediately wonders why no brand had tried to produce something similar before. Mr Black is a cold brew coffee liqueur—a little bitter, a little sweet. It features Arabica bean coffee, masterfully pulled in the way only Australians can. And it's blended with …


Why Luis Enrique is precisely what Spain need to draw a line under their tiki-taka obsession

The manner of Spain’s World Cup exit to Russia felt like a neat ending of an era – Enrique’s appointment feels like the perfect way to begin a new one

Luis Enrique

Cheesecake with Poached Apricot

This cheesecake really makes a statement, thanks to its unexpected square shape and the neat rows of gorgeous, glossy poached apricots. There's no crust -- you just mix the batter and bake it in a square pan, then turn out the cake onto a platter and top it with the apricots, letting some of their …


Video of the Week – How to keep your cables neat and tidy

If you want to avoid untidy cables, especially in the office, then watch this week’s video to find out how the igus triflex OCR cable management …


DT Swiss's new F 535 ONE could be the holy grail of suspension forks

It's often difficult to look past RockShox and Fox when it comes to suspension, being the two biggest names in the market and offering brilliant …


Brewers' Tyler Barnes

13 minutes ago<p>I had the opportunity to catch up wiht Brewers' VP of Communication Tyler Barnes this morning outside Holey Moley at the Mayfair …


Burrell to play in 7-on-7 event at Pro Football Hall of Fame

<b>By: Doug Gulasy</b><br>Tuesday, July 10, 2018 | 1:30 PM<p>Burrell football is going to the Hall of Fame.<p>The Bucs received an invitation from the Pro Football …

Hall of Fame

Yooka-Laylee's Nintendo 64 makeover looks neat

The team behind <i>Yooka-Laylee</i> is "alive, we're listening, and we have fun stuff headed your way."<p>In a status update, Playtonic Games noted that things …

Indie Gaming