The Nature Conservancy

GOP lawmaker set to introduce carbon tax bill Monday

Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida is set to introduce legislation taxing carbon emissions at an event Monday in Washington alongside groups …


Unlikely Allies Are Joining Forces to Agitate for an Unprecedented Highway Tolling Plan Across Portland

The Port of Portland and the environmental lobby have become unlikely allies in a sweeping plan to address Portland's traffic problems.<p>The port and …


Going Viral to Restore Damaged Ecosystems

Invasive species populations grow exponentially putting conservationists at a considerable disadvantage. We will have a solution that can go viral.


Like to Eat? Then You Should Care About Biodiversity

Farming and ranching can be converted from a global environmental problem into the leading edge of an effort to avert looming biological disaster – …


Giant hogweed, or giant hogwash: Is the threat from Canada’s most menacing plant being overblown?

Kate Powell is the terrestrial invasive species outreach liaison at the Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers — a mouthful of a job title, she …


Wyoming wildlife refuge expanded

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — A wildlife refuge in southern Wyoming is expanding by 581 acres (235 hectares) with help from The Nature Conservancy.<p>The …


Saving Myanmar’s Timber Elephants

Logging elephants are an incredible part of Myanmar’s history — but they’re also key to help reduce the negative impacts that logging can have on the …


Pilot clean up project creates employment

CAPE TOWN - A pilot project on the West Coast has helped empower 12 unemployed women through skills transfer and employment by clearing the Atlantis …

Cape Town

Wow House: Gothic Revival Farmhouse

This historic property in Little Compton overlooks 63 acres of conservation land.<p>LITTLE COMPTON, RI -- This historic property in Little Compton …

Laundry Rooms

Vermont forest reserve to offset California carbon emissions

Land surrounding Burnt Mountain in Vermont will now be a forest reserve and store carbon to help California meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals.<p>The Nature Conservancy announced on Thursday that 5,400 acres (2,185 hectares) of forested land around Burnt Mountain will be the first Vermont site …


Take one last look at this 109-year-old N.J. dam. It's about to be destroyed.

The removal of the Columbia Lake Dam in Warren County will restore a large section of the Paulins Kill to a natural, free-flowing state.

New Jersey

Updated Libertyville Farm Home On 40 Acres: Wow! House

This the first time the property has been listed for sale.<p>LIBERTYVILLE, IL -- This 40-acre property could make the perfect place for an organic farm …

The Nature Conservancy

New research: Financial incentives create critical waterbird habitat in extreme drought

Recent California drought caused severe impacts on Central Valley wildlife and habitat<p>News Release: July 12, 2018 - Projections by climate scientists …


A reporter and an armadillo meet on a hike. Here’s what happens next | Fit City

A nine-banded armadillo sniffs the air after a rare July rainstorm in West Texas this week. Pam LeBlanc/American-Statesman<p>This crusty fellow wandered …


How Did Birds Get So Colorful?

Beautiful bird feathers bring bird watchers flocking together. From brightly colored birds like the painted bunting to a bird-of-paradise that with a …


Activist groups, officials host hike to illustrate opposition to Burrillville power plant

"It's important you see what's at stake," Kevin Cleary, the chairman of the Burillville Conservation Commission, said.<p>GLOCESTER, R.I. — Kevin Cleary …

Rhode Island

Mapping Aquatic Habitats with Drones

The Nature Conservancy uses DroneDeploy to map aquatic habitats and assess the impact of oyster aquaculture on eelgrass in Tomales Bay, …


Projac Point Property Sells For $1.3 Million

The property, which is on the water, comes with a dock and a pool.<p><b>From Lila Delman Real Estate:</b> Lila Delman Real Estate continues its history of …

Real Estate

Nature Conservancy of Canada acquires 128 acres in Blooming Point for conservation and public use

The Nature Conservancy of Canada announced on Friday, July 6, the acquisition of 128 acres of land for conservation purposes at Blooming Point.


Giving Back

<i>Every other month Ami selects one of her favorite images to print and sell on behalf of the non-profits she works with. She donates 100% of the</i> …


Nature Conservancy of Canada announces new conservation area in PEI

BLOOMING POINT, P.E.I. — The Nature Conservancy of Canada has announced a new conservation area in PEI that features Acadian forest, freshwater …


Conservation area near Craven, Sask., to help preserve wildlife corridor

CRAVEN, Sask. — An area of native grasslands and seasonal wetlands that are home to several birds deemed threatened or of special concern is being …


5 Montreal stories guaranteed to make you smile this week: July 6

From the click of an amateur photographer’s camera to a heartfelt reunion between a man and his family, these stories are guaranteed to make you …

Money (Canada)

How fireworks get their color.

More Headlines<p>↩︎ The Los Angeles Times<p>11m<p>↩︎ Mother Jones<p>16m<p>↩︎ The Associated Press<p>20m<p>↩︎ Bloomberg<p>22m<p>If you have a bad job, chances are that it’s …


Nature Conservancy of Canada opens protected Montreal islands to public

The Nature Conservancy of Canada, along with Montreal, Repentigny and Verchères, is opening up some protected islands in the Hochelaga Archipelago, …


Four islands in St. Lawrence now open to nature lovers

Four untouched islands off the eastern tip of the Montreal island are now open to nature enthusiasts.<p>The islands of Bonfouin, Aigle, Cerfeuils, and …


There’s Never Been a Map of the Coral Reefs—Until Now

Scientists are using a cool new technology to map coral and figure out which types can withstand warmer oceans and climate change.<p>There is no …

Coral Reefs

In the Hamptons, VIP Status Takes a Natural Turn at Fundraiser

Just getting to the Hamptons can make you feel like a VIP, but once the chopper has landed, there are so many higher rungs of status to attain -- …

New York State

Clearing thirsty alien trees will yield water returns for Cape Town

When it comes to securing Cape Town’s future water supply, clearing alien plants from within the key water catchments will bring a better return on …

News (South Africa)

From Academia to Action: Conservancy Science in Asia & the Pacific

Lead scientist Eddie Game shares his thoughts on what it means to be a science-based organization, and how Conservancy scientists help deliver …