The Nature Conservancy

Nature Conservancy to work with Forest Service in Wisconsin

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — An environmental organization and the U.S. Forest Service are working together to harvest timber in northern Wisconsin.<p>The 2014 Farm Bill has allowed the two groups to enter into a stewardship agreement, Wisconsin Public Radio reported . The conservancy will hire loggers, sell …


The Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network: And the making of Doug Taron

Doug Taron began collecting butterflies at 7, but his breakthrough moment came in the college bookstore. He had been using the Golden Guide as a …

Time I

Securing access to clean, safe water for all of California with Prop. 68

In the last decade, California has experienced a historically volatile water supply as we swung from years of record drought to periods of intense …

Chamber of Commerce

Nonprofits Work to Maintain Fundraising as Facebook Algorithm Changes

From animal-welfare organizations to those dedicated to preserving the environment or ending discrimination, over 1.5 million nonprofits use …

Social Media

China’s New Panda Park Will Be The Size Of Massachusetts

The new park will connect 67 separate reserves, in the hopes of increasing the world’s panda population after it’s come back from the brink.<p>When giant pandas moved off the endangered species list in 2016–from “endangered” to “vulnerable“–it was because China helped protect some of the animal’s …

Xi Jinping

The Trump administration is taking aim at this amazing bird so oil companies can drill public land

A sage-grouse male struts to attract a mateBob Wick/ZUMA<p>Looking for news you can trust?<br>Subscribe to our free newsletters.<p>One weird western bird is …

Liberal View

Why insuring a coral reef is a good idea

Reefs are an investment for disaster protection and tourism.<p>The insurance industry exists for disasters, but that doesn't mean insurance companies …


Hummingbirds Make an Incredible Journey North

It’s time to think about hummingbirds? Now? Yes! Watch for the green shimmer in your yard and report it to help protect these feisty migratory birds.


Another Tagged New Jersey Snowy Owl Has Been Found Dead

Hereford, who was just tagged a month ago, was found in some tidal marshes off Stone Harbor.<p>STONE HARBOR, NJ - Hereford, one of the "Jersey Boys" …


Marine Lab’s Brian Silliman Awarded Fulbright Distinguished Chair to Study in Australia

Brian Silliman, Rachel Carson Associate Professor of Marine Conservation Biology<p>DURHAM, N.C. – Brian Silliman, Rachel Carson Associate Professor of …

Women in Science

Conservation groups make point: Sometimes trees have to go

Grassland needs the room, but concept evades many.


SCHULMAN: Exxon, environmentalists and I

Why in the world have the Yale College Democrats and the Yale Student Environmental Coalition, or YSEC, agreed to support a plan backed by Republican …


Business to the Rescue! Insurance for Reef Restoration

The idea of investing in green infrastructure—nature itself—is gaining momentum. Environmentalists have long argued that preserving reefs, wetlands, …

Quintana Roo

This International Women's Day, Take the Panel Pledge

This weekend, Frances McDormand closed her Oscars award speech for best actress with two words: “inclusion rider.”<p>A lot of people, including me, had …

New York City

Love lobster tails? Thank The Bahamas’ Mia Isaacs

We humans aren’t the only animals that think lobster are a tasty treat. Dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles do, too. These spiny crustaceans are a …


10 Sustainable Etsy Stores You Should Support

As we look for ways to support more ethical business methods like shopping small and locally, consumers are also demanding more sustainable business practices like using recycled materials and eco-friendly ingredients.<p>Though, understanding what makes a business or company sustainable isn’t an easy …


Fast, Cheap, and Collaborative: Expert BioBlitzes Meet Conservation Needs

Scientists and conservation practitioners come together to plan and execute rapid, field-based surveys to generate conservation-relevant data.


After 250 Years of Dams, Rhode Island River Restored for Migratory Fish

The last time fish could migrate unimpeded on the Pawcatuck River, George Washington was a surveyor, not a president.


Unique B.C. partnership set to restore logged forest of Haida Gwaii

The Haida Nation and the Nature Conservancy of Canada have reached an agreement to restore an area of old-growth forest and salmon habitat that was significantly damaged by a logging operation.<p>The agreement, which involves the Kumdis Slough area of Haida Gwaii, off the B.C. coast, will see the two …


Canada's Landscape Has Starred In Many Oscar-Nominated Films

Whether you are a fan of the film industry or not, we can all take time to appreciate the beauty of Canadian nature.<p>One of my favourite things about …


Prescribed burn to be conducted between March 12 and May 25 at Arboretum

The Arboretum at Penn State, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, will conduct a prescribed burn on a …


Restoring forests is investable

Climate FinanceUrgency on climate action, emerging tech and new business models are creating opportunities to restore forests and farmlandPhoto …


New Report Says FEMA Badly Underestimates Flood Risk

41 million Americans—not 13 million—are at risk of experiencing a 100-year flood, according to the study.<p>Over the past 30 years, the United States has suffered an average of $8.2 billion in annual damage from freshwater flooding. Studies show that the destruction is intensifying every year. The …

New Mexico

Controlled burn planned March 5 in Richmond Hill

ASHEVILLE Be on the lookout for smoke in the Richmond Hill area Monday, but don't be alarmed. The Asheville Fire Department should already be on …

Reefs are dying. Miami scientists hope lab-bred ‘super corals’ can help revive them

At a shiny new lab atop the new Frost Museum of Science, nine aquariums hold colonies of staghorn corals stressed to the edge of death.<p>If all goes as …

Great Barrier Reef

Detroit's backyard beauty: Conserving one of the 'last great places on Earth'

One of the “last great places on Earth” is right in metro Detroit, according to the The Nature Conservancy.<p>Stretching from Southeast Michigan to the …


Fighting Fire with Native Plants

When bunchgrass ecosystems are intact, they limit both the spread of fire and the invasion of exotic grasses.


Trading debt for dolphins? It seems to be working here

The Nature Conservancy is playing “let’s make a deal” with the Seychelles government. The NGO helped the island nation trade debt for dolphins, according to the <i>Guardian</i>, in what is being hailed as the first-ever debt-swap deal for marine protection.<p>With help from a team of backers, the Nature …


A tropical island nation is promising to save thousands of turtles and dolphins for $21 million off its national debt

Scapin/PixabaySeychelles islands taken from Mahé, the nation’s largest island.<p><b>The Seychelles is building two gigantic marine conservation areas to</b> …


Seychelles swaps debt for groundbreaking marine protection

CURIEUSE ISLAND, Seychelles (AP) — With deep blue waters, white sand beaches and rich marine life, the tiny island nation of the Seychelles is announcing a pioneering marine conservation plan as part of a debt swap deal with creditors.<p>In an agreement described as the first of its kind, the Indian …